Day to Day Grind

Heading over to Great Lakes Fright Fest

So after a grueling 3 months of endless labor on revamping DarkSyde Acres Haunted House for the June 6th Midwest Haunters convention Haunt tour, and with only4 days to go before the Buses arrive packed to the roof with some of the biggest names in the Haunt Industry, We have decided to take a break and go visit our Friends at the Great lakes Fright Fest.

Kkrazy Karen, her Hubby Brian and countless numbers of loyal minions put on one hell of an event year after year providing their guests with Fun, Food, Educational speakers, entertainment,prizes, and a huge spooky, scary, frightening Haunted house, all for the benefit of the St. Marys, food bank of Monroe.    Be sure to check them out!

Last Call for Guest Actors

Heres the last Call for Guest Actors to come play with us during the Midwest Haunters Convention Haunt tour at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Halloween Attractions in Michigan.  So you think you got what it takes to help entertain some of the midwests biggest and best names of the Industry? well  come on out and lets see what you got.  DarkSyde has had Actors from all over the world come out and play,  Come on out and see what all the screamings is about. 18 and over and References required.   June 6th 2012 actor sign in at 10 am or earlier.   if interested Contact Rob at 

NEW Dr.Ickks DarkSyde Asylum now up!

In case you kiddies dont know , DarkSydes very own Dr.Ickk broadcasts a Podcast once a month from deep below DarkSyde Acres in Michigan, its full of information, Jokes, Great music and he does it completely in the NUDE!  Ive seen it and it aint Pretty! simply go to and click play on  Dr Ickks media player in the right hand corner… COMING soon Dr.Ickks very own page so you can listen to past episodes….. WARNING the Dr.Ickk show is NOT Family Friendly!  

Thanks Guys!

Yesterday was an Amazing day, tons of work got done and good times were spent with good people…. So todays, day to day will be spent Thanking everybody from yesterday!

Thank you to Amanda, Natasha, and Brianna  for doing the DIRTY work, Not only did you do the dirty work, you did it with a smile and gigglish nature that  good be heard thru-out DarkSyde….  You Girls ROCK!

Thank you GOTH for coming out and spending endless hours within the catacombs getting it prepped for the midwest haunters convention HAUNT TOUR.

Thank you Kristin for doing the cement work to insure our guests dont stub their liddle piggies

Thank you, Ickk, Emanuel, Judi, Zach, and Misty for the SURPRISE DINNER! You guys havent a clue how much we appreciated that, Especially Atalie who didnt have to cook….. More so we appreciate the sentiment of appreciation…. Thanks Guys for giving a damn!

Special Thanks to Judi for Slaving over the hot grill to prepare said dinner…. Ok maybe slaving wasnt the politically correct term but you know what I mean!

Big Thanks to BIG RICH for all he does on a Daily Basis, and thanks to Randy  for Helping Big Rich get the new Air Compressor in place!

Thanks to Shane from for all he has done this season at DarkSyde and a special thanks to his Semi~Attractive wife Katie for sacrificing his time and sparkling personality to be here instead of at home with her.

Thank you Atalie for making me leave Detroit and move to the DarkSyde.  


New and Improved Ticket area

Haunted House Ticket Area


Todays sneak peak at DarkSyde Haunted House and Halloween Attractions is our newly improved Ticket window area….  Thanks to Shane from for his help on this  project. Thanks go out to Atalie for her awesome Green Thumb!  The 2012 Halloween Haunted House season is going to be GREAT be sure to come out and see all  the new improvements at DFarkSyde Acres Haunted House.



Enter the DarkSyde HERE!

Shane from has been busy busting his hump on a few projects here at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, Helping us get ready for the 2012 Haunted House and Halloween season. DarkSyde Acres is Not only one of the Largest, Scariest, Haunted Houses in Michigan and also the country but we are also expanding our Attractions to include Family Friendly events as well. Heres a couple sneakpeeks of the All New for 2012 ENTRANCE sign to the indoor waiting area for our 3 indoor haunted houses.  This thing is over 8 foot tall and impressive as heck… Great job Ravens wolf.

DarkSyde K-9 day off

After a busy Morning busting butt all over that Haunted House, getting ready for the Midwest Haunters convention haunt tour on June 6th here in Michigan, we took a quick break and took the K-9s out for a swim in the river to beat the heat. This little river off Rowe road in Jonesville, Michigan has popped both Roxies and Maxs river open water cherry.  Roxie apparently remembered her first time at the spot and jumped right in, Max was a lil more apprehensive but quickly let loose and had a blast.  Sidenote, something about watching these two bounce thru the water just makes me happy! enjoy the pictures….

Moving right along

Im Dressing out the Hallways, Atalies making a plank for the Rusty Anchor, to compliment her wonderful Landscaping.  Big Rich is working on the Concessions, Shane from Ravenswolf is buttoning up his projects! Looks like its going to be a good day.  Looking like everything will be  up and ready for the June 6th Haunt tour!

Blue Moon Ranch

Atalie and I went over to lend a hand yesterday at our friends place.  Big Rich and Heather over at Blue Moon Ranch decided to add Alpacas to their list of Awesome Critters, and it was time to get to Shearing them.  Alpaca fiber is used for many purposes, including making clothing such as hats, mitts, scarves, gloves, and jumpers. Many breeders are coming up with new ways to use the fiber from their alpacas, from crafting, to wall hangings, to clothing.  Personally I would love a Alpaca hat to keep me warm those cold october nights at the haunted house.

Blue Moon also had a new addition this past week…. ELVIS has entered the building. 🙂 Elvis is the newest Highlander Bull to join Blue Moon and he is Adorable! Once we got back to DarkSyde it was time  get busy back it the haunted House, Halloween season will be here  before you know it!

The Infamous 911 call

A few years ago, Our FX team was transporting a truckload of corpses in Michigan, when a woman called 911 on them.  She was on the phone with the Michigan State Police for over 15 minutes while tailing our team.  Our FX team was pulled over by 3 units and a CSI tech van….  Once the Troopers realized that we they were not deranged serial killers or grave robbers , they all had a good laugh and went on their merry way.  We later did a Photoshoot and recreated the incident in a video spoof. It just goes to show that BodyBag Entertainment and DarkSyde Acres have props so real that they’ll call 911 on ya!

At a Later date, years later a fellow ran into a chainsaw wielding maniac at DarkSyde Acres Haunted house on halloween, he then called 911 to report that a guy with a chainsaw would NOT stop chasing him, the dispatch officer asked calmly, Are you at DarkSyde Acres? Gotta love it when Truth is stranger than fiction! Here are  a few pics from the 911 photoshoot.