DarkSyde Acres Haunted house Jiggles the clown

Jiggles the clown from DarkSyde Acres haunted house stops by


Hey there kiddies, its Old Man Cox and once again its time for DarkSyde Acres haunted house very own Jiggles the clown,nestled deep inside the clown room in Klowne Towne to say a few words to you straight from her little box tucked away in a back corner of her mind. Sit back, grab a bowl of brains, a side dish of intestines sprinkled with crusty old toenails and lets see what Jiggles has to say this week.
 Welcome my dear little boys and girls to my clown life where there are exciting. strange, and weird unknown stories of this crazy lovable maybe too lovable at times, yours truly Jiggles the clown! I have to first tell you it sure is a job trying to pick out what I should wear for you on the nights you come out to DarkSyde Acres haunted house to see little ole me. Its not like I just throw on any old thing and then jump into my big floppy toe clown shoes, After all a girl  has got to have proper footwear to chase all of you boys and girls down at our haunted house.  No sir, it take lots and lots of planning to come up with the perfect mix of scary and sexy attire, because even us scary clowns have to look good for the boys. What? I’m only human and even a clown needs love, well mostly human anyway.
 Almost all my off time I am thinking of new ways to impress you with my bright clothes and i’m trying out my new faces I create. I sure wish I could just wake up and say HEY, I just woke up this way “AWESOME”. I need to make sure I am classy and not to trashy with the right amounts of blood and gore to make all of my fans and haters squirm like little worms that I could just gobble right up,  What? A girl has got to eat.  I know, I know, That may be too straight forward and I might just be and you could be right, but come on you know you love this crazy clown who just happens to haunt the halls of Darksyde Acres haunted house in Jonesville, Michigan, with all of those other scary clowns, zombies, pirates and who knows what else is lurking within our walls, we are one of the worlds largest Halloween Haunted houses you know which means we have lots of room for all of the scariest haunted house monsters we can find.

Haunted house Inspiration

 I just want you all to know that you all are my haunted house inspiration and motivation to do my very best each and every night to give you the best show you deserve to see. You all put that big ole smile on this clowns face when I hear you running for your life and those screams of laughter from your sweet little voice box. You all make me who I am  today and who I will continue to grow into! So with that said I thank you.  Any who enough of this sappy thank you, thank you stuff and back to some other thing. A lot of people ask me if the rumors are true that Darksyde Acres haunted house is indeed truly haunted. under my breath I laugh and say well you should come out an find out for your self!   Deep down  I know what I know and I’ve seen and felt what I’ve seen and felt. I do however believe that there are good and evil spirits that live on the property. I’ve seen shadows figures and strange lights that others have seen. I’ve also felt and heard foot steps and voices/ screams. I do say you should also find all this out for yourself. well children the time has came again to say good by for now, but it wont be forever!!


Till next time my dear little boys and girls,
Love always Jiggles
 Alrighty then, Thank you Jiggles for that little bit of insight of what it takes to get ready for a night of terror at DarkSyde Acres haunted house, I think you are correct in thinking that most people do not realize how much time and energy goes into a haunted house every single night. Coming soon to a DarkSyde Acres blog near you another one of the infamous clowns at DSA, Gumballs will join Old Man Cox for a in depth Interview on what makes him so different than all the other ghouls at DarkSyde Acres haunted house. Stay tuned and watch for updates on the upcoming 2015 Halloween season.
See you next time  everyone, remember if the bag is still squirming it needs a few more whacks. Now where did I leave those toenails…….
Old Man Cox