Run For Your Life – 2.5K   Zombie  Run

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Escape The Woods. Special Event. Friday the 13th, 2017.friday the 13th halloween event

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The below events have passed. Thank you to those that attended.




halloween hay ride
Remember the good ole days,when a hay ride was a hay ride. When the only noises you heard, were the voices of gleeful
children laughing, the creaking of the ole hay wagon, and the clippity clop and soft wuffles from the gentle giants in the lead.
Remember the warmth on your bottom, from the bales of straw you sat upon, with the cool,crisp, autumn air gently caressing your face?

Come join DarkSyde Acres and our friends from BlueMoon Ranch for a ole time, Horse Drawn Hay ride.
Two big beautiful Belgium draft horses will tour you around DarkSyde Acres for the low price of $3.00 per person.
haunted house michigan


Painted Perversion will be performing live on Stage at DarkSyde acres, They will be performing a double Header, shadow casting THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and debuting REPO

Painted Perversion One of the nations leading shadowcast troupes
They are a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, first started in the summer of 2007 by Jon Rowland and Jennifer Hart. After their first official performance back in August 2007 as an effort to bring The Rocky Horror Picture Show back to mid-Michigan, They now boast half-a-dozen regulars to our cast, as well as bright and fresh newcomers who help make this experience what it is.

Bring extra cash so you can be a proud owner of a Painted Perversion t-shirt, pair of panties, button, noisemaker, or lollipop!


October 24th 2009
www.justhearsenaround.com hearse club Member Rob Johnson, owner of
DarkSyde Acres Invites ALL Hearse Owners and 1 guest to visit on October 24th for our first annual Hearse Car show. All hearse owners will receive free admission with guest
All Hearse club members are invited to spend the night on site if they so desire
Email us at Bodybagging@aol.com to reserve your spot.

Hearses provide a “LAST RIDE” for millions of people around the world each year. Yet they have an unfair perception of foreboding and dread. Even though few people have ever seen one up close, hearses evoke fear in people like no other vehicle.

DarkSydes HearseShow is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about hearses and meet people who use the vehicle as a daily commute or a head turning weekend ride. Here is your chance to encounter these beautiful vehicles Upclose and personal.

Some of the hearses have been restored to original showroom condition, while others have been customized beyond your wildest imagination. Whether you are an antique car buff, a custom hotrod enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a cool looking car, DarkSydes Second annual hearse show is the place to be!

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