Blue Moon Ranch

Atalie and I went over to lend a hand yesterday at our friends place.  Big Rich and Heather over at Blue Moon Ranch decided to add Alpacas to their list of Awesome Critters, and it was time to get to Shearing them.  Alpaca fiber is used for many purposes, including making clothing such as hats, mitts, scarves, gloves, and jumpers. Many breeders are coming up with new ways to use the fiber from their alpacas, from crafting, to wall hangings, to clothing.  Personally I would love a Alpaca hat to keep me warm those cold october nights at the haunted house.

Blue Moon also had a new addition this past week…. ELVIS has entered the building. 🙂 Elvis is the newest Highlander Bull to join Blue Moon and he is Adorable! Once we got back to DarkSyde it was time  get busy back it the haunted House, Halloween season will be here  before you know it!

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