Heading over to Great Lakes Fright Fest

So after a grueling 3 months of endless labor on revamping DarkSyde Acres Haunted House for the June 6th Midwest Haunters convention Haunt tour, and with only4 days to go before the Buses arrive packed to the roof with some of the biggest names in the Haunt Industry, We have decided to take a break and go visit our Friends at the Great lakes Fright Fest.

Kkrazy Karen, her Hubby Brian and countless numbers of loyal minions put on one hell of an event year after year providing their guests with Fun, Food, Educational speakers, entertainment,prizes, and a huge spooky, scary, frightening Haunted house, all for the benefit of the St. Marys, food bank of Monroe.    Be sure to check them out!   http://greatlakesfrightfest.com/

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