Day to Day Grind

More Day to Day

Ahhhhhhhh 16 days until the Midwest haunters convention pre  con haunt tour…..  We are on a steady pace of getting ready for the tour as well as doing the day to day grind of having a horse ranch…..  Today Im working in a new for 2012 section of the haunt that will be unveiled at the june 6th Haunt tour. Shane from RavensWolf is buttoning up a few of his projects , and BIG Rich is on the back 30 cutting Hay for the Horses…  I cant wait until we turn the Horses loose out back, they are going to go nutty….

Special Talents? Got em? we want em!

The Most amazing “Special Talent” of the 2012 auditions… Goth and his GLOWING nose. still havent figured out how he did that! On a side note Kiddies, please remember when auditioning to be apart of The DarkSyde Acres Haunted House crew, be sure to let us know about those special talents… This will Goths second year and we had NO idea he could do this last season….

First round of 2012 Darksyde Auditions down

What started out as a normal spring morning quickly turned into something not quite right within the walls of DarkSyde Acres Haunted House here in Michigan…. 40 some Ghoulish creatures  awaited their turn to show us what they could do…  2012 auditions were the best yet…. Best quote of the day……. yer Daddy broke it!

Old Man COX wants YOU! to join the DSArmy

You there, yeah you the skinny kid with the bad complexion, are you sick and tired of being unwanted, unloved, and a underachiever well then Join the DSArmy and not only will you still be all of the above, BUT you’ll get to sport one of our awesome DarkSyde Acres Haunted House window decals! Show your love for the DarkSyde today!  Dont Forget Old Man Cox WANTS YOU!

Wild Mustang Ranch

Just Ran the Vinyl for the  DarkSyde Acres “Wild Mustang Ranch” sign on the Horse barn…. While Im at it, Ill be running a few more DarkSyde Acres haunted House window decals….. Contact Rob, if you would like to help Promote DarkSyde by sporting one of these bad boys on your ride.

For those of you that dont Know, DarkSyde is Home to 13 Horses in Michigan,  6 of which are wild mustangs and 5 are rescues, The Horses are what makes living at DarkSyde bearable!  The Wild Mustangs keep life interesting  to say the least, Atalie was the first person to ever ride on 2 of them ever.

Birthday Beatings!

Birthday Beatings to DarkSyde Acres Haunted House very own Brittany and Dr.Ickk, Many of you may not know this but they are a very rare form of TWINS born 17 years apart by different mothers, the general statistic of this type of twin is 1 in never and can only be seen at DarkSyde Acres in 2012! Hope you both have a safe and enjoyable bday!

Another Day Down, at DarkSyde Acres!

Shane From  was commissioned to create some amazing Signage for our Haunted Attractions as well a redesign in the RustHole, The First Sign went up today and it looks AMAZING!  Atalie Finished detailing her Landscaping at the Rusty Anchor, it looks GREAT! Big Rich and I finished up the Driveway this morning, Jen and Will, started on the Punch list of things to get wrapped up before the MHC…. Special Thanks to Jen for Brushing ALL The Horses, They look SPARKLY!

Another day down, and a new one on its way!

Had alot of extra hands on deck yesterday and knocked out alot of Grunt work outside the Haunted houses, Thanks to Paige, Jake, Zach, Judi, Ickk, and he that shall not be named for all of your hard work and dedication!  Shane of Http:// and I have been working non-stop on revamping much of  indoor Attractions.  It never fails to amaze me how big DarkSyde Acres Haunted House actually is, and I am constantly reminded when it takes me 15-20 minutes to go get the tool I forgot to grab… 🙂 When I say Grab, I actually mean FIND after the Paranormal Entities remove and hide said tool!

Today Big Rich and I will be working outside on the Driveway, we are widening it to 20 feet and laying gravel. yay No more MudHoles!

Finally DarkSyde welcomes Jen and Will from Wicked Jester in Indiana, They came out for a lil R&R and to lend a hand when needed!

Not Just Haunted House work this week

We took a  few days off this week from working on the indoor haunted houses to work on some projects outside, we are running Fence around the the outer perimeter so we can turn our Horses loose up top… They are gonna go nuts on that field grass…..Unfortunately trying to fence in nearly 40 acres may take awhile due to the outer property line being a treeline….. 🙂  We spent most of yesterday expanding and prepping the front driveway for  Gravel, ( 20 foot gate and 27 foot roadway access, to allow in out traffic.) No more mud hole and off road course in the near future. Add in  over 800 feet of Water lines ran to the midway area and living areas and life at DarkSyde outside the Haunted Houses is really moving forward in 2012.

Now don’t you fret and don’t you frown, because yes we have still been working on the Haunted Houses too.  For those of you that have been here before, Im 100% positive you will be blown away with all the new add-ons. For those of you that have never been to the Darksyde, all I can say is your’e gonna get it!  DarkSyde tends to do things a little differently and your’e going to like it!

In closing just want to say thank you for everyone that has came out this year and gave us a hand.  We appreciate it!


All in a days work at DarkSyde Acres

So As many of you Know, DarkSyde Acres haunt is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds, We are adding a family friendly Hayride, as well as a Family friendly outdoor maze to our line up. Our Ghastly Ghouls and brain dead minions are also hard at work doing the day to day grind of totally revamping the existing 3 indoor Haunted houses, We have already added over 300 linear feet to the Attraction and are added a all new for 2012 CDC “Center for Disease Control” add~on to the Catacombs Haunted House. Plus we’ve doubled the size of Zombie Paintball and added a second paintball attraction where you can shoot killer clowns.  We will be using this cateGORY to keep you up to date on all the Day to Day progress at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.