The Infamous 911 call

A few years ago, Our FX team was transporting a truckload of corpses in Michigan, when a woman called 911 on them.  She was on the phone with the Michigan State Police for over 15 minutes while tailing our team.  Our FX team was pulled over by 3 units and a CSI tech van….  Once the Troopers realized that we they were not deranged serial killers or grave robbers , they all had a good laugh and went on their merry way.  We later did a Photoshoot and recreated the incident in a video spoof. It just goes to show that BodyBag Entertainment and DarkSyde Acres have props so real that they’ll call 911 on ya!

At a Later date, years later a fellow ran into a chainsaw wielding maniac at DarkSyde Acres Haunted house on halloween, he then called 911 to report that a guy with a chainsaw would NOT stop chasing him, the dispatch officer asked calmly, Are you at DarkSyde Acres? Gotta love it when Truth is stranger than fiction! Here are  a few pics from the 911 photoshoot.

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