Day to Day Grind

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Friday the 13th Haunted Houses

Some of the Core crew and Management of DarkSyde Acres haunted house are departing Michigan this weekend to go and visit a couple of Haunted Houses in Ohio  including the Factory of Terror, a 2 time holder of the Guiness book of  world records for largest haunted house in the world,for their FRIDAY the 13th weekend Haunt openings.  This is a special treat as Most of us never get a chance to visit other attractions.  To all of our industry friends that are taking a chance this weekend by opening your doors…. Best of luck with your numbers and scare the crap out em for me!

Side Note, Thanks to those of you that are staying behind to Babysit DarkSyde.



Get Your Scare ON! October style show.OPEN 2 days only this JULY!Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th.

FREE wristbands to guest (Limited QTY). Wristbands good for 25% off admission on select dates in October.

Forsaken Glow Stick Event

Get ready! Friday, July 13th, FORSAKEN will be opening it’s doors for a special GLOW STICK EVENT! What does that mean? Try walking through the fully operational haunt with no light to illuminate your path but a tiny glow stick. There will be cast members to “help” you through, it’s full contact, and it’s happening ONE NIGHT ONLY! Friday, July 13th, 2012!

All New for 2012 Haunted House Roadside billboards

DarkSyde Acres Haunted house in Jonesville Michigan will be placing 4×8 roadside Billboards all over Southern central Michigan this Halloween season.

We will be doing dual Billboards at each location, one featuring DarkSyde’s extreme Indoor Haunted Houses, and the other featuring a softer more family friendly side with our all new for 2012 Family friendly Outdoor attractions!  Thanks to for all their amazing graphics work on our new Billboards.  Be sure to look for the signs, roadside throughout Michigan, this Halloween season and let us know what you think!

Highway billboard for haunted houseBillboards for Halloween season in Michigan

Family Friendly Billboard

New Billboards for Michigan Roadsides this Halloween

Over the past few years We are constantly being asked why we dont do a Hayride? Apparently alot of our guests would love to bring their children but feel the 3 indoor haunted houses are to extreme for them.  New for 2012, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is adding a few outdoor Family Friendly events, In order to spread the word about the Family Friendly Attractions, we commissioned to create a all new Roadside Billboard to promote DarkSyde Acres.

Dont worry all you die hard fans of our extreme indoor Haunted houses, we will still be dropping you to to the floor every chance you give us.

Check out the new Art and let me know what you think.

haunted house hayride billboard

Need a Website?

Need graphics and website design?

Today we are going to give a shout out to our very own unsung hero, Our Web Guru John and all his minions  at Web service studios of Rochester, NY.  When Web Service Studios took over our website we were ranking so low on the search engines that it was nearly impossible to find us while searching for Haunted houses in Michigan, within no time at all they had us up in the Rankings thus helping DarkSyde grow into the mega Haunt she is today!

Thank you John for all you do for DarkSyde Acres Haunted House. Thanks to you our web site is always up to date and easy to navigate. Web Service Studios as helped DarkSyde rank on the first page of  Search engines since taking over the Site 4 years ago! From Print design , Web design, Hosting and Social Networking Web Service Studios has exceeded all of our needs on a daily basis.

If  You ever need a professional  website, graphic design or SEO work done to help promote your company, your personal page, your event, Web Service  Studios gets 2 bloody dismembered thumbs up from the DarkSyde Crew. Check them out at Http:// web and graphic design service of Rochester, NY

2nd Round of DarkSyde Auditions

DarkSyde Acres is holding their 2nd round of Auditions for the 2012 season JULY 21st at 2:00 pm, if you are interested in being a actor at DarkSyde Acres,  Now’s your chance, Congrats to all that made it thru the First Round of Auditions!

What: DarkSyde Acres Haunted House auditions

Where: 11375 Rowe road, Jonesville, MI. 49250

When: Saturday, July 21st, 2012~ 2PM

Why: Because is seeking the best of the best!

Who: YOU! 

Zombie Paintball Sign

Here’s another sneak peak at another work of art that www.Raven’ has created for DarkSyde Acres Haunted House. This is a combined attraction sign for BOTH of our NEW INDOOR Paintball challenges. Now you can shoot Zombies OR clowns in our Midway attraction area.  Thanks to the amazingly Talented artist at Raven’s Wolf.I Cant wait to shoot me some big footed, red nose wearing, horn honking, small car driving Clowns this Halloween season!

Sneak Peak at 2 More DarkSyde Attraction signs

As promised here are 2 more of the Signs Darksyde acres haunted House commissioned to create for the 2012 season. As you can see Shane has been busy busting his butt designing these awesome mini billboards for us. These 2 are for the NEW for 2012 Family Friendly Outdoor Maze “The Labyrinth”  and DarkSydes very own “Catacombs”  completely revamped for 2012 and twice the size, featuring a all new CDC area….. DarkSyde is bringing a whole new meaning to dark this year for the halloween season so be sure to come see what all the screaming is about, Bring a friend, and a spare pair of undies.

Sneak Peak at 2 new DarkSyde Signs

DarkSyde Acres Commissioned to create a new look for Our Haunted House Signage, He’s done amazing work on everything thus far and here are a couple more examples of  his graphic work.  The Images below will be 4×8 Billboards at the front of our building to show case each individual Attraction. there will be 7 in all…. Keep a watch for the next set to be released!

Side Note: Thank you to Shane and Katie from Raven’s Wolf for all the amazing pieces.

14 weeks until we kick off the 2012 season

Wow here we go again, Another year has passed and a new Haunt season is almost upon us at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House,  In Just over 14 weeks we will be kicking off our 5 th season at DarkSyde. We promise that 2012 will be the biggest and best year ever at DarkSyde. We’ve been busy since November making plans and redesigning our Attractions to bring you the biggest bang for your Buck.

Alot of people think that the Halloween Fairy just drops this stuff off the night before opening and wah~la there you have it… a Haunted House, But in reality its a year long effort of many people to create a show of this magnitude.  DarkSyde could not do it without our loyal Minions, bending over backwards thru-out the year.Thank you Guys for all you do.

Our 3 indoor Haunted Houses have all underwent Major Changes for 2012, as well as Zombie Paintball which as been moved indoors and now features US ARMY Tactical Paintball Guns and an added second paintball attraction, Killer Klown Karnage.  Finally we are building a Family Friendly Fun outdoor Maze and a Hayride for those to afraid to venture into the 3 indoor Haunted Houses.   

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