Thanks Guys!

Yesterday was an Amazing day, tons of work got done and good times were spent with good people…. So todays, day to day will be spent Thanking everybody from yesterday!

Thank you to Amanda, Natasha, and Brianna  for doing the DIRTY work, Not only did you do the dirty work, you did it with a smile and gigglish nature that  good be heard thru-out DarkSyde….  You Girls ROCK!

Thank you GOTH for coming out and spending endless hours within the catacombs getting it prepped for the midwest haunters convention HAUNT TOUR.

Thank you Kristin for doing the cement work to insure our guests dont stub their liddle piggies

Thank you, Ickk, Emanuel, Judi, Zach, and Misty for the SURPRISE DINNER! You guys havent a clue how much we appreciated that, Especially Atalie who didnt have to cook….. More so we appreciate the sentiment of appreciation…. Thanks Guys for giving a damn!

Special Thanks to Judi for Slaving over the hot grill to prepare said dinner…. Ok maybe slaving wasnt the politically correct term but you know what I mean!

Big Thanks to BIG RICH for all he does on a Daily Basis, and thanks to Randy  for Helping Big Rich get the new Air Compressor in place!

Thanks to Shane from for all he has done this season at DarkSyde and a special thanks to his Semi~Attractive wife Katie for sacrificing his time and sparkling personality to be here instead of at home with her.

Thank you Atalie for making me leave Detroit and move to the DarkSyde.  


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