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Halloween Stats

Halloween spending on the rise!

While Watching the Fox 2 Morning news out of Detroit, I seen a wonderful segment, that claimed Halloween spending is on the rise for 2012.  Thats GREAT NEWS!  Halloween is the second most popular Holiday next to Christmas and the Second highest revenue generating Holiday just under Christmas.  Sources were projecting 9 million dollars in sales for the 2012 Halloween season!  Fox 2 reported that the average person will spend nine dollars more this year on halloween than in 2011, thats an amazing growth. Ive gathered a collection of Stats online for the 2011 halloween season. I bet you will be surprised at some of the numbers generated by Halloween and Haunted Houses.

The numbers

41 Million Trick or Treaters  between the ages of five and fourteen are estimated to take part in the Halloween tradition of going door to door to receive tricks or treats, that may seem like a large number but now add in the Trick or treaters that are under the age of five and older than the age of fourteen, heck I didnt stop trick or treating until I was 17.  As Large as that Number is, it pales in comparision to the number of estimated Houses that the Tot’ers can visit, There are a estimated 116.7 million occupied homes in the U.S all potential stops for those costumed clad lil beggars. On each of those porches sit Pumpkins which add up to 1.1 BILLION pounds of  pumpkins per Halloween season.

Costumes and More

Parents buying costumes for the children will spend a whopping one billion dollars, while spending another 1.21 Billion on buying costumes for themselves, BUT thats not all People will spend over THREE MILLION dollars buying Costumes for their pets! 22.9% of Americans will visit their Local Haunted House this year generating between 300 and 500 Million dollars, a HUGE boost to any Local economy Im sure…. Be sure to get our there and visit your Local Haunted Attractions!


Special preview success!

Special Preview opening was a great Success!

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions open our gates for a special Preview opening on September 22,2012 this past saturday, to give our guests a sneak peek of what we have in store for them this 2012 Halloween season. Our reviews were AWESOME, everyone that came out from near and far enjoyed themselves and we enjoyed ourselves just as much if not more! I cannot think of anything that makes me happier than the sound of screaming guests echoing through the hallways within the haunted house. If our special preview opening was of any indication of how the 2012 season will be, we are looking for one heck of a lot of wet underwear this year. 🙂

Guests from Near and Far

Our special preview was attended by guests that have come to DarkSyde every single season we have been open, as well as those that took advantage of our sneak peek for their first visit  to the DarkSyde. In the past 4 seasons we have had guests from all over the world, including  Germany, Israel, Canada, Finland and more, but for our Special preview we had a Group all the way from South Africa join us for the nights festivities, They stayed most of the night and seemed to have a GREAT time. We also were visited by Haunters from Different states taking this opportunity to vist DarkSyde before their Attractions open.

Thank you ALL

DarkSyde would like to say Thank you for coming out and helping us kick off our fifth season at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions.

Munro House Near DarkSyde Acres

Munro House Bed and Breakfast

Looking for a weekend getaway this fall?  Want to visit one of the Largest Haunted Houses in the world but do not want to stay at some corporate roach motel?  Then come on out to Jonesville, Michigan and visit DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and stay with Lori and Mike Venturini  at the MUNRO HOUSE  B&B in downtown Jonesville for the weekend!  This beautiful Bed and Breakfast is just one block off of US-12 and only 4 miles from everyone’s favorite seasonal scream park.  The Ghouls at DarkSyde give the Munro House B&B the 2 dismembered thumbs up award for excellence.

Historical Bed and Breakfast


Built in 1834 the Munro House is the oldest house in Hillsdale County as well as the being the first Brick Building (1840). This Historic House  was once a Station on the Underground Railroad  and is the oldest Southern Michigan B&B.  The Munro House has been promoted as the most comfortable lodging in Southern Michigan and I believe every word of it with such amenities as queen size beds,   private baths, and cable TV. Free high speed wireless internet. Free parking. Free soft drinks and snacks. A hot, made to order breakfast is served every day with coffee, fruit, and juice. Massage available on-site. There are 10 restaurants within 1 mile.

Come out this Fall

So come on out this fall and visit DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions, then stay at the Munro House Bed and Breakfast for a great mini vacation and the pampering of a lifetime!  for more info visit 


What would YOU do?

So there you are, Minding your own dang business watching a sideshow at the Carnival when the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE finally happens. You look up and see Hordes of the undead headed your way, you frantically search for a weapon and come up short when you realize all you have is a stick of bubble gum, a Popsicle and a roll of Duct tape….. the Question is WHAT WOULD YOU DO in this situation?

Thank YOU Metro Detroit

Thank You- Best Haunted House in Metro Detroit

The Crew and Staff would like to Thank each and everyone of our fans for voting for DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions, as your Favorite Halloween event in Metro Detroit. Voting ENDS today and No matter where  we place in the WDIV Vote 4 the Best contest, we know where we place with YOU, and thats what matters in the end! As a show of our undying appreciation, we are offering WET UNDIES to all of our Fans! Come on out this season and let us help you soil your bloomers.

Vote 4 the Best, Haunted House Voting is Still Open.

Vote 4 the Best in Detroit Michigan If you havent voted for DarkSyde yet, Today is your last chance, be sure to visit and drop us a vote, while you are there, tell us why YOU love YOUR DARKSYDE!

Thank you again to all of our Fans for helping to make us the Best Haunted House in Michigan.

Where would you like it?

Haunted House Artwork by Ravens Wolf

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions, located in Michigan, commissioned Raven’s Wolf to create a Artwork design for the Haunted House. Once again they Rocked it out of the park with a GREAT design!

Now where would you like to see this Artwork? On some Haunted House Apparel? On a BillBoard? On the website? You Tell Us…. Your Opinion Matters.

Haunt Art by Ravens Wolf

So WHAT do YOU want?

What Do You Want in a Haunted House?

Every year we ask our guests what they WANT out of a Haunted House, and Every year we oblige!

You wanted BIGGER! Darksyde made it BIGGER and added even MORE !

You wanted DARKER! We Created the RUSTHOLE, Michigan’s Largest and DARKEST black maze.

You wanted INDOOR WAITING! DarkSyde Created the QUELINE with over 5000 square feet of Interactive indoor waiting.

You wanted PROFESSIONAL FX and SET DESIGN! We brought Bodybag Entertainment and Raven’s Wolf together to create a surreal experience you will NEVER forget. 

You wanted  a FAMILY FRIENDLY attraction! We Added an OUTDOOR MAZE and HAY RIDE, designed specifically for the Family.

You wanted AFFORDABILTY! We reworked our Ticket Pricing and combo offers to accomodate EVERYONE.

Thats Right YOU SPOKE, Darksyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions LISTENED!


ParanOrmal Activity at DarkSyde

ParanOrmal Activity in Michigan

As many of you already know, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is not only a seasonal Haunted House Attraction that is open for Halloween and other events , It is also actually Haunted. We have had many Paranormal groups out in the past few years and all have recovered evidence to back our claims and many of said that DarkSyde is a one of the Hottest spots for Paranormal activity they have found in Michigan.

We do not notice the day to day Paranormal activity at this point because its so abundant, BUT every now and again something happens that gets us and Ive decided to start posting these paranormal moments in the blog .

While sitting in the Office  last night promoting the Vote 4 best in metro Detroit contest, Atalie came in explaining that once again she thought we were messing with her while she was in the trailer. Apparently the TV turned on, and when she went to see who was there it turned off. She made quick haste out of the Trailer and into the office to let us know, ( Atalie doesnt like the activity at all and refuses to go into the buildings alone)  While she was telling us about the incident, the light switch flipped off and left us all in the dark in the office, except for the glow from the monitor.

Got to love Paranormal activity on a day to day basis.

The location of  Paranormal activity in Michigan

Midwest Haunters Convention Haunt Tour @ DarkSyde

On June 6th, 2012 over 200 Haunted House owners and Haunt enthusiasts from all over the world boarded 4 tour buses, to tour 10 haunted houses, in 2 days. Their first stop was DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions in Michigan…. Here’s what they had to say!   Special Thanks to OddMan from Madworld Radio for conducting the interviews and creating this video.   Thanks to everyone that came out.

Be sure to vote for DarkSyde Acres haunted House and attractions

Grandpa Cox's Haunted Hayride

NEW for 2012  DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions proudly presents Grandpa Cox’s Haunted Hayride.


Join us for a Journey thru the DarkSyde…  Fun for all ages, and family friendly, so bring the kids out and Gramma too this Halloween season!  Nows your chance to take a nice quiet Hayride thru the back 40 at DarkSyde Acres haunted House and Halloween Attractions in Michigan.

Halloween Hayride in Michigan