Halloween Stats

Halloween spending on the rise!

While Watching the Fox 2 Morning news out of Detroit, I seen a wonderful segment, that claimed Halloween spending is on the rise for 2012.  Thats GREAT NEWS!  Halloween is the second most popular Holiday next to Christmas and the Second highest revenue generating Holiday just under Christmas.  Sources were projecting 9 million dollars in sales for the 2012 Halloween season!  Fox 2 reported that the average person will spend nine dollars more this year on halloween than in 2011, thats an amazing growth. Ive gathered a collection of Stats online for the 2011 halloween season. I bet you will be surprised at some of the numbers generated by Halloween and Haunted Houses.

The numbers

41 Million Trick or Treaters  between the ages of five and fourteen are estimated to take part in the Halloween tradition of going door to door to receive tricks or treats, that may seem like a large number but now add in the Trick or treaters that are under the age of five and older than the age of fourteen, heck I didnt stop trick or treating until I was 17.  As Large as that Number is, it pales in comparision to the number of estimated Houses that the Tot’ers can visit, There are a estimated 116.7 million occupied homes in the U.S all potential stops for those costumed clad lil beggars. On each of those porches sit Pumpkins which add up to 1.1 BILLION pounds of  pumpkins per Halloween season.

Costumes and More

Parents buying costumes for the children will spend a whopping one billion dollars, while spending another 1.21 Billion on buying costumes for themselves, BUT thats not all People will spend over THREE MILLION dollars buying Costumes for their pets! 22.9% of Americans will visit their Local Haunted House this year generating between 300 and 500 Million dollars, a HUGE boost to any Local economy Im sure…. Be sure to get our there and visit your Local Haunted Attractions!


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