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Want to Work at a Haunted House in Michigan?

Hey there Kiddies, Its your good ole Buddy Bodybags! so you wanna work at a Haunted House this fall? Do you like scaring the crap out of people and watching them hit the floor?  Is there something about the fresh smell of urine that makes you giggle? Then fill out a application to become part of  Michigans Largest and Fastest Growing Haunted House and Attractions.  DarkSyde is currently seeking High Energy individuals for the following placements. Actors, Parking attendants, Security, Zombie Paintball and Guest Relations.   Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

working at a haunted house


Be sure to visit and VOTE for DarkSyde Acres in the Vote4the best contest  Thank you and please!

DarkSyde Acres is IN!

Just ran a analytics check on our website to compare traffic from last year to this year…. WOW! Brooklyn traffic is up 11,900% from 2011, Novi is up 4,800% Over all Unique Traffic is up over 400% The Word is OUT and DarkSyde is IN!  Looking forward to scaring a whole bunch of new faces this halloween season!


Be sure to visit and VOTE for DarkSyde Acres in the Vote4the best contest  Thank you and please!

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Vote 4 the BEST Haunted Attraction


Ok Kiddies week three of VOTE 4 the BEST in Metro Detroit, If you love the DarkSyde be sure to PROMOTE the VOTE!   Remember you can vote once a week and voting recalibrates every monday!   Help us claim the title of  Metro Detroit’s BEST Haunted House!  See you in LESS than 8 weeks to get your scare on! 

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Vote and Help make us the Best Haunted House in Michigan.

Ok kiddies, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House never asks you for anything, other than the  random requests that you bring a spare set of undies, just in case of accidental poopage while visiting the haunts.

We know you love us, we know you want us to be around for years to come, now’s your chance to help us out by VOTING for us in the Vote 4 the BEST in Detroit.  I know you all want to keep DarkSyde your own little secret BUT we’ve got to get the word out.

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Best Wishes in the Future

John Pascarella has left DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, to pursue his dreams elsewhere.  BodyBag Entertainment and DarkSyde Acres both wish John the best of luck in his future endeavors.


John Pascarella haunted houseJohn Pascarella of MichiganJohn Pascarella of Darksyde AcresJohn PascarellaJohn Pascarella walking out the door

Factory of TERROR! Worlds Largest Haunted House!

This Past Saturday, DarkSyde Management and quite the handful of Minions made the trek out to Canton Ohio, to tour and guest act at the FACTORY OF TERROR, the 2 time Guinness  record hold for Worlds Largest Haunted House!

WOW! Let me tell you, this Haunted House was HUGE!  The Sets, props and Actors were all Awesome and DarkSyde Acres crew and staff  were welcomed with open arms.  I would like to thank John, Richie, Scotty, Troll and everyone else that helped make our Trip so great! THANKS for FEEDING US! We  like food! No seriously we REALLY like food! 🙂

BodyBags made a special appearance in and out of makeup and sporting a super sweet dress and skirt combo, doing what he does best!  I lost count on the actual number of pony tails and Earlobes he collected over the night, but it looked like he was having a good ole time.

Our resident Tranny dancer worked her Magic in the final scene of HELL as Tranny Satan herself, in their 3D Haunted house. Our Clowns, Bubbles, Pickles, and Twitches, made an appearance in the Church of all places, Ickk made a lasting impression in the asylum. Goth and Tasha had a ball doing what they do best, and I even heard the tale of a fellow crying, that doesnt usally happen until after the tranny gets thru with em’.  Marah got to Play Bouncy girl, and Paige let loose in the Industrial Nightmare…. Did I mention that Elvis was seen sporting a flashy sequined covered polyester jumpsuit thru out the attraction.  A even rarer glimpse of Shane from Raven’s Wolf in costume was spotted as well!

Highlights of the trip were, seeing Katie Lane and Granny,terrorizing customers, Meeting TINY, the Worlds Largest Haunted House actor and snuggling him.. Thats right I aint skeered!  KUDOS go out to the GOAT GIRL! Not sure who her daddy was, but Im positive her momma was a nanny………..

Thanks again FACTORY of TERROR! for all of your hospitality!

Here are a few pics from our trip.

Forsaken Haunted House on Friday the 13th Blackout

This past Friday the 13th, DarkSyde Management drove out to Mentor Ohio, to visit the FORSAKEN Haunted House for their Friday the 13th BLACKOUT show!

While there they gave a awesome tour of the facility and spent some time with some good friends, PLUS they gave us ICE CREAM! Yeah thats right Im a sucker for a good sundae! When Darkness fell they turned off the lights and sent their guests in armed only a glow stick….  This was a very Cool concept and perhaps one that we will utilize in the future at DarkSyde Acres…..  Thank you Forsaken Haunted House for a good ole fashioned scary time.  If you are into Haunted House be sure to check out Forsaken Haunted House!

Forsaken haunted House