No Animatronics at DarkSyde

No Animatronics at DarkSyde

One of the things that customers always tell us that sets our haunted experience apart is the awesome interactions with the actors! You won’t have animatronics coming out at you at Darksyde Acres – you have real people with real gory makeup chasing and interacting with you!


FX Makeup makes the difference

You don’t think we all just look this way, do you? There is an amazing staff doing FX makeup on us starting literally HOURS before the haunt opens. We start around three or four in the afternoon (sometimes even sooner!) and have a great team of makeup and FX staff working on each of our “looks” to make us the scariest we can be!

Zombie’s and Pirate’s too

Rob, Shane, Nicole and Katie whip out the latex, face and teeth paints to make us look how we look. That rotting hole in the zombie’s chest? Latex, makeup and a completely awesome team of artists created that look. That gash in the pirate’s face? Again, latex, makeup and a wonderful team.

Blood , Gore and Places!

We stand in line to get into their seats every Friday and Saturday to be “gorified”. It usually starts with the latex. The artists put it where they want the gore to be and then dry it with a hairdryer. Then they take out their makeup and add color to the texture of the latex, as well as color to our faces so that the gore doesn’t look out of place. Then as a final touch, some of us get blood added to our faces, necks, chests or costumes, to make sure that we’re as gross and realistic as we can be. That happens right before “places” is called, about an hour before the haunted house portion of our event opens. The excitement is always high in the air when we take our places, because we know that you’ll be coming soon and its our job to make you pee your pants!

Amazing Artists

Rob and his team of artists are amazing, we all love them, love what they do with our looks, and the experience wouldn’t be nearly as interactive without them. So love on BodyBag Entertainment! They’re the best!


Top 13 Haunted Houses

And, if you haven’t made up your mind to come see us at Darksyde Acres yet this season, make up that mind already! We’re in the top 13 haunted houses in the nation and you deserve to see and run from this FX makeup – you’ll never forget the experience!

Special Thanks to Carolyn for writing this blog from her Hospital Bed, while suffering Pneumonia this Halloween season.  Get well soon, and get yer butt back into the Queue line at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

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