Whack a Wreck!

New at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions. Coming this Friday night October 20, 2012 is the All NEW for 2012 WHACK A WRECK Midway attraction, located in our Midway near the  Hay Ride loading station, Bonfire, Zombie Paintball, Concessions and The Labyrinth outdoor maze. Guests can take out all of their daily aggression on a Wreck donated by Lake Pleasant Recycling in Osseo Michigan. Have you ever had a car that just wouldnt start, Now you can imagine that this beauty is THAT car! Remember that time you were headed to grandma’s house for turkey dinner and that stupid car ran out of gas, well Now you can pretend this is THAT car, and whack it like you wanted to wayyy back then. Remember that first date and SHE said NO?  Well it wasnt your fault, it was that clunker you were sporting, Nows your chance to whack this wreck, like a red headed step child.

Lake Pleasant Recycling

Special Thanks to Lake Pleasant Recycling  in Osseo michigan for donating the Not so pristine  Wreck of the week, for our Whack a wreck midway attraction. Lake Pleasant Recycling much like DarkSyde Acres Haunted House Strives to be a valuable part of our local communities. Lake Pleasant Recycling  contributes to WCSR and supports many local charities that benefit programs that help Military Veterans, Victims of Child Abuse, Drug Abuse and Missing Children among many others. Got to Love Local Businesses that Care. Kudos and thanks go out to Paul Cunningham and his Crew over at Lake Pleasant Recycling.

Be sure to come out and take your turn with the Sledge against this rusty ole Hulk of a once great Automobile.

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