MHC Haunt tour gone and past

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House opened its doors on wednesday to the Midwest Haunters convention to kick off their Haunt Tour. 4 bus loads of Haunted House Owners and Halloween enthusiasts Arrived at our gates at 2 pm to see if what they have heard about DarkSyde Acres was actually true….  I dont think they expected to actually get the FULL TREATMENT.  The Ghouls at DarkSyde gave them everything and quite abit more. The Reviews  and feedback were Great and very Positive some of which will be posted later this week.

Id like to thank those of our staff that have been busting ass for the past 4 months making the improvements , without you guys , the show wouldnt have been so awesome.

Id like to thank the actors for coming out in June, some as early as 5am, some taking off work, to insure that Haunters from all over the country would get their scream on….. Without you Darksyde would not be the same. Remember minions ACTORS make a great Haunted house. Speaking of Actors I would like to thank our Guest Actors that traveled from 3 states and across one international border to be apart of DarkSyde for a day!

In closing, Id like to thank everyone who has and continues to Support DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, You make it all worthwhile.

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