A day at the Great Lakes FrightFest

So Atalie, Big Rich, Katie Lane and I escaped the confines of DarkSyde Acres Haunted House yesterday and made the trek to the Totempole campgrounds in  Petersburg, Michigan to join what seemed like at least 500 Home Haunters, Halloween Enthusiasts, and a few top names in the Haunt Industry. The day was spent mingling with old friends, new friends, and a few others NOT to be mentioned… >:(  But overall it was a GREAT day.

Brian Taylor and his oh so beautiful wife Kkrazy Karen with the help of countless loyal minions have been putting on this wonderful event for more years than I can remember and it was Great to see how large its grown and has kept its one on one feel to it.

Each year they over run a nice quiet quaint little campground in petersburg, Michigan  for 3 days the first weekend in June.  within a 72 hour time period they set up a 20 room Haunted House, host a Seminar series worthy of any MAJOR Convention , with speakers from all over the country, educating their guests with everything from how to carve a prop to how to run your own haunted house.   Did I mention not only do they Teach you, and entertain  you but they FEED you, a giant Breakfast, and Amazing Lunch, and oh My frigging God, a dinner spread to rival a Kings buffet.  This year they had a special appearance by the Ring of steel, a theatrical combat group out of Ann Arbor Michigan, this troupe was utterly amazing.

The Haunted House was a wonderful treat,I am constantly amazed at the talent shown within the walls of their attraction every year!

Special thanks to Brian, Kkrazy Karen and all of their minions for putting on such a great event year after year.

Special shout outs to…. Tim, Tater,CRazy Bob Turner, his wife Beth, Robert Beech, Deanna, Big Rex Hamilton, and everyone else that we spent a little extra time with .  Sidenote to the Muchy the clown, I love the fact that quite few people actually thought you were with DarkSyde  due to your extreme nature, and slutty victim……

Good luck to Wyndell this upcoming week with a medical procedure, remember if something goes south, I gets the leftover pieces….


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