the Darksyde of Valentines History

 Valentines Dark History

In recent history, Valentines day has become a modern day sellers bonanza focusing on the  heart strings of those in love, those wanting to be in love, and even a few of those that are never going to buy into the whole being in love fiasco,  Got to love chocolates at a 75% day after valentines discount. From candy hearts to bouquets of the finest flowers and lavish dinners it seems as though many have forgotten the true darksyde history of Valentines day. Valentines day hasnt always been a day of love and adoration rather it has been gutted thru the years with blood and mutilation,  continue reading to see some of the DarkSyde’s of Valentines day.

bloody heart haunted house darksyde

The true DarkSyde of Valentines day

One dark belief regarding the true darksyde of the origins of Valentine’s Day is that it is timed to coincide with the ancient festival of Lupercalia, a Pagan celebration of love where Roman priests would sacrifice a goat and dog before dividing the goat’s hides into strips , submerging them in the blood of the sacrificed animals, and slapping women and crops with the blood, They would then pair up the women with available men and then be obligated to spend the remainder of the year with them.  Kind of sounds like a lonely hearts club or perhaps a tinder hookup, minus all that blood and guts.

haunted house history

The DarkSyde of St.Valentine

On February 14,  279 A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in Rome in the days of Emperor Claudius II, was executed. Under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, Rome was involved in many bloody campaigns. The emperor had to maintain a strong army, but was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. Claudius believed that the Romans were unwilling to join his army because of their love to their wives and families. Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the order, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When the Emperor discovered Valentines Treachery he ordered that Valentine be put to death. Valentine was arrested and brought before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death and to have his head cut off. The sentence was carried out on February 14, 279 A.D., For his great service, Valentine was named a saint after his death. Thus forever securing his Darksyde, How many of you have lost your head in the name of love?


head cut off shirt

The DarkSyde of  St.Valentines day Massacre

st valentines killing

Haunted Houses and Valentines day

Now its the year 2018 and many Haunted Houses are opening for  Valentines day to bring you a lil non Halloween seasonal enjoyment. I can’t think of a better  reason than to crack open the rusty old gates at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House during the middle of  February than to have a bloody Valentines day event. However being located in Michigan, we are typically under a couple feet of snow on Valentines day, so thats a not going to happen anytime soon event.  with all of that said, the Guys and Ghouls hope you all have a wonderfully wicked Valentines day with those you love.

zombie bite

meteor over michigan strikes local haunted house 2018

Meteor strikes local haunted house in michigan in 2018

January 16, 2018 will be long remembered by Michigan residents as the night the Sky lit up and the Earth shook.  Shortly after  eight p.m January 16, 2018 a “meteor” entered the  atmosphere and streaked across the  clear moonlit sky.  Along with people in Michigan, there are reported sightings in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri. People also reported seeing it in Ontario, Canada.   New reports that a meteor strikes local haunted house in jonesville Michigan in 2018 were confirmed  earlier this morning on site at DarkSyde Acres.

Meteor ufo crash site

Local farmer says he seen it.

Local farmer and suspected serial killer Old Man Cox says he seen it. As reported by old man cox, There I was outside just minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear this loud sound, It sounded like a great big vacuum cleaner way up in the sky. Let me tell you, now I dont get scared easily but what I seen next scared the crap out of me, In fact I might of even peed a little.  Me and the dogs looked up and there was this bright blue light up in the sky, it kept getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter, and louder and louder. Whatever it was it lit up the entire sky , not only that but  it was BIG and was coming in low, barely clearing those tree tops right over there on the other side of that hill near DarkSyde Acres Haunted House. When it hit, I heard a loud explosion and it rocked the ground beneath me, It felt like one of those dang earthquakes you read about in them there books.

michigan hauntted house actor

Thats no meteor

Now dont be telling that guy who owns that haunted house over there, but sometimes I sneak over there and have myself a peek at what hes doing and see all the scary things he has, but NOTHING , let me say it again, nothing prepared me for what I seen when me and the dogs went over the hill to see what that big loud light was. Im not exactly sure what I saw when the smoke and debris cleared but im going to tell you  I know thats no Meteor.  unless Meteors have little grey guys running around speaking some sort of gibberish back and forth giving me a dang headache. Felt like I was at the DMV , couldnt understand a word anyone was saying. I  pulled out one of these new fangled celluar phones that I took off a dead hooker, I mean found at the laundromat and took me a picture of what I saw, then I bootscooted back over the hill before that dang guy came up to see what all the ruckus was about.

ufo crash at DarkSyde Acres

 There you have it.

Well there you have it,  straight from a eye witness on location, complete with photographic proof that was no Meteor that streaked across southeast michigan last night on January 16, 2018.  Personally Im not sure what Im looking at up there, but Im inclined to go with old man Cox’ on that it isnt a meteor, half buried up on that hill at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House In Jonesville Michigan.






What is DarkSyde Acres Haunted House ?

What is DarkSyde Acres Haunted House? 

Now that the 2017 Halloween season has come and gone here at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, our guys and ghouls have been working feverishly revamping and building for the upcoming 2018 Michigan Haunted house season. 2018 guarantees to be even bigger and scarier than ever before with more scares and twisted delights for even the most hardened of haunted house visitors. recently during a break in the action I asked some of our Monsters and Zombies what is DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and what it means to them to be apart of one of the worlds largest haunted houses. Grab a drink, sit back and read what DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is and what makes us different than all the other haunted houses in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

haunted house near 49250

2018 Michigan haunted house

Michigans  biggest haunted house?

When asked  what is Darksyde Acres haunted house, a lot of the ghouls  stated it was Michigans biggest haunted house. Which is quite possibly true, in fact our haunted house is one of the Worlds largest haunted houses, situated on 40 acres with over 70,000 square feet and over a mile walking distance within the haunted house, We could be Michigans biggest haunted house, but Darksyde Acres haunted house is so much more than that. Lets hear what else the crew had to say on a more personal level.

what is a killer clown at Michigan haunted house

One of the Original Clowns at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is

Our resident  Zombie in charge of the Catacombs at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House said , Goth Weaver 1. It’s a place where the stars are most visible at night, all the better to light the way to the entrance and the exit of Michigan’s best haunt. 2. it’s the place where I truly have come to learn the concept and meaning of the word family. 

zombie at haunted house

Rictor Mortis at DarkSyde Acres haunted house

Ole long legs aboard the Dark Abyss had this to say about what DarkSyde acres haunted house is to him, Jason Freshcorn It is a great haunted attraction that has a lot of scare opportunity for the public to enjoy and it’s a place I like to call home. I feel most like myself when Im at DarkSyde , I’m more calm and settled, I can’t think of anywhere else that makes me feel that way.

michigan Haunted house pirate

ole long legs the haunted pirate

 One of our all time favorite ghouls out here at DarkSyde had this to say, Lisa Bowers-hegge 1. Darksyde is an amazing haunted attraction. 2. Darksyde is home. A place that has my heart and where my family is. Im beginning to see a Pattern here, Have you noticed it yet?  Lets see if you can see it within the words written by yet another crowd favorite~ Leslie Hertzfeld Darksyde is a FAMLY FRIENDLY haunted Attraction!!!! To me darksyde is my second home… A place I can unwind my mind let loose and just have fun and on the plus side I get to scare the crap out of grown ass men and make them run their be behinds in the opposite direction or pee their pants. 

voted number 1 haunted house

5 indoor haunted houses in michigan

Home and Family

It seems that the common opinion is that DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is more than just a Haunted House, It is Home and creates a Family environment by bringing people from all walks of life together with one common goal. What is that goal you may ask yourself, our common goal is to give our guests the best entertainment possible each and every night we are open to insure that they come back year after year to visit Michigan’s Largest Haunted House.

Here are a few more answers from our staff members.

Fred Kellicutt 1: Darksyde is a place of business. the business is a haunted house to scare people. 2:another house away from home. a place that lets me be closer to one of my dreams. a place where I can have fun and hang with awesome people. a place I wont feel scared to show my crazy side at. a place where i’m willing to call another home. 

 BriAnna Cooper Darksyde is a fully immersive horror exfearience. But to me Darksyde is a fantastic opportunity for the outcasts, the black sheep, the freaks, creeps and weirdos to fit it and spend time amid like minded people as well as express themselves without fear of judgement.

Delan Robbins Darksyde is a great place of entertainment and a place where misfits fit in and are normal. Each of you are great friends. Some friends are just prettier. Thank you Delan, we think youre pretty too…

John Pascarella says…. I like Turtles.

Melissa Byers  DarkSyde is the place that really made me come out of my shell.

Tyler Whysoserious 1 it is a place of business and the greatest place to work.  2 to me it is a home that allows me to feel normal around people that are closer to me than most of my family. 

Katina Snow 1. An awesome haunted attraction with more people than animatronics.
2. Family where I can bring out my creativeness without judgement on how weird I am lol It’s like home, good people, great fun!

Elise Clark To me it’s the last place I ever thought I’d be willingly and one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Gives me a place to both fit in and get to be someone totally different than who I am by day for a little while. It’s inspired/inspiring a lot of creativity I forgot I had.

Carol Shoffner #1 scary a&&  haunted house. #2 my family and best place to be 🙂

Karry Mcfall Best place to be a part of . It is a haunted house where you can work with people that care about you.

Elisa Lynn Marie  DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is my home and my family!

Araya VanZile  DarkSyde is The best place ever.

Kelly Sue Rogers Therapy!!!

 Different things to different people

There we have it  people,  the answer to the question  of What is DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, is Different things to different people. DarkSyde has something to offer everybody, one way or another. Looking to Get scared? DarkSyde Acres will do it. Looking to fit in? DarkSyde will accept you and embrace you. Looking for Home and Family?  We’ll leave the light on for you.  remember DarkSyde Acres is always looking for for a few new bodies…. See you  in 2018.

Haunted House Open Dates 2018

2018 calendar haunted house






haunted house interview with a monster in Michigan 2015


Michigan monster at haunted house interview

 Hey there kiddies, Its Old Man Cox and I’m here again to interview a haunted house monster here at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in Jonesville, Michigan. This weeks guest is the infamous dirty doctor , the man with the hands, the creepy, the scary, the sick Doctor Ickk. Everyone grab a seat and a cup of your favorite beverage and lets get this show on the road!


haunted house zombie

Dr.Ickk at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in Michigan

Whats your name?  They call me Dr.Ickk, Even though I lost my License to practice Medicine years ago. Ickk old boy, I wouldn’t call what you do practicing, I think you’ve perfected your practice. Then again I wouldn’t exactly call what you practice, Medicine either. Regardless you bring a whole new meaning of depravity to our haunted house.

Which haunted house of the 7 different haunted Attractions do you lurk within? Not sure but I was told that I crawled out from under a rock. So many rocks to look under at DarkSyde Acres haunted house and you never know who is going to turn up. I’m pretty sure we dug up quite a few of our zombies for the catacombs haunted house out back from under a few of those rocks. 

What is your official title at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House? Dr. Ickk….(The dirty doctor of DarkSyde). I’ve heard about you, they say you’ve got a pretty mouth and have some pretty scary one liners. Thank you for keeping our haunted house interview PG-13 today

Have you ever worked at another Haunted House? I have worked in the past at The theater that dripped blood in the Michigan theater years ago. That was way before my time in the Jackson, Michigan area. We have a few other monsters, zombies, and ghouls who frequent the Michigan Theater for the Rocky Horror Picture shows, and the Jackson film festivals. I haven’t got to visit yet, but hope to do so later in 2015.

How long have you been scaring at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House?  I’m not sure, four or five years, Time flies when you are having fun and scaring the ladies. According to our records, you have been a steady staple since our third year, which means that you are heading into your sixth Halloween season with DarkSyde Acres haunted house.

Do you have a favorite scary movie? I have so many, I could not list them all, but what you call “scary” I call comedy…well that or home movies. Doctor Ickk, Your home movies can also be referred as to exhibit A. 

Do you have a special scare tactic? I love to be creepy and I am always behind you before you know it. The old sneak up behind them trick, except when you do it, the sheep run away in terror!

What is your favorite type of Guest to scare? I like the screamers. well, I just love to scare anyone,when you have a taste for fear you can never get enough. The screamers give me a headache, in all fairness though I tend to give them a headache or two myself.

Have you ever made someone poop their pants? I don’t think I have personally, I have made a few pee. I think you’re just being modest, Dr. Ickk. I’m sure you’ve made people poop their pants at our haunted house. 


haunted house Michigan

be sure to visit DarkSyde acres haunted house in michigan

Your favorite haunted house memory

Do you have a all time favorite Scare memory? There’s so many, but I have to say that my all time favorite  scare was when a lady maybe in her twenties was with a group of friends in the Que line and she had her back turned to me chatting with her friends. I got behind her and got inches from the back of her head and whispered “Don’t you hate it when creepy guys sneak up on you?” she turned her head back slowly and looked at me and began to shiver. I heard water hit the floor and I looked down, yep she peed. Then she said “I got to go” I said “Looks like you did!” she jumped line and ran out and never came back. That’s a great one Dr. Ickk, I love it when you actually hear the water hit the floor, and then watch their faces when the realized that they actually just had a accident in their pants. Most people think that people really don’t pee or poop their pants at a haunted house, and are so surprised when it happens to them.

Where were you born? I was hatched in Jackson, Michigan. That explains your over sized egghead. I’m just kidding, I think you’ve got the perfect face for working at a haunted house.

What was your family dynamic? I love my DarkSyde family and they love me, well,it is Jonesville so it’s all good. Aww and we do love you Dr. Ickk. Our haunted house family is like no other family. We accept everyone for who and what they are. 

How was your childhood? Oh the days of playing doctor….oh wait….I still do that. Less playing and more slaying dear Doctor.

What was the most traumatizing event in your life?  The day fluffy the love sheep deflated. oh the horror of it all.  he was so flat and un-fluffy. Poor Fluffy. I told you that you wear gonna wear a hole in him if you didn’t slow down. Friction is not your friend. lubricate! Good news though, Rob bought you a bicycle tire repair kit.

What brought you here DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Jonesville, Michigan? I came as a guest years ago. They kidna….umm… surprise adopted me! Yes thats it, they surprised adopted me. You should come out and see if they will “adopt” you too. Kidnapped is such a harsh word Ickk. You looked so sad and lonely standing there without my big old burlap bag over your head, so I fixed it and here we are nearly 6 Halloween seasons later.

How do you feel towards other people? I love people, on a plate, with ketchup and maybe some veggies. One of my favorite things is when you refer to our haunted house guests as chicken nuggets, you laugh, I laugh, they all laugh, until the bag comes out and in they go.

How do they regard you? They never seem to stick around long enough to tell me. Not that I give them a chance when they do. You can fix that with a big stick, a bag and a double dose of NyQuil.

haunted house dr.

Dr. ickk resident ghoul at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in michigan

Is there anyone/anything you absolutely despise? Guests that come to a haunted house to be idiots and not come to have fun. if you wanna be Mr./Mrs. macho idiot, go play video games with the other mindless drones.  That is a general peeve at almost every single haunted house I talk to. Seriously, if you don’t want to go to a haunted house, don’t go. You’ll just ruin the experience for everybody. That type of guest is also the same ones who leave negative reviews every chance they get to prove what big bad people they are. 

What makes you unique/different? Have you met me? I guess the best way to explain that is my dark desires that go beyond most of the monsters taste. That and my hacked hands also make me unlike any other ghoul you will ever meet. Doctor Ickk, You are definitely a unique brand of haunted house monster, I’ve met plenty but you sir take the cake. Your perverse humor and quick wit make for a entertaining time with all of our guests at DarkSyde Acres.

If you are deceased, how did you die? I am not dead,I just smell that way. Blood, guts, and gore do not smell like roses, well…to most people, but my friends say I smell delicious. Blood, guts, gore and more are my all time favorite things to play with. I even have one of those Blood, guts gore and more T-shirts from Bodybag Entertainment. It’s a Vintage piece now. Speaking of T-shirts I need to pick me up a few of the DarkSyde Acres Haunted House T-shirts this year. I wonder what the 2015 design is going to be.

What are your hopes and aspirations? I hope for more victims, and I aspire to keep them forever and ever. One way or another! That’s awesome Ickk, I love a guy with aspirations to better himself and those around him.

This concludes my interview with a Michigan haunted house monster, Thank you Dr. Ickk for joining us today and sharing with us. all I can say is  Doctor Ickk ain’t right.  Be sure to keep an eye out for future interviews with your other favorite haunted house monsters, zombies, ghouls, and more. Wait until you see who I have lined up for next weeks interview with a haunted house monster segment! Scare ya later! 

Old Man Cox busy at the haunted house

Old Man Cox busy at the haunted house

Michigan Haunted House Zombie interviewed at DarkSyde Acres

Haunted House in Michigan Zombie Interview

Ok Kiddies, Once again as promised Old Man Cox has a interview with yet another  of the Ghouls at DarkSyde Acres Haunted house in Michigan, this time I’m interviewing one of the Zombies in the Catacombs. So grab a chair, turn the lights down low, put on some relaxing music and lets see what Richter Mortis has to say about himself in this Michigan Haunted House zombie interview.

Whats your name?

Richter Mortis

Richter Mortis? Richter Mortis? Oh wait a minute I get it.. It’s a word play on Rigor Mortis , which just happens to be  one of the recognizable signs of death caused by chemical changes in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse  to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate. In humans, it begins after about three to four hours, and reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates from approximately 24 hours after death.  Well played Richter Mortis well Played.

Haunted House zombie in Michigan

Richter Mortis Darksyde acres Haunted House zombie



Where are you from?

Norway, but my parents were from Philadelphia originally.

Interesting, Did you know that the Worlds most easy to scare man also comes from Norway? Apparently this guy poops his pants at the mere thought of a mouse fart in the wind, His co-workers have made quite the spectacle of him much to their amusement. Poor Basse,  be sure to check him out on you tube.

Which of the 7 different haunted Attractions do you lurk within?

The Catacombs!

Isn’t The Catacombs Haunted House is one of the three indoor Haunted Houses  at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and attractions in Michigan ? Its the Haunted House with all of the darn brain eating, maggot infested Zombies. One of my favorite parts is walking through the Cemetery  near the beginning of it. Zombies and Haunted Houses are a perfect match. HA! I also like Shooting the Zombies with Paintball Guns at the Zombie Paintball attraction… Maybe in 2015 I’ll be able to shoot a few paint balls at you Richter Mortis.

michigan haunted House zombie

 What is your official title at DSA?

I used to be called the butthole zombie, but now I’m the leader of the zombies

Don’t Kid yourself Richter, you’ll always be the butthole Zombie in our eyes. All Kidding aside, I bet you keep your hands full trying to keep all of those Zombies in line, I hear Zombies aren’t the brightest bunch, In fact the Clowns in Klowntown have said that Zombies are down right brainless.

 Have you ever worked at another Haunted House?

Nope. I wouldn’t call what I do here work either. It’s more like a 4 to 5 hour buffet every Friday and Saturday during the months of September and October.

 How long have you been a Michigan Haunted House Zombie?

 How long have you been scaring at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House?

Since 2011

So This will be your fifth year as a Zombie in a Michigan Haunted House in 2015, That’s pretty impressive, Most Zombies fall to pieces within the first 6 months after Halloween. You Must be living right and watching who you eat. 2015 will be DarkSyde Acres Haunted House’s eighth year Michigan. Time sure flies when your’e having fun scaring people.

 Do you have a favorite scary movie?

People under the stairs. The Guy in the S&M suit cracks me up!

Nice Choice of scary movies, so basically what you’re saying is that you like guys in  skin tight suits? Personally I like em’ in M&M suits, and minus the penis’ but thats just me.

Do you have a special scare tactic?

Shock and Awe!

LOL I bet you got to love the Shock and Awe I just pooped my pants faces, you get while scaring the crap out of people at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House. 

 What is your favorite type of Guest to scare?

I like the teenage girls (a group of 4 or more) who scream in octaves only dogs can hear. They either huddle or scatter!

Wait, I thought you said you liked the guys in skin tight suits, How about a Emo boy in skinny jeans? 

Have you ever made someone poop their pants?

On many occasions! I’ve made them crap, pee, pass out, I’ve made grown men cry and once had a 9 year old girl ninja-kick me in the ribs out of reflex.

Better the Ribs than your no-no spot, nothing can take the fun out of being a Michigan haunted house zombie and scaring people than having them drop kick your sack from the 50 yard line.

 Do you have a all time favorite Scare memory?

Horsejuice and I once worked together on a scare that made these two girls jump 15 feet back and gained a foot and a half altitude before hitting the wall like a couple of rag dolls. I laughed at that one for an hour!

Hard to believe some people call that work, sounds like a good time to me. I’m not even going to ask you in the heck would name a zombie Horse Juice. 

 What was your family dynamic?

Mother, father, 2 half  brothers. (My mom got around, alright?)  Recently my brothers Moldy and Mulciber have unearthed. So you may be seeing them this fall as well.

Oh yeah, your mother gets around all right. Ha! Tell her I got room for one more in the back of the truck. Don’t worry Richter, I’ll have her home before Eleven, well must of her anyways.

 How was your childhood?

Born in Norway, raised in Amsterdam. What can I say?

Speaking of being raised in Norway, stop me if you’ve heard this one, Ole’s neighbor Sven had a boy, Sven Junior, who came home one day and asked, “Papa, I have da biggest feet in da third grade. Is dat becoss I’m Norvegian?” “No,” said Sven, “It’s because you’re NINETEEN. HA!  That kills me! Laugh it up Richter Mortis, Its not often I get to tell that joke to normal folks.

What was the most traumatizing event in your life?

Pre mortem: Being shot.

Post mortem: being nicked in the head with a shovel by Hettie who was digging me up for haunt season last year!

You can never trust a Hettie with a shovel, I bet she didn’t even say she was sorry, being the hateful ghoul that she is. Wouldn’t surprise me none if she wasn’t the one who shot you in the first place. 

What made you become a DarkSyde Acres Haunted House zombie?

Michigan Haunted House zombie

What brought you here to be a zombie in Michigan at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House?

It’s the only place in Michigan, where I can be myself and not be arrested or shot at by local authorities.

The Management team at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House takes in all kinds of misfits from all walks of life, including Zombies, ghouls, clowns, pirates and the occasional dancing dead girl, I bet you fit right in with that morbid crowd.

How do you feel towards other people?

They’re delicious!

Speaking of Delicious here’s another funny for you, What does a zombie get when he comes home late for dinner?
 The cold shoulder! get it boy, a cold shoulder? get it? get it?

How do they regard you?

They often accuse me of wearing a mask. Funny, they are the ones still wearing the flesh on their skulls.

Sweet delicious flesh, you’re making me hungry Richter, whats for lunch?

Is there anyone/anything you absolutely despise?

People who won’t get the hell in the coffin! (I end up barfing in their hair to motivate them)

 I have the same problem trying to get the girls into the burlap bags, its not like I don’t clean the bags out first.

 What makes you unique/different?

I’m like a cross between Beetle juice, Skeletor, and Jack Nicholson.

I can see the resemblance, you handsome dog you.

 If you are deceased, how did you die?

Severe jock itch infection

I told you to stay away from those DarkSyde Girls, but no, you wouldn’t listen. Now look at you!

What are your hopes and aspirations?

To see if I can’t get entire groups of people to crap themselves!

If you do, you’re going to have to clean it up, That’s not in my job description at the Haunted House, and they don’t Pay me near enough to clean up that much poop. Well Kiddies that concludes my Interview with Richter Mortis , one of my all time favorite Haunted House Zombies in Michigan. stay tuned for my next Interview coming soon to 

Old Man Cox Interviews a Haunted House in Michigan, Character: Inside the mind of a Monster

Inside the Mind of a Monster: An Interview with a Darksyde Acres in Michigan Haunted House Character

Ok Once again Its Old Man Cox, and I’m here to interview a Monster from DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan to see whats on his mind, everyone please give a warm welcome to Bubbles, many of you may know him from your visits to DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Jonesville, Michigan.


Interview with michigan haunted house clown

So lets start with something simple, whats your name? Bubbles.
Bubbles is a interesting choice of names, Your parents must have had such high hopes for you.
Where were you born? In the mind of a psycho.
Holy crap boy, we might be Kin’
Where are you from? Homer, Michigan originally. I live in south Texas now.
Nope, we ain’t kin folk, nothing comes out of Texas, but Steers and …… and those Clown Horns don’t count boy….
What was your family dynamic? Momma, is it time to find a new daddy again.
Stop calling me daddy and tell your mother to stop calling me period, no seriously tell her to stop calling….
How was your childhood? Great. I made friends all the time. although I could never figure out what to do with the left over parts.
Sharing is caring, pass me one of those dang legs.
What was the most traumatizing event in your life? Your face.
Ouch! Its obvious that you don’t play well with others. I am a sensitive flower, now take it back!
What brought you here to DarkSyde Acres Haunted House? A glorious angel named Old Man Cox.
You like me, you really like me, now who the heck are you calling an Angel, sparkle panties?
Which of the 7 different haunted attractions can you be found lurking within? Klown Room
And that is reason number 436 that I stay out of the clown room at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

Haunted House in Michigan DarkSyde Acres Character info


Lets get a little bit of info about your duties at Darksyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan
What is your official title at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan? Former Klown Room Team Leader, now random guest actor when I can make it back to DSA.
Oh brother, I bet the TSA just loves going through your bags at the airport but from what I understand Bubbles, you will always be the Klown room team leader, why you’re a legend in Michigan haunted house history.
How long have you been scaring at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House? 6 years, I think. Not nearly long enough.
That sounds about right, and we look forward to seeing you again in 2015
Have you ever worked at another Haunted House? Yes, but not as an actor, as security.
That is just crazy talk, who in their right mind hires a clown to do security?
How do you feel towards other people? I love people. I just want to give them hugs and never let them go.
I know how you feel, Ive got a truck load of them myself as we speak. That reminds me, a few of them are getting kind of ripe, if you know what I mean.
How do they regard you? They want me to let them go.


Haunted house in Michigan clown grabs girl

Yeah well, we all can’t get what we want all the dang time, Right Bubbles?
Is there anyone/anything you absolutely despise? Zombies. They taste funny.
Funny thing is that is what the Zombies in the Catacombs haunted house said about the Clowns in klowntown
What makes you unique/different? I’m a Klown, duh.
No doubt about it, you big shoe wearing, red nose blowing, horn tooting, butt grabbing Klowns are something else.
Do you have a special scare tactic? Pretending to be a prop is fun. I like to convince people I’m not real and then boom. I also enjoy sneaking up on people and getting them from behind.
And that whole getting people from behind is reason number 437 why I just refuse to go into the clown room at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, I has an outty and it’s going to stay that way!


a haunted house in Michigan prop

What is your favorite type of Guest to scare? The D-Bag who’s trying to act tough.
Ah yes, the tough guys, aren’t they just adorable? It seems to me that they are usually the ones tossing salads and little babies at the guys and ghouls in the haunted house, while they run the other way.
Have you ever made someone poop their pants? We’ve had some poopers in the Klown Room, but it’s from all the anal trauma.
And here we have reason 438 why I dont go in the clown room, you klowns ain’t right in the head.
Do you have a all time favorite Scare memory? I was waiting in the hall for a group, standing against the wall pretending to be a prop. The D-Bag of the group ran ahead of his group to try and scare them. He came into the hall and stood against the wall directly across from me and waited for his friends, so I waited too. As the rest of the group came through the sheet into the hallway he jumped out and yelled “BOO”. They screamed, he laughed, it was beautiful. When they all settled down I slammed my hands against the metal wall and shot towards them screaming “My Turn”, they all hit the floor, including the guy who was just standing 4 foot away from me. He was screening ” Oh my God, I thought it was fake.


clown at haunted house in Michigan

That was a great story Bubbles, Thank you for taking the time to share a little bit of what goes on in that helium filled head of yours. People often ask me if DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, has clowns and I can honestly tell them that we don’t have one clown at DSA. Clowns are for Circuses and Birthday parties and we don’t gots none of those…. Now Klownes on the other hand are a totally different breed of critter and those we got to many of.Thank you Everyone for visiting the blog and we hope to see you during the 2015 Halloween Haunted House season.

A day in the life of a Michigan Haunted House clown

Just another Day in the life of a Clown in a Michigan Haunted House

haunted house clothing

 Good Morning Minions, Its Old Man Cox and one of our favorite Haunted House Clowns at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan has agreed to Ghost write a few stories about her day to day life at DSA, so sit right down and get comfortable and read the first installment of Jiggles.  Even as a young child I was amused by bright lights, the sound of screams, and laughter. Don’t let me fool you it was all about the screams. I was always dressing in bright colors and I could really care less if people stared, laughed or made fun of me because it fueled the fire to my madness and obsessions for Halloween and the unknown world that I yearn to reach for.


Michigan Haunted House clown

I know your wondering who I am and where I came from, to most people I just say: Hey i’m Jiggles, you’ll never know how old I am and I live in the depths of your worst nightmares. You may ask yourself, “Jiggles” what kind of name is that? Well it’s my stage name for the best haunted house you could ever go to in Michigan! I do have a real name but I choose not to use it anymore for some of the things that I enjoy doing. You’ll find out about these things later on, in the very near future as I begin to share some of my dirty little secrets.

People Pooping their Pants  at  Michigan Haunted House

I definitely live up to my name as you’ll never know where i’ll be or who I will choose to chase from one moment to the next, Maybe it will be you that I talk sweetly to in a corner in a darkened hallway. One thing you should know though is that I am dead and I have been for many years, I just cant seem to gather myself to leave this wonderful place that I call home…. GOTCH YA !!! I’m not dead silly, i’m just a clown that will haunt you until you defecate in your pants!! Yeah, it happens just ask my family, They will be sure to tell you story’s of people pooping their pants at our haunted house on Halloween.
Sure most of you think i’m just a big ole  Halloween bag full of beans or just telling stories, but trust me when I say it’s all true and it is one of the biggest reasons why us crazy clowns can’t have or never get to keep nice things. We are just so pushy and needy and lure both men and women into our trap filled with curiosity and feelings of lust, fear, and the unknown. We will try to keep you and stuff you in our fun bags or our big dark boxes! Sometimes our little friends tend to get away so i’m usually the chosen one to lace up my clown shoes and run down the halls of darkness to catch them and try to lure them back to our little mystery room filled with lights, loud music, and fun games.

Come to our Haunted House

 I bet you already want to come to our haunted house in Jonesville, Michigan and play, I really hope that when I ask you to keep you and shove you into my fun bags that your answer will be yes…. but if you do however say no then you’ll get the chase of your life and more than you could even dream about. when I first told you I am from your nightmares I don’ t think you really know how intense I can be with you. I would love to tell you more of my adventures of my clown life but you will just have to wait for now. It will have to wait until next time my dear little boys and girls, I will get in to more of the horror that I call life and give you more than you asked for in the weeks to come! Be sure to visit for updates on the upcoming 2015 Halloween Haunted House season.

Love always, Jiggles


Jiggles, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House clown

No Animatronics at DarkSyde

No Animatronics at DarkSyde

One of the things that customers always tell us that sets our haunted experience apart is the awesome interactions with the actors! You won’t have animatronics coming out at you at Darksyde Acres – you have real people with real gory makeup chasing and interacting with you!


FX Makeup makes the difference

You don’t think we all just look this way, do you? There is an amazing staff doing FX makeup on us starting literally HOURS before the haunt opens. We start around three or four in the afternoon (sometimes even sooner!) and have a great team of makeup and FX staff working on each of our “looks” to make us the scariest we can be!

Zombie’s and Pirate’s too

Rob, Shane, Nicole and Katie whip out the latex, face and teeth paints to make us look how we look. That rotting hole in the zombie’s chest? Latex, makeup and a completely awesome team of artists created that look. That gash in the pirate’s face? Again, latex, makeup and a wonderful team.

Blood , Gore and Places!

We stand in line to get into their seats every Friday and Saturday to be “gorified”. It usually starts with the latex. The artists put it where they want the gore to be and then dry it with a hairdryer. Then they take out their makeup and add color to the texture of the latex, as well as color to our faces so that the gore doesn’t look out of place. Then as a final touch, some of us get blood added to our faces, necks, chests or costumes, to make sure that we’re as gross and realistic as we can be. That happens right before “places” is called, about an hour before the haunted house portion of our event opens. The excitement is always high in the air when we take our places, because we know that you’ll be coming soon and its our job to make you pee your pants!

Amazing Artists

Rob and his team of artists are amazing, we all love them, love what they do with our looks, and the experience wouldn’t be nearly as interactive without them. So love on BodyBag Entertainment! They’re the best!


Top 13 Haunted Houses

And, if you haven’t made up your mind to come see us at Darksyde Acres yet this season, make up that mind already! We’re in the top 13 haunted houses in the nation and you deserve to see and run from this FX makeup – you’ll never forget the experience!

Special Thanks to Carolyn for writing this blog from her Hospital Bed, while suffering Pneumonia this Halloween season.  Get well soon, and get yer butt back into the Queue line at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

The Catacombs Haunted House and more

The Catacombs and more at Haunted house

So your thinking about coming to one of Michigan’s largest and scariest haunted attractions? 70,000 feet of indoor in your face terror await you as well as our Dark Carnival Midway with glass walking, fire eating, and beasties hula~hooping as well as many other feats of skill and danger, as well as a concession stand to replace the fluids you lost being terrified in the haunt. If you make it passed the queue line, which some don’t, thrills and chills await you in The Catacombs here at Darksyde Acres for the 2013 haunt season.

Your Journey begins

You begin your journey in the cemetery where zombies lurk among the graves. Vaun is lonely and always looking for new friends to join him in his hole in the ground. He has one stashed in the walls already from 2012 and though she’s getting a little moldy there’s life in her still. Your next stop is a game of Hopscotch with Hettie. She’s always up for a game but she’s a very sore loser. Playing so hard makes her hungry for brains so bring a smart friend for her dinner and she’ll let you go…maybe.

Wall of Cadavers

As the walls close in and the path starts to wind you’ll see Heartless’ wall of cadavers. He lost his mind when he lost his heart so beware or you’ll join his collection. Don’t look behind you as you wander in the dark or you might see Red Rover lurking behind you. She likes the smell of the pretty ones almost as much as their taste. 

Empty Tomb found in Michigan Haunted House


You may or may not come across our above ground tomb. If it’s empty just means they weren’t quite as dead as we thought they were and you just might find them still wandering around. As you go deeper you might meet the Howling Banshee. She suffers in death as she suffered in life and if you hear her wail, you might not make it out alive.

Your casket awaits you

You can escape her grasp but you won’t escape Boney Bob and Richtor Mortis, the overlord of the Catacombs. In fact, you’ll end up right in his bony grasp. But both are selfish and have a tendency to fight over who’ll get to keep you for themselves. If you’ve caught him in a good mood, he just might let you go. But you have to become one of us to leave The Catacombs. Your casket is ready and you must claim it as yours or you’ll become one of his minions forever.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Red Rover , one of our resident undead within the walls of the Catacombs for being one of our newest Ghost writers for the 2013 halloween season.

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