A day in the life of a Michigan Haunted House clown

Just another Day in the life of a Clown in a Michigan Haunted House

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 Good Morning Minions, Its Old Man Cox and one of our favorite Haunted House Clowns at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan has agreed to Ghost write a few stories about her day to day life at DSA, so sit right down and get comfortable and read the first installment of Jiggles.  Even as a young child I was amused by bright lights, the sound of screams, and laughter. Don’t let me fool you it was all about the screams. I was always dressing in bright colors and I could really care less if people stared, laughed or made fun of me because it fueled the fire to my madness and obsessions for Halloween and the unknown world that I yearn to reach for.


Michigan Haunted House clown

I know your wondering who I am and where I came from, to most people I just say: Hey i’m Jiggles, you’ll never know how old I am and I live in the depths of your worst nightmares. You may ask yourself, “Jiggles” what kind of name is that? Well it’s my stage name for the best haunted house you could ever go to in Michigan! I do have a real name but I choose not to use it anymore for some of the things that I enjoy doing. You’ll find out about these things later on, in the very near future as I begin to share some of my dirty little secrets.

People Pooping their Pants  at  Michigan Haunted House

I definitely live up to my name as you’ll never know where i’ll be or who I will choose to chase from one moment to the next, Maybe it will be you that I talk sweetly to in a corner in a darkened hallway. One thing you should know though is that I am dead and I have been for many years, I just cant seem to gather myself to leave this wonderful place that I call home…. GOTCH YA !!! I’m not dead silly, i’m just a clown that will haunt you until you defecate in your pants!! Yeah, it happens just ask my family, They will be sure to tell you story’s of people pooping their pants at our haunted house on Halloween.
Sure most of you think i’m just a big ole  Halloween bag full of beans or just telling stories, but trust me when I say it’s all true and it is one of the biggest reasons why us crazy clowns can’t have or never get to keep nice things. We are just so pushy and needy and lure both men and women into our trap filled with curiosity and feelings of lust, fear, and the unknown. We will try to keep you and stuff you in our fun bags or our big dark boxes! Sometimes our little friends tend to get away so i’m usually the chosen one to lace up my clown shoes and run down the halls of darkness to catch them and try to lure them back to our little mystery room filled with lights, loud music, and fun games.

Come to our Haunted House

 I bet you already want to come to our haunted house in Jonesville, Michigan and play, I really hope that when I ask you to keep you and shove you into my fun bags that your answer will be yes…. but if you do however say no then you’ll get the chase of your life and more than you could even dream about. when I first told you I am from your nightmares I don’ t think you really know how intense I can be with you. I would love to tell you more of my adventures of my clown life but you will just have to wait for now. It will have to wait until next time my dear little boys and girls, I will get in to more of the horror that I call life and give you more than you asked for in the weeks to come! Be sure to visit www.darksydeacres.com for updates on the upcoming 2015 Halloween Haunted House season.

Love always, Jiggles


Jiggles, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House clown