Reviews of the Scariest Haunted House in Michigan

Reviews for Michigan’s Biggest Haunted House

See what everyone is saying and why we have been Voted #1 Year after Year!


Darksyde acres was so much fun,me and my friend were so scared she had her head burried in my back the whole was awesome.-Jamie H.

Wow this place is great surprises around every corner.-MARK FROM B.C MI

I was terrified everything seems so real darksyde is definitely a can’t miss attraction.-Wendy in jackson.

Zioptis Haunt review says~ NEW FOR 2008 from BODYBAG ENTERTAINMENT – love those wild names! They supply effects for movies as well as the haunt industry, and it sounds like this could be a behemoth in the making. DARKSYDE ACRES in JONESVILLE is a fairy tale about to come true! All the right ingredients are there – creativity, gusto, all the right equipment, and LOTS of space to grow. Just how much space are we talkin’? How about 38 plus acres for starters with HUNDREDS more adjacent on standby. They plan 14 attractions to eventually become one of the biggest Halloween events in the country! Based on what we saw and thru talking extensively with the operator, we are convinced they will do it!

Me and my friends were looking for a good scare and heard about your place, I dont think I have ever jumped so much in my life, You guys have amazing special effects, we never knew what was real and what wasnt. My buddy was falling down all over the place, your actors are incredible! -Scott

I came every Saturday last year and brought everyone I knew, we all had a good time, cant wait to see what you have built for this year, im so glad you guys are only 10 miles from my house, but honestly I would drive 100 miles cuz you ROCK! -Tina

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Best Haunt in MI.-poopypants

I seen your Zombie Crossing signs one day on the way to work and had to come out to see what it was all about, I brought my kids and we LOVED it, I appreciate that you didnt mentally scar them for life, but still managed to give me my moneys worth. see you next year. -anomyous

You guys made my Mom pee on herself! To freaking FUNNY! good Job , see you in 2009! -Steve

One of the greatest Haunts to go to ever! Scared me to DEATH!!!!!!!! -Samantha

As a Resident of Jonesville ,I cannot even write the amount of buzz that was going around talking about this “Haunted House”
I went with a group of friends to this Haunted Location, as we had visited a corn maze only a few days earlier. Now we are older kids, and never expected to actually get to the point where we would scream and feel the real feeling of being scared. We paid for our tickets and got into the rather long line. I thought I was going to get bored in this line, but actors came out and entertained. It was part of the experience no one expected! We made it through the maze, and I’ve got to hand it to the actors and producers of the set. Great job! I was screaming until my voice was gone! I loved the thrill and the excitement. I have been to many haunted houses over time and this was one of the most original sets I have seen yet! Great Job to you guys and I wish you the best of luck for 09 (I will be there!) -Justin

The haunt was great! I came 2 1/2 hours with my family to celebrate my birthday and it rocked!! I have been to many different haunts and Halloween events, this one takes the cake!! The props and actors were incredible and the layout was fantastic. It was a rainy night but that didn’t stop the fun! it’s a haunt I will definitely visit again! Thank you! -Robert Port Huron

Most Halloween Fun Ever at this Haunted House! -Ronda R. D.

Just wanted to drop a line and say we visited last year, and LOL, Your Haunt had me and my friends, hitting the floor at every corner, YOU GUYS ARE INTENSE! We agreed on the way home that we have never seen a Haunted House like this, we will definitely be back in October!
-The girl with pink hair that you made fun of in line 🙂

All I Can say is WOW! You werent kidding when you said “ITS NOT OVER UNTIL YOU SAY ITS OVER” at DarkSyde, AWESOME!!!!!! well worth the drive, thanks for a night that our family will never forget!
-Tammy Flint, MI.

AAA!! I went to Darksyde on HALLOWEEN and it was sooo amazing!! No better than amazing!! WICKED!! You out did yourselves. it was either Darksyde
or free candy. I love getting scared! And it was soo cool! Now I live in Hudson and I can’t wait till next year, I’m sooooooo going!! P.S I loved the Pirate,the lil girls, the Old Man Cox,and I LOVED the zombie!! THE CHAIN SAW GUYS SCARED ME TOO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My big sister peed her pants. ;D I did have a safe and a scary Halloween. I can’t wait till next season!!!! I am bringing all my siblings! NICE JOB THIS YEAR 😉 -unknown

I loved this haunted “house” well farm I am 12 and I was scared out of my mind aspechelly the house and that flashing light I went on Halloween night! that was the best haunted thing iv ever been to! (well that really scared me!) I ALWAYS send comments that this needed this and that needed that! etc. but overall this haunted farm was the best! I wish I could be a scarer but im only 12! —from ur most scared customer.

This was so much fun, where do I sign up?
-Amy in Hillsdale

“This is the best haunted house I’ve ever seen.”


This was my first year for DarkSyde acres and I was screaming the whole time! I have never been to anything like this the actors were great and the whole scene and music before entering really makes you feel the adrenaline rush before entering the haunted site. I would certainly come back next year, and for anyone wondering if it’s worth the money or a bit of a drive I say Hell Ya!

You guys are so scary! I was there the Night the older lady from Indiana POOPED her pants, we were about two groups behind her and EWWWW we could smell her, I bet she doesnt come back this year!
-Nicole from Pontiac

Congratulations! We feel this is still the most unique haunt we have been to in 10 years of touring. This was a difficult decision based on how many great haunts we have been to, but we were so impressed with DarkSyde Acres, we had to make it our 10th Anniversary Award Winner! If you have not been there, the trip is worth it, it will not disappoint! IT IS A MUST SEE!
-Jim from Roseville

Southwest Michigans BEST kept Secret! Thanks for a Great time, see you in October.
-Sheila in Battlecreek

True Story…. We came to Darksyde Acres on a Friday night, We pulled into the parking lot, and as my girlfriend went to get out of the car, one of your monsters came out of no-where and made her pee her pants. We had to leave and come back the next day, this time she was looking for your monster but he wasnt there, she made it half way thru before peeing herself again…. BTW she is now MY EX GIRLFRIEND!!!! Any Chance i can get a couple of passes to cover the costs of cleaning my seats TWICE!