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Friday the 13th haunted house and Halloween Barn sale

Friday the 13th Haunted house and Barn Sale

This July, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House will be hosting a midsummer event on Friday the  13th DarkSyde Acres will open its Haunted House and host a Halloween Barn sale for one night only.  Be the first on your block to get a special preview of a few of the new and horrific additions we have in store for our guests for the upcoming 2018 Halloween season.  Joining us for this special one night event will be HillBilly Bone BBQ doing what they do best as well as Vendors from all over the metro Detroit area bringing out the scariest of the scary props, masks and more.

2018 Friday the 13th haunted house

Friday the 13th haunted house and Halloween barn sale

Halloween Barn Sale on Friday the 13th

In Addition to opening up all 5 of our haunted houses for a special preview on Friday the 13th,DarkSyde Acres will be hosting our first ever Halloween Barn sale featuring vendors from all over Michigan. A few of the Vendors that will be joining us will be,

FX company Bodybag Entertainment

Bodybag Entertainment

BodyBag Entertainment is a Detroit based Horror Fx company that supplies the Film and Haunted House Industry with Props so real , people will call 911. From Concept to reality BodyBag Entertainment can make all of your twisted desires come true.
Including, Concept,sculpting, molding,casting, painting, consultation. 
BodyBag Entertainment is currently creating horror FX at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in Jonesville Michigan, bringing Scary back one dismembered body part at a time.
halloween props and costumes

Frighteners Entertainment

Frighteners Entertainment, Based out of Jackson County,This Halloween supplier opened up shop in 2002. As time had gone by their product line increased from not just selling props and added costumes, contact lenses and more to their incredible line up. Frightners Entertainment has shipped products all over the world and to many theme parks, making these guys a vendor you do not want to miss.

FXATTICS studios


FXATTICS studios also based in Jackson County will be here at DarkSyde on Friday the 13th with their awesome Lineup of Halloween props and masks. Owned and operated by Angela and Alan Norris. They have been doing this for 3 years. Their studio is at 130 Jackson St Cement City Michigan 49233. They specialize in custom latex masks, graphic design as well as custom art. They eat breathe sleep halloween and horror. They strive to give you the scare you are looking for. Whether it’s for cosplay,haunted house,halloween party too mask collectors! They put the care in scare. You won’t be disappointed with FxAttics Studios. Be sure to check out their stuff at www.fxattic.com

But wait there’s more

That’s right I said, But wait there’s more… More as in even more vendors joining DarkSyde Acres Haunted House on Friday the 13th this coming July 2018. As well as DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, FXATTICS studios, Bodybag Entertainment, and Frighteners Entertainment, we will also be joined by Beyond the Grave Productions Based out of Wayne County.

Beyond the grave friday the 13th

beyond the grave productions Friday the 13th

Beyond the Grave Productions is an Halloween, Haunted House prop maker based out of DearBorn Michigan  offers unique, high-quality Halloween props, body forms, and sculpting services for haunted attractions, theme parks, film, and private collectors both nationally and internationally. We’ve personally known these guys for  nearly 2 decades and the attention to detail cannot be beat. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the Halloween Barn Sale. check them out at http://www.beyondthegraveproductions.com/ Next on the Line up is Chaotic Creations…

Friday the 13th chaotic creations

Chaotic Creations props and supplies

Chaotic creations FX studios offers original sculpture and unique limited production pieces. Monsters zombies props masks from small to large projects and everything in between created by the genius behind the curtain, John Lovell at http://www.chaoticcreations.biz/


Hillbilly Bone BBQ

Friday the 13th BBQ at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House

hillbilly bone BBQ

An Instant hit at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in 2017, Hillbilly Bone BBQ will not only be joining us to provide delicious BBQ ribs and more on Friday the 13th but have signed on to be the official Concessions vendor for 2018.  David Obrien of Hillbilly Bone BBQ has been turning out authentic smoked barbecue since 2010, all over the Metro Detroit area using only the best meats from Eastern Market of Canton providing each of his patrons a delicious slow cooked BBQ experience. Come Hungry and leave with a full belly….

Want to be apart of the event?

So you want to be apart of the event, DarkSyde Acres Haunted house welcomes you to join us for our Friday the 13th Haunted House and Halloween Barn Sale. Got some Halloween stuff you’d like to part ways with?  Want to be an Actor?  Get ahold of Rob Johnson at Bodybagging@aol.com

friday the 13th michigan haunted house

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House





18 and older season ender!

DarkSyde 2012 season ender 18 and Older

Tonight, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions opens her gates for the final time in 2012 as we host our 2012 season ender 18 and over night.  Our ghoulish gang of misfits have been playing nice all season long and tonight is their night to cut loose!  Those of you with a sensitive side better stay home and crochet yourself a sweater, because tonight is going to get Nasty real quick.

ID required

Due to the Mature content of  the 18 and older season ender, ID will be required at the ticket window, NO ID? NO TICKET. This will be an in your face, up your butt , possibly offensive evening spent with all of your favorite characters from DarkSyde Acres. Youve grown to love Blowing Bubbles and eating Pickles but after tonight you may just want to skip the clown room next year.  All of your favorites will be here tonight, being as BAD as they wanna be.


The Gates Open at 7:30 and Close at Midnight tonight, so get those kids to bed and make your way out and Visit our DARK SIDE!


Wedding Proposal at DarkSyde

On Friday October 26th, 2012 at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House we had a guest Propose to his girlfriend in our Catacombs Haunted House. After much planning with DarkSyde staff Jeff Masternak planned a covert mission to have our zombies in the Catacombs attack his unsuspecting Girlfriend and have him rescue her from a onslaught of brain craving , maggot infested, cranium crunching, rotted flesh Zombies.  Although DarkSyde Acres often does Zombie Themed weddings performed by our resident Zombiefied Minister, this was our First Wedding proposal!

 She Said YES!

After being Cornered by our morbidly ghoulish blend of DarkSyde fiends, Jeff sprang to the rescue, dropped down on one knee and popped the question. Kayla Wells was completely Surprised and after the initial shock wore off, she said YES! Congratulations to you both,  and DarkSyde wishes you the best in your upcoming lives together…. 

Why wont you take me to DarkSyde?

Funny side note,  Rumor has it that all season Kayla was upset that Jeff  had not taken her to DarkSyde Acres Haunted House yet. SURPRISE!

Best Haunted House In Michigan Contest

Best Haunted House In Michigan

Once again DarkSyde Acres has been nominated by OUR FANS as one of the BEST haunted Houses in Michigan, this is about the 5th one this season and thus far DarkSyde Acres Haunted House  and Attractions has been raking in the awards.  First off we would like to say thanks for Nominating us, secondly I would like to say thank you for all of your undying support of our Haunted  House, Lastly please go and vote for YOUR FAVORITE Haunted House.

Vote Here !

Click on the following link to Vote for your favorite Haunted House in the FOX 47 Best Haunted House for 2012 contest.  http://www.fox47news.com/polls/175282471.html

5th Annual DarkSyde Acres Friendly Monster Kids day

5th Annual DarkSyde Acres Friendly Monster Kids day

Well the 5th annual DarkSyde Acres Friendly Monster Kids day has come and gone without a hitch.  we could not have asked for a more perfect day! It was great seeing well over 200 kids dressed up in their scariest, and cutest costumes ever. We seen Vampires, and Witches, Zombies, Gorillas, and even a Dinosaur or two roaming about the property. Our Little guests were invited to create a trick or treat bag with Chelsea and Ally at the Crafts table, then take a Hay ride out back of the property, they were also welcomed to enter the Labyrinth for an adventure through the Outdoor Maze which led them to Zombie Paintball where they were able to shoot a Zombie, Finally they entered the Sunken Pirate Ship to claim their Bootys.  

LitchField Fire Department

Special Thanks goes out to the LitchField Fire Department for bringing out 2 of their Awesome Firetrucks, the kids loved them and we appreciate your Involvement.  2 thumbs up for the LitchField FD! 

 Thank you all

DarkSyde would like to say thanks to all of our Staff as well as all of our fans that made the 5th Annual DarkSyde Acres Haunted house and attractions a success once again. We wouldnt be here without you and we appreciate your support.  

PETA's FLESH IS FOR ZOMBIES Halloween Campaign

PETA’s FLESH IS FOR ZOMBIES Halloween Campaign

PETA “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” are debuting their First ever Halloween Campaign, with Cult Figure Sharon Needles, Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Host of Logo’s new horror series FEARce. The Zombie Themed Campaign is being Launched today on the sites of the top Haunted Houses across the nation and DarkSyde Acres was contacted to be one of the Attractions to Feature this promotion. Woot, Im sure our very own Haunted Drag queen will be thrilled.  Be sure to look for the Campaign later today elsewhere on our site. PETA has long worked with horror icons like Elvira, Rob Zombie, and Eli Roth in highlighting animal issues in interesting ways, and Im sure DarkSyde could contribute a few Interesting ways to promote as well.


World Record Zombie attempt Saturday October 20, 2012

DarkSyde Acres Sponsors Attempt to break world record

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions in Jonesville, Michigan is proud to announce that we will be a sponsor for the Kalamazoo Zombie Festival on October 20, 2012, where Zombies from all over the tri-state area will converge in an attempt to break the current worlds record for largest ZOMBIE Gathering. According to the Guinness Book of world records, the current record is 4,093 zombies in New Jersey. I’m sure with a little zombie love , Kalamazoo Michigan can break that record with 2 dismembered arms tied behind their backs!


All dressed up like a zombie and feeling a lil run down? Be sure to stop by the Zombie Red Cross Blood Station while at the zombie festival to learn your Blood type,  and learn some health tips from this sponsor of the Kalamazoo Zombie Festival. Plastic Fantastic will be performing LIVE on stage to keep all of the Zombies entertained while taking part of this HUGE Zombie event.  How many Zombies does it take to break the current world record? 4094! Thats right just one more than the current record holders. There will also be many activities for the children, so be sure to bring them along.  BEST OF LUCK GUYS, GHOULS, and everyone in between!

For more information be sure to visit http://www.zombierecord.com and tell em DarkSyde sent ya!


 Whack a Wreck!

New at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions. Coming this Friday night October 20, 2012 is the All NEW for 2012 WHACK A WRECK Midway attraction, located in our Midway near the  Hay Ride loading station, Bonfire, Zombie Paintball, Concessions and The Labyrinth outdoor maze. Guests can take out all of their daily aggression on a Wreck donated by Lake Pleasant Recycling in Osseo Michigan. Have you ever had a car that just wouldnt start, Now you can imagine that this beauty is THAT car! Remember that time you were headed to grandma’s house for turkey dinner and that stupid car ran out of gas, well Now you can pretend this is THAT car, and whack it like you wanted to wayyy back then. Remember that first date and SHE said NO?  Well it wasnt your fault, it was that clunker you were sporting, Nows your chance to whack this wreck, like a red headed step child.

Lake Pleasant Recycling

Special Thanks to Lake Pleasant Recycling  in Osseo michigan for donating the Not so pristine  Wreck of the week, for our Whack a wreck midway attraction. Lake Pleasant Recycling much like DarkSyde Acres Haunted House Strives to be a valuable part of our local communities. Lake Pleasant Recycling  contributes to WCSR and supports many local charities that benefit programs that help Military Veterans, Victims of Child Abuse, Drug Abuse and Missing Children among many others. Got to Love Local Businesses that Care. Kudos and thanks go out to Paul Cunningham and his Crew over at Lake Pleasant Recycling.

Be sure to come out and take your turn with the Sledge against this rusty ole Hulk of a once great Automobile.

Harley Davison Hearse visits DarkSyde

Harley Davison Motorcycle Hearse Visits DarkSyde

On Saturday October 20, 2012  Jay Howard of the Home Town Hearse company in Battle Creek, Michigan will be making his annual visit to DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, with his beautiful Harley Davision Hearse. Hearses have always had a unique draw to Halloween fans young and old alike. Mr. Howards Hearse is no exception to the rule, drawing crowds wherever he goes.

 Charity Events

The Owner and staff at the Home Town Hearse company are avid Motorcycle riders and attend many Motorcycle based charity events yearly to help raise awareness and funding for local charities. One such event that I know of is the FILL THE HEARSE WITH TOYS , where Home Town Hearse and owner Jay Howard works with local businesses to collect Toys and donations to insure underprivileged Children have a  better Christmas. Its a GREAT cause.  for more information on the Toy drive, please contact Jay Howard at  269-579-5303  to see how you or your company can help this great cause.

Home Town Hearse supports our Armed Forces

The Home Town Hearse Company supports our Armed Forces, Fire,Police, and First Responders by offering their services at No Charge to the families of those that have died in the line of duty. Thank you Guys for your support of our fallen heroes.

So come on out and see this unique Harley Davison Hearse at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions on Saturday October 2012.

2012 Michigan Haunted House Season is HERE!

2012 Michigan Haunted House season is HERE!

 The 2012 Michigan Haunted House season is underway and in full swing at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and attractions. With Record Breaking numbers every night thus far, DarkSyde is looking forward to our Busiest time of the halloween season in the upcoming weekends.   Please remember if you would like to avoid the crowds, Friday Nights are less crowded than Saturday Nights. Come on out this Friday and beat the Halloween Rush!

Friendly Monster Kids day rescheduled to Sunday October 21, 2012

Due to bad weather on the previously scheduled Kids day, the non Scary fun day has been rescheduled for October 21, 2012. bring the kiddies out for a afternoon of fun, games, hayride, and a trip thru the haunted Pirate ship, manned by a non scary crew of Pirates. Starts at 2pm