Friday The 13th Haunted House

Haunted House on Friday the 13th

Thats Right! On Friday the 13th, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House will be prying open her rusted shut Gates, and kicking off the 2013 Michigan Haunted House season in typical DarkSyde Style with an extreme twist. Friday the 13th will be our eighteen and older night with no exceptions and valid Identification required at the Ticket booth. The Gates will open at eight O’clock, the Ticket booth will open at  eight Thirty and the show will start at Nine O’clock and Run until Midnight or until the last Guest goes thru.

Three Haunted Houses for  Twenty Dollars

Twenty Dollars for three Haunted Houses with over  seventy Thousand square feet of in your face horrors plus our Indoor Interactive waiting area that is nearly six thousand square feet huge, where our resident ghouls, girls and depraved degenerates will keep you entertained while you wait your turn to embrace your DarkSyde! Come see what Makes DarkSyde Acres Haunted house the most EXTREME haunted House in Michigan and one of the worlds Largest Haunted Houses in 2013.  Be sure to visit the DarkSyde Carnivale, in our midway, where you  can enjoy a bonfire, and keep an eye on those pesky europeans for us, They moved onto the property last month and refuse to leave, Constantly making noise and keeping us up all night with their hooting and hollering perfecting their skills of Fire Breathing, sword swallowing, fortune telling and who knows what else.

Tell a friend, send an enemy

Yep, tell a friend and send an enemy, we’ll take care of the rest! Our Ghoulish Girls will lure them into a dark Hallway where Old man Cox awaits with a club and a shovel. Just kidding the Hallway isn’t really all that dark. See you on friday the thirteenth and lets kick off the 2013 Halloween season off with a Bang! 

Dreadful Darlings spotlight Artist of the Month

Spotlight Artist of the Month, Dreadful Darlings

Today we will be showcasing an amazing local Artist, Debi White of Dreadful Darlings is our Spotlight Artist of the Month.  Earlier in 2013 we received an email from a local Artist asking permission to create a DarkSyde Acres Haunted House Inspired piece, Of course we were flattered and said yes, however we did not expect to be blown away by her amazing  talent. When the piece was finished, Debi posted pictures of it and all I can say is that we were totally blown away at how incredible it was. Debi’s attention to detail is unsurpassed in every one of a kind sculpture. Her work features many different styles and covers a variety of themes, but I will have to say that personally I feel her work shines brightest in the Halloween Genre as you can see for yourself below.

 Our first look at Dreadful Darlings ~ DarkSyde Acres

Debi’s piece titled DarkSyde Acres was our first look at Dreadful Darlings, and what an amazing look it was, featuring a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch with Snakes, Pumpkins, and a ground breaking, brain craving, flesh eating, zombie, I can only imagine what this would look like in a full sized scene set back in the Woods, enveloped in Darkness, leading the way from the parking lot to the Haunted House. Once we seen her work, we had to contact her and showcase her to our fans. Check out a few pictures of DarkSyde Acres created by Dreadful Darlings.

Dreadful Darlings Self Bio

Below is a self Bio of Dreadful Darlings and a few more pictures of her Artwork. Hello my name is Debi and welcome to Dreadful Darlings. I started my business three years ago as an outlet for all of the creatures running through my mind. I am a self taught polymer clay Artist, for as long as I can remember I have been dabbling in different artistic mediums but polymer clay has found a place in my soul. I create one of a kind custom gothic and Halloween art using polymer clay , found , and vintage objects. Polymer Clay is a wonderful and versatile medium that can be worked in a number of different ways and I spend many a long and dark night seeing what I can create next. Step out of the woods and into the Darkness of my mind and see what Dreadful Darlings can Create for you.

  Ghoulishly horrific work

As you can see Debi’s art work is Ghoulishy Horrific, and we are going to be keeping a close eye on her in the years to come. All of her dreadful Darlings are available for purchase and she attends many Craft shows through out the country so keep a eye out for her and her wonderful one of a kind halloween inspired artworks. Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy and look her up on Facebook as her website is coming soon.


Michigan Haunted Hay Ride 2013

 2013 Haunted Hay Ride in Michigan

Old Man Cox has spent the better part of 2013 working on building a bigger and better Haunted Hay Ride for DarkSyde Acres this Halloween in Michigan. The 2013 haunted Hayride is 100% Family Friendly and designed for the Younger family Members that cannot enjoy the 3 indoor Haunted Houses that are recommended for 16 and older due to the extreme scary environment. The Hayride is nearly a full mile long and putts along at a slow  pace while our guests take a  old fashioned tractor drawn hay wagon Ride thru the back woods of DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

Haunted Hay Ride

You never know what to expect on the Haunted Hay Ride at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions, It isn’t the Scariest Hay Ride in Michigan but its definitely one of the best in our opinion for Families just wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, and nothing says Halloween like the crisp fall air and a old fashion hay ride. So Bundle up the Family, grab the children and drive on out to Jonesville, which is about 20 minutes southwest of Jackson and climb  up on our Hay ride wagon and get ready for a good old time out back in the woods of DarkSyde Acres, Don’t forget to stop by the Concessions Stand for some Hot Cocoa or other great treats for the ride.

Ladd’s Evil Acres Hay Ride

Also this 2013 Halloween season  has us cross promoting with Ladd’s evil Acres Hay Ride, located about 7 miles away from DarkSyde Acres, If you are in the mood for a hay ride with a little more bite.  Be sure to visit Adam Ladd and his wonderful Hay Ride after you visit DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions.


Gearing up for 2013 Haunted House Season

 Haunted House  2013 Season Gearing up

As time slips by, and the 2013 Halloween season  quickly approaches, It’s time for DarkSyde Acres Haunted House to start going into overdrive to gear up and tweak the final details for the Haunted House. As with every year, our Haunted House has made some changes for our guests. Big Changes are happening to ensure that we stay one of the worlds largest Haunted House’s right here in your own Backyard, in the Michigan, ohio, and Indiana market.  Our Guests are the best Haunted house guests in the whole world and we want to make sure we keep stepping up our game, to make DarkSyde Acres the scariest Haunted house in Michigan just for YOU!

New DarkSyde Carnivale in our 2013 Midway

New for 2013 will be the Midway DarkSyde Carnivale, which will feature a Demented Ringmaster and his group of traveling deviants. They Arrived a few weeks ago and have been making our lives a living nightmare. Aside from The Ringmaster, there is a old Gypsy queen, who will read your fortune within her Gypsy wagon, a old time Block head, jugglers, glass walkers, fire eaters, sword swallowers and more…. All I can say is watch your wallets, because I think there is more than meets the eyes with this bunch of evil carnies.

3 Extreme indoor Haunted Houses and more.

As always DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions has 3 indoor Extreme Haunted Houses, our Indoor Haunted Houses are Not for the Faint of Heart or young children, We push the envelope on every subject matter. Extreme Violence is depicted, Extreme Gore is depicted, Extreme situations , we say Extreme, we do not take the word lightly. If you want to visit a Scary Haunted house in michigan in 2013 this Halloween , then come on out and find out what Got DarkSyde Acres Voted Best Haunted house in Multiple categories in 2012. 
A word of Advice , you better come prepared when Boarding the Haunted Ghost ship, The Dark Abyss, lest you become stew for the crew. It seems they are always on the lookout for a bot of Fresh Meat pie. 

Within the Dark Abyss’ Haunted Hull, you can run but you cannot Hide, you’ll never know which hallway will lead you to your uncertain death, or perhaps you’ll find The Dreaded captain Carcass’s treasure room.

But either way you turn, you’re sure to have a great time getting the crap scared out  of you aboard the Dark Abyss , 1 of 3 Extreme haunted Houses at DarkSyde.

Speaking of the undead, don’t forget to check out the Catacombs while our Haunted House this Halloween. While the smallest of our 3 indoor haunted houses, its not  for the chicken livered, The Catacombs Haunted House is Packed full of Zombies that want nothing more than to dismember you and pick up the pieces afterwards to beat their next victim senseless. 

These rude and crude, Zombies are lead by a scary Zombie who goes by the name Richter Mortis and he is sure to leave a lump in your shorts. 

There is so much to see and so little time, so you better Run not only to see everything at one of the worlds biggest Haunted Houses but your life may depend on it, remember you dont have to run fast to survive the night, you just have to run faster than your friends.


WDIV Vote 4 the Best contest 2013

WDIV vote 4 the best Contest 2013

WDIV channel 4 out of Detroit is hosting their WDIV vote 4 the best Haunted House contest for the 2013  halloween season. Over the next few  days we will be posting a few reviews and recommendations from our Fans. Be sure to check them out and be sure to please go and Vote for DarkSyde Acres Haunted House on the link provided at the bottom.

Reviews and recommendations.

Below are some of the Reviews and Recommendations that DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions have received so far this year 2013, A lot of people claim we are not on the biggest Haunted House in Michigan, but also the scariest.   So without further ado here we go. ENJOY!
Best Haunted House that I have ever been to, and the only one that has made me scream like a little girl. I’ve seen more people checking over the shoulders as they walk back to their cars, jumping when their own clothing brushes their skin…it’s a fantastic adrenaline rush! I’ve never witnessed anything more thrilling, or terrifying, in my entire life. Well designed, no robots/animatronics, all actors. This is the REAL deal.
This, is the epitome of true fear. Best haunt around well worth the drive from Canada that’s for sure Such a wicked fun place
So Much to do at the DarkSyde, Hear its going to be be bigger and better than ever this year…. 5 stars!
Best Darn Haunted House this side of the rio grande………
Epic. No previous comments required.

EPIC doesn’t even come close…….”I crapped my pants, I’m so sorry” is closer >:) Be sure to see the scariest, sexiest and awesome-sauciest haunt in michigan
bring a new pair of shots with you so when not if you mess your britches this is the best darn haunt around for real
The best haunted house EVER!!! Love the staff!!!
We Love the DarkSyde!
best ever Erienne
Best ever and will be better this year!
This is by far the best haunted house in Michigan. It is never the same year to year. Even if you were there last year there’s plenty of new to see this year!
the best ever haunted house a must see haunt you dont want to miss the fun come one come all every one needs a good scare
Made me pee my pants a little!

If you have not been here, you should really consider a family outing out to Darksyde or bring a few friends. You will not be disappointed!
every one needs to come out and see this haunt its amasing Leslie
I just love this place…. best of the best an y’all need to check this haunted house out if you haven’t yet so worth the drive an money
Not just the best but the most intense in the state! Definetly a must see! –
Simply the best! What more can I say?
This place is awesome. I have a great time every time I go there.
you all ROCK!!!!
The Very Best Haunted House in the whole United States
Best haunt attraction in the Midwest period!!
Go to the DarkSyde~ You wont be disappointed.
Best haunt in Michigan!! My brother and I have been to all kinds of haunts and this one is the hands down best one we have been too. If you like actor interaction instead of pop out animatronics then this is the place for you!
Great Haunt and great people!
This place is awesome!! I can’t believe that I didn’t find them sooner!! 🙂 Keep rockin’ Darksyde!!!
The best haunt in all of Michigan!
Best Adult haunt I’ve been to in a Long time. They will have you screaming in no time. Better bring along a change of undies 😀

Amazing haunt! Love the gore, the attractions, and the actors!!!! The best in the area!
Best haunted house in michigan!
Sinister, eerie and well worth it!
They will scare the screams right out of you muhahaha!
A great haunt with great actors!
Wear diapers!
Great attraction, not for the weak!!!
Intense haunted house with awesome actors!
Extremely creative and enthusiastic staff!!
I’ve been to this haunt twice in two different years. DarkSyde Acres is a unique experience in that it has multiple haunts at one location and it continues to evolve each and every haunt season. Highly recommend!
I drive 2 and a half hours every year to check it out. #1 haunt in my book.
amazing… a must… )

Voted scariest in Michigan last year! But don’t take our word for it,
Want a great thrill? Want to be scared outta your mind? Get your butts here and enjoy the night
the best time i ever had at a haunt by far DarkSyde

They do man amazing job on ever level….best I have ever been to!
One of the most unique takes on the classic haunted house venue…absolutely love it.

Thank you so Much be sure to vote for us 2013

Thank you all so Much and please be sure to vote and let WDIV know that DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is the BEST Haunted House in 2013. Heres the Easy link to vote.


New for 2013 the DarkSyde Carnivale

The DarkSyde Carnivale comes to Michigan in 2013

 New to DarkSyde Acres for the 2013 Michigan Haunted House and Halloween season is the DarkSyde Carnivale.
They are the scum of the earth, the worst of the worse. Keep your children and women close and your wallets even closer. WE ARE THE DARKSYDE CARNIVALE! A mish mosh of degenerates from all corners of the earth put together for your viewing entertainment! I am the fearless and handsome leader
 Ringmaster Baiter.

Ringmaster Baiter

Ringmaster Baiter (Pronounced Bat E Aye, regardless of what those damn twins tell you). But just because I have the hat and checkbook does not mean that im a decent human being. I grew up in Prague, with a whore mother and thief father; luckily I took after my father. Swiping wallets, nabbing coins and although I was good at being sneaky I preferred to freak people out and take what I wanted by force. That mentality is what made me go on the road as a one man show, doing sleight of hand, eating glass, well just about anything that would freak people out. Unfortunately my thieving background stuck with me and I became known as a freak, a practitioner of the dark arts and a thief. It didn’t deter me. To me, people saying that just meant I was doing it right. This was until my reputation got ahead of my travels… when I arrived in a small town just outside of Paris, they were ready for me. I was heckled and booed in the streets. The anger from the town’s people brought me to a whole new level of anger. So I did what every man in my position would do. I burned down the hospital. The town’s people infuriated hunted me and pushed me from the city with pitch forks and torches calling me a demon. Just when I thought I was safely outside the city that is when they turned from concerned citizens to angry mob. I was beaten and left to die in a ditch…. Now you may think this is the end of the story but you would be very very wrong, this is just the beginning of The Darksyde Carnival. Here is the rest of the troop

Madam Maddalena

Madam Maddalena- This gypsy fortune teller is where the story continues. On the day I surely thought was my last, I remember very little I do remember the clip clop of horses, the smell of a gypsy and the touch of the devil herself. Madam Maddalena took me into her carriage, fed me, cared for me and brought me back to health. I then learned that with all gypsies nothing is for free. When I was back to health, I kindly thanked the Madam and attempted to leave. She stopped me and asked where was I going? To which I replied home, to my family at least they never tried to kill me. Madame Maddalena responded that if I leave I must pay her for her services. As any respectable gentlemen would do I told her to go jump off a cliff as I owe her nothing! She scowled and chanted, and then whispered if you leave they will all be dead. I pushed my way through her wagon and headed on my way back to Prague, home. When I arrived I found my friends and family homes all in ruins, and just as Madam Maddalena said they were all dead. I rushed from my parents’ house determined to find the gypsy, I didn’t have to look far as she was waiting outside. Infuriated I rushed to her grabbed her by the throat, she gasped and then told me unless I care for her the rest of her life, everyone I will ever love will die. This was my payment for her saving my life, and so began a partnership that could only be described by one word HELL. Like I said nothing from a gypsy is free.

Vaskavich The Odd

Vaskavich The Odd- With no family or friends remaining, I went back to traveling with my show and against my will the madam. We moved north to Western Europe doing shows in London and Edinburgh, Dublin then Warsaw… This is where we met Vaskavich. Vaskavich was a prisoner in the infamous Mokotow prison in Warsaw Poland. I stress the word WAS. See Vaskavich was a bad bad man. He was a convicted serial killer who liked to torture his victims. He would lure his victims in close by his charm and wit and then trap them, kidnap them and put them through tortures our simple human minds could only imagine. He would skewer his victims and put staples through their skin. The problem was Vaskavich was cocky and enjoyed his booze. One night at a pub he bragged about his crimes to the wrong person, the local chief of police. He was immediately arrested, tried and convicted. His arrival to the Mokotow prison was not well received. The prisoners knew who he was and decided that the time he received from the judge was not enough. The inmates decided that they would put Vaskavich through the same torture his victims endured. But to the inmate’s surprise Vaskavich didn’t suffer… he asked for more. The prisoners didn’t know what to do, seeing the confusion and fear in inmate’s faces he took advantage of the situation, and took control of the prison. Bringing together a small group of ruthless outcast criminals as his goons, known as The Odd. Although Vaskavich was king at Mokotow he decided he stayed there long enough and escaped. The only thing newspaper said about the break was a quote from the watch guard who found the bars in Vaskavich and many of his goons cell bars “bent not by machine but as if someone used their bare hands to pry open the bars.” As a free man Vaskavich heard of our traveling show, his skill set interested me and I brought him aboard, unfortunately old habits die hard and for many years local towns people would disappear as we passed through, and many nights there were what sounded like muffled screams from Vaskavich’s tent… As I said old habits die hard.

The Twins (Grunt and Err)

The Twins (Grunt and Err) – With Vaskavich’s “habits” my mouth and Madame Maddalena’s attitude there was soon no towns in Europe or Asia where we were safe. We stowed away on a ship leaving an English Harbor heading to the land of opportunity, a fresh start, and the place where we would be out casted the most America. Arriving in New York Harbor Vaskavich, The Madam and Myself set forth to establish ourselves as legitimate traveling actors… which we soon learned was not in our blood. City after city we were shunned and driven away pushing us away from the east coast and into the mid-west. We arrived in a small town in Nebraska named Meadville. In the town was a general store, a pub, a police station, a handful of houses and an orphanage. For once in our life the town almost accepted us, this was until the third night of our show when the orphanage caught fire spreading like wild fire took the building and countless lives. The town turned on us. As outsiders we must be the ones who set the fire, and it didn’t help that Vaskavich was seen practicing his fire act not long before the fire started at the orphanage. The town rose up with fire and pitchforks… it was Paris all over again for me. The troop and I scrambled out of town and took camp several miles into the wilderness. As the troop fell asleep I was awaken by a loud crash. Someone had broken into my liquor cart and stolen some booze. Thinking it was merely Vaskavich getting a night cap I went back to sleep. I was awoken by Vaskevitch screaming I shot up just in time to see him running from his tent. When I went to investigate he said a shadowy image hit in the head with the hammer. He immediately blamed the Madame and her black magic. I disregarded the claim but still stood watch for the night just to put Vaskavich at ease. Very early in the morning I must have dozed off but was awaken by another loud crash I looked around to see The Madames sign on her wagon had been pulled down. Summoning The Madame and Vaskavich from their sleep and ordered them to find the cause. As we searched and came up with nothing I returned to my cart to see my largest chest out of place. I went to investigate when I heard a loud GRUNT and then an ERR almost in response to the grunt. I whipped open the trunk to find two small boys the missing booze, a hammer, and a book of matches. They were twins and former residents of the orphanage. The town’s people had warned us of these two. They were known to cause ruckus, it was no doubt why the parents abandoned them. I ripped the two from my trunk. I figured ide give Vaskavich some fresh blood to play with, but as I looked at the two boys I saw the same scared and alone look I had as a child. I couldn’t leave them to the mercy of a monster like Vaskavich. I decided we could use some extra help around the carnival, and brought them aboard. They spoke no English just simply grunted and erred. This is where there name came from. I taught them everything I could, even the bad habits… but as they grew they stuck to their mischievous way’s constantly pulling pranks and stealing. There fascination with hammers grew and although they rarely used them for good, I gave them a spot performing in the carnivale. In my carnivale these two are the reason to always keep an eye out. They may just heckle you or steal your wallet, but they’ll probably try and hit you with a hammer just to see what kind of noise it’ll make….

See you soon……

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions opens its gates for the 2013 season in just 8 weeks, See you soon!


Darksyde Acres Haunted House 2013 Auditions

Darksyde Acres Haunted House 2013 Auditions

Today on July 6th, 2013 at 3 pm DarkSyde Acres Haunted house will be holding their 6th annual Auditions for the 2013  Halloween season. Every year is a new adventure on the audition stage.  Thru-out the years DarkSyde Acres has found a lot of great  Talent , and has seen a lot of real stinkers, BUT a good time is had by all.  Sometimes you find a Diamond in the rough, Like Brianna, She was a real diehard her first season with DarkSyde  and came back stronger than ever for her second year. Cant wait to see what she has in store for us this season.


So Many Actors so little time

Every set of auditions have so many actors and our Haunted House has so little time,  DarkSyde hopefuls have got to make an impression and make it quickly in order to secure a position for the 2013 haunted house season, Remember Darksyde Acres Haunted House is not like other Haunted houses in Michigan, you cant be a cross dressing zombie and say boo, Ok, actually you CAN be  a cross dressing zombie BUT you better NOT say Boo! Who remembers when Big Hunka Hunka Made a lasting impression on the panel of judges so many years back at his first round of Auditions singing his infamous rendition of  Love me tender thus securing his spot in DarkSyde History forever?

Big Surprises at Auditions

Sometimes you’ll find big surprises at Haunted House auditions, like 3 years ago we had a petite lil girl that we were certain wouldnt make it through the auditions process, she really wanted to be a Darksyde Zombie and we decided to see what she could do durning the show, That Little girl became a hall of Famer, and all other Zombies should Bow to her rotted greatness and strive to be Half the zombie this little 90 lb girl was.

18 and older

DarkSyde Auditions are for those 18 and older due to the graphic nature of Our Haunted House, However this year we will also be accepting applications for those under 18 for consideration at Ladd’s Evil Acres Haunted Hayride in nearby Hillsdale. Please let Management know you are under 18 when arriving for auditions. Ladd’s Evil Acres is one of the Largest Hayrides in Michigan and has a corn maze and Pumpkin Patch….. So put her best clown foot forward and come on out to Darksyde Acres Haunted House and lets see if you got what it takes to be on one of the world’s Largest Haunted House’s Scare crew.


Mad World Radio and the Mud Puppets

Shout out to Mad World Radio and The Mud Puppets

DarkSyde Acres would like to take a second to give a shout out to Mad World Radio and The Mud Puppets, Both have been great friends to DarkSyde thru-out the years,  Thanks guys for all you do!

Mad World Radio and the Odd Man.

Mad World Radio is an internet radio show and website. It is a mix of independent music, craziness and free thinking. They are both a live broadcast show as well as a downloadable podcast. They are however, at times a little NSFW. We recommend listeners be 18+.

It’s all free. Mad World Radio just asks that you take the time to check out the bands they play and the sponsors who support them (like Darksyde Acres). Keeping with the independent spirit, Mad World Radio only works with independent business owners. Most of which are right here in the mitten.

They feel corporate radio and entertainment has been giving everyone a raw deal. Radio, needs music. Music, needs radio. Radio, needs advertisers. Advertisers, need radio. These are simple truths, but how one goes about it….That’s the difference. Give MWR a listen once and I am pretty sure you’ll like it.

And shucks, if you don’t believe us? Just ask their advertisers,bands or any of their listeners, nothing better than getting the info straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Host of Mad World Radio also offers his services for MC gigs and can officiate weddings. Contact him today (via the website) about hosting your next gig, wedding or party. Visit for more details

The Mud Puppets

The Mud Puppets show was conceived in the spring of 2012 by Joel and Ryan Adkins, cousins with a special bond (a very special bond). During their youth the duo enjoyed creating home movies, a hobby that was encouraged and nurtured by Ryan’s father, Dave. Comedy was generally the primary focus of these little movies as the boys delighted in writing and performing skits influenced by MAD Magazine and Saturday Night Live. Through the Mud Puppets Ryan and Joel hope to make people laugh or annoy them (the boys are happy with either, really)

The name Mud Puppets was largely derived from an old family joke which suggests that the Adkins’ hillbilly ancestors were a form of mud people, who as Joel’s father once put it, “Rose from the hills.”

When not working on the Mud Puppets, Joel and Ryan like to indulge in professional wrestling and can often be found stuffing their respective maws at the nearest China Buffet. Ryan is an avid reader and television junkie. He can often be spotted wearing various superhero tee shirts and once peed his pants while being tickled. Joel is a hardcore hockey fan and haunted attraction enthusiast. He once pilfered a Barney the Dinosaur costume from a condemned building and frequently irritates family members with prank phone calls.

Check them out at~



Thanks again Guys for all you do!


2 Zombie Attacks in 2 days

2 zombie attacks in 2 days

In the past week there have been 2 drug fueled zombie attacks in 2 days, You may say there is no such things as Zombies but the friends of a man named Michael Daniels of Houston Texas would beg to differ. Apparently on June 22, 2013  Michael Daniels who according to his friends was HIGH on synthetic pot and turned wild and crazy, ( not like Steve Martin, who is a wild and crazy guy also) Michael stripped off all of his clothes and began running around the house on all fours, growling and screaming like a animal.  When Michael ran into the back yard, his friends locked the back door hoping to keep him outside until authorities could arrive, Micheal then screamed and crashed through the glass window of the door  entering the home once more. Michael was injured badly and suffered severe lacerations to his chest and legs which were bleeding profusely, witnesses state that Michael then began grabbing at his blood and scooping it into his mouth to eat.  A friends pet dog entered the kitchen and began barking at Michael, he then beat the dog to death and ripped the beloved pet apart with his own hands and started eating the terrier, hair and all, By the time law enforcement arrived Michael had consumed nearly the entire dog.

Don’t Taze me Bro’

Much like the Don’t Taze me Bro’ fellow from a few years back, Michael Daniels ( no relation to Michigan native Jeff Daniels) Michael was subdued after being Tazered multiple times, Police and Paramedics finally were able to strap Michael down and transport him to a local Mental hospital. The Police spokesperson had this to say, Don’t smoke synthetic pot, its driving people over the edge.

And thats NOT all!

And thats not all folks, thats right if you act right now, I’ll tell you the story about a second person in Texas that killed and partially consumed her 18 month old little boy. What the hell is wrong with people? you might think that after the past few years of K2 and other synthetic drugs turning people into raging lunatics with Zombie like actions that they would steer clear of it but apparently not these guys. On June 23, 2013 Houston police were called to a grisly scene and found Otty Sanchez, sitting on a couch with her throat slashed and severe cuts to her arms and legs. Otty Informed Law enforcement that she had killed and had eaten her eighteen month old son. Authorities confirmed this after a quick search of her home.  Otty was  taken into custody and transferred to the same mental Hospital as Michael Daniels the day before, ( Got to tell you I wouldnt want to be working on their ward)

 Life Imitates Hollywood

Life Imitates Hollywood, Zombie are real, the sky is falling,  and vampires sparkle get over it……… and watch out for those womens Bathrooms, you just never know…… 




The Great Lakes FrightFest seminar and workshop schedule

Great Lakes FrightFest Schedule

The 2013 Great lakes Frightfest schedule has been announced, Looking at the line up I can see that GLFF has really stepped up their Game this year and brought in some Big Guns! I hope to see as many of you DarkSyde Minions out there as possible.

GLFF OFFICIAL Class Schedule 2013 – At least 23 hours of class time

Protecting Your Haunt – Fire Safety – Brian Pennell – Paramedic/Firefighter

Two Part Foam Hands – Heidi Randall – Haunt Out Hunger, Indiana

How to feed Your Addiction – representatives from Chicago Haunt Builders,
Indiana Haunters, Motor City Haunt Club, Poor Man Props, (info from each club)

Bob Turner – Owner/Operator of the Haunted Hydro Haunted House in Ohio– Topic – To Be Announced

Prosthetics & alcohol based make up techniques – John Lovell – Chaotic Creations FX Studios of Michigan (2 Hours) John is a MUST SEE , Go Potty before and bring a soda and a snack!

Revenge Tombstone By Tara Lair – Paula Doyle, Lansing Michigan

New Ways to introduce Fog – Matt Schultheiss, Saint Johns, Michigan

Soft-Sculpting with Rubber Prosthetic Nose – Jeff Glatzer, Make Up Artist – Bloodview Haunted House ($8.00) @ Pavilion

Brief Intro -Creating the Perfect Leather Mask – Chris Bohinsky from Tandy Leather
@ Pavilion Make N Take to Follow – At Make N Take Tent

Costumes / Clothing Effects (Stain, adding accents to your threads) – Jason Ervin, Make
Up and Special Effects Artist – USS Nightmare

Mixology – Deanna Roberts, Make up Artist & Connoisseur of fine foods and beverages

DUSK – HAUNTED HOUSE & ENTERTAINMENT   ~ Best Haunted House in Michigan ~

How to make the basic and fancy PVC fence – Robert Beech, Brandywine Cemetery     A MUST SEE!

Haunt projects from Agonal Haunts – Brian Pennell Leslie, Michigan

Bob Vailliencourt – Topic to be Announced . Ohio, No matter what it is, this a MUST SEE! Bob is extremely talented and creative.

9′ Grim reaper costume (Q & A session) – Sean Overton aka Shadowopal, Chicago, Il


Saturday make and Takes

Make N Takes – 
Sign up at the GLFF Message Board – Pay at time of class

Tie Dye Tee shirts – Karen Murphy – $2.00 & Bring a Tee Shirt

Moving / Rocking Shovel Prop – Jim Weimi – Class size & $ TBA

Fog Chiller – Randy Goddard – 15 people @ $ 15.00/each

Backward 13 clock – Paula Doyle – Class size & $ TBA

Tandy Leather’s Mask – Chris Bohinsky – Class size & $ TBA

Additional Classes Offered on Site:

Sign up at the GLFF Message Board – Pay at time of class

Spider Bead Jewelry – Carol Harlow, Texas @ her Camp Site # xxx
Times & $ to be Announced

Lisa Carmer’s Make N Takes – Under her own Canopy! – TIMES TO BE ANNOUNCE
Distressed Rust Signs, 2- groups of 8 $ & Times TBA


Bleach Tee Shirts – Lisa Carmer – TIMES TO BE ANNOUNCED
Bring your own 100% cotton tee shirt or purchase a GLFF shirt.
Class fee $3.00

Be sure to visit for all the gruesome details about this Family friendly halloween event.