Mad World Radio and the Mud Puppets

Shout out to Mad World Radio and The Mud Puppets

DarkSyde Acres would like to take a second to give a shout out to Mad World Radio and The Mud Puppets, Both have been great friends to DarkSyde thru-out the years,  Thanks guys for all you do!

Mad World Radio and the Odd Man.

Mad World Radio is an internet radio show and website. It is a mix of independent music, craziness and free thinking. They are both a live broadcast show as well as a downloadable podcast. They are however, at times a little NSFW. We recommend listeners be 18+.

It’s all free. Mad World Radio just asks that you take the time to check out the bands they play and the sponsors who support them (like Darksyde Acres). Keeping with the independent spirit, Mad World Radio only works with independent business owners. Most of which are right here in the mitten.

They feel corporate radio and entertainment has been giving everyone a raw deal. Radio, needs music. Music, needs radio. Radio, needs advertisers. Advertisers, need radio. These are simple truths, but how one goes about it….That’s the difference. Give MWR a listen once and I am pretty sure you’ll like it.

And shucks, if you don’t believe us? Just ask their advertisers,bands or any of their listeners, nothing better than getting the info straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Host of Mad World Radio also offers his services for MC gigs and can officiate weddings. Contact him today (via the website) about hosting your next gig, wedding or party. Visit for more details

The Mud Puppets

The Mud Puppets show was conceived in the spring of 2012 by Joel and Ryan Adkins, cousins with a special bond (a very special bond). During their youth the duo enjoyed creating home movies, a hobby that was encouraged and nurtured by Ryan’s father, Dave. Comedy was generally the primary focus of these little movies as the boys delighted in writing and performing skits influenced by MAD Magazine and Saturday Night Live. Through the Mud Puppets Ryan and Joel hope to make people laugh or annoy them (the boys are happy with either, really)

The name Mud Puppets was largely derived from an old family joke which suggests that the Adkins’ hillbilly ancestors were a form of mud people, who as Joel’s father once put it, “Rose from the hills.”

When not working on the Mud Puppets, Joel and Ryan like to indulge in professional wrestling and can often be found stuffing their respective maws at the nearest China Buffet. Ryan is an avid reader and television junkie. He can often be spotted wearing various superhero tee shirts and once peed his pants while being tickled. Joel is a hardcore hockey fan and haunted attraction enthusiast. He once pilfered a Barney the Dinosaur costume from a condemned building and frequently irritates family members with prank phone calls.

Check them out at~



Thanks again Guys for all you do!


2 Zombie Attacks in 2 days

2 zombie attacks in 2 days

In the past week there have been 2 drug fueled zombie attacks in 2 days, You may say there is no such things as Zombies but the friends of a man named Michael Daniels of Houston Texas would beg to differ. Apparently on June 22, 2013  Michael Daniels who according to his friends was HIGH on synthetic pot and turned wild and crazy, ( not like Steve Martin, who is a wild and crazy guy also) Michael stripped off all of his clothes and began running around the house on all fours, growling and screaming like a animal.  When Michael ran into the back yard, his friends locked the back door hoping to keep him outside until authorities could arrive, Micheal then screamed and crashed through the glass window of the door  entering the home once more. Michael was injured badly and suffered severe lacerations to his chest and legs which were bleeding profusely, witnesses state that Michael then began grabbing at his blood and scooping it into his mouth to eat.  A friends pet dog entered the kitchen and began barking at Michael, he then beat the dog to death and ripped the beloved pet apart with his own hands and started eating the terrier, hair and all, By the time law enforcement arrived Michael had consumed nearly the entire dog.

Don’t Taze me Bro’

Much like the Don’t Taze me Bro’ fellow from a few years back, Michael Daniels ( no relation to Michigan native Jeff Daniels) Michael was subdued after being Tazered multiple times, Police and Paramedics finally were able to strap Michael down and transport him to a local Mental hospital. The Police spokesperson had this to say, Don’t smoke synthetic pot, its driving people over the edge.

And thats NOT all!

And thats not all folks, thats right if you act right now, I’ll tell you the story about a second person in Texas that killed and partially consumed her 18 month old little boy. What the hell is wrong with people? you might think that after the past few years of K2 and other synthetic drugs turning people into raging lunatics with Zombie like actions that they would steer clear of it but apparently not these guys. On June 23, 2013 Houston police were called to a grisly scene and found Otty Sanchez, sitting on a couch with her throat slashed and severe cuts to her arms and legs. Otty Informed Law enforcement that she had killed and had eaten her eighteen month old son. Authorities confirmed this after a quick search of her home.  Otty was  taken into custody and transferred to the same mental Hospital as Michael Daniels the day before, ( Got to tell you I wouldnt want to be working on their ward)

 Life Imitates Hollywood

Life Imitates Hollywood, Zombie are real, the sky is falling,  and vampires sparkle get over it……… and watch out for those womens Bathrooms, you just never know…… 




The Great Lakes FrightFest seminar and workshop schedule

Great Lakes FrightFest Schedule

The 2013 Great lakes Frightfest schedule has been announced, Looking at the line up I can see that GLFF has really stepped up their Game this year and brought in some Big Guns! I hope to see as many of you DarkSyde Minions out there as possible.

GLFF OFFICIAL Class Schedule 2013 – At least 23 hours of class time

Protecting Your Haunt – Fire Safety – Brian Pennell – Paramedic/Firefighter

Two Part Foam Hands – Heidi Randall – Haunt Out Hunger, Indiana

How to feed Your Addiction – representatives from Chicago Haunt Builders,
Indiana Haunters, Motor City Haunt Club, Poor Man Props, (info from each club)

Bob Turner – Owner/Operator of the Haunted Hydro Haunted House in Ohio– Topic – To Be Announced

Prosthetics & alcohol based make up techniques – John Lovell – Chaotic Creations FX Studios of Michigan (2 Hours) John is a MUST SEE , Go Potty before and bring a soda and a snack!

Revenge Tombstone By Tara Lair – Paula Doyle, Lansing Michigan

New Ways to introduce Fog – Matt Schultheiss, Saint Johns, Michigan

Soft-Sculpting with Rubber Prosthetic Nose – Jeff Glatzer, Make Up Artist – Bloodview Haunted House ($8.00) @ Pavilion

Brief Intro -Creating the Perfect Leather Mask – Chris Bohinsky from Tandy Leather
@ Pavilion Make N Take to Follow – At Make N Take Tent

Costumes / Clothing Effects (Stain, adding accents to your threads) – Jason Ervin, Make
Up and Special Effects Artist – USS Nightmare

Mixology – Deanna Roberts, Make up Artist & Connoisseur of fine foods and beverages

DUSK – HAUNTED HOUSE & ENTERTAINMENT   ~ Best Haunted House in Michigan ~

How to make the basic and fancy PVC fence – Robert Beech, Brandywine Cemetery     A MUST SEE!

Haunt projects from Agonal Haunts – Brian Pennell Leslie, Michigan

Bob Vailliencourt – Topic to be Announced . Ohio, No matter what it is, this a MUST SEE! Bob is extremely talented and creative.

9′ Grim reaper costume (Q & A session) – Sean Overton aka Shadowopal, Chicago, Il


Saturday make and Takes

Make N Takes – 
Sign up at the GLFF Message Board – Pay at time of class

Tie Dye Tee shirts – Karen Murphy – $2.00 & Bring a Tee Shirt

Moving / Rocking Shovel Prop – Jim Weimi – Class size & $ TBA

Fog Chiller – Randy Goddard – 15 people @ $ 15.00/each

Backward 13 clock – Paula Doyle – Class size & $ TBA

Tandy Leather’s Mask – Chris Bohinsky – Class size & $ TBA

Additional Classes Offered on Site:

Sign up at the GLFF Message Board – Pay at time of class

Spider Bead Jewelry – Carol Harlow, Texas @ her Camp Site # xxx
Times & $ to be Announced

Lisa Carmer’s Make N Takes – Under her own Canopy! – TIMES TO BE ANNOUNCE
Distressed Rust Signs, 2- groups of 8 $ & Times TBA


Bleach Tee Shirts – Lisa Carmer – TIMES TO BE ANNOUNCED
Bring your own 100% cotton tee shirt or purchase a GLFF shirt.
Class fee $3.00

Be sure to visit for all the gruesome details about this Family friendly halloween event.

The 2013 Midwest Haunters Convention

The 2013 Midwest Haunters Convention

In under three weeks the creators of the Midwest Haunters Convention will kick off their 2013 show, kicking it off with their annual Pre-con haunt tour.  If you were on the 2012 pre-con haunt tour you’ll remember that DarkSyde Acres Haunted house and Attractions was the First Haunted house toured last year. This year the haunt tour will load up  3 buses on June 5th and 6th and head out to 8 Haunted Houses, in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

The Haunted Houses

The Haunted Houses included on the 2013 Midwest haunters Convention pre-con Haunt tour  are listed below.

Necropolis, Indianapolis, In

Twisted Darkenss, Kokomo, In

Fear Itself, Mishawaka, In

Niles Screampark, Niles, Mi

The Haunt, Grand Rapids, Mi

Phobia House, Kalamazoo, Mi

Terror Town, Toledo, Oh

Scare Fair, Lima, Oh

The DarkSyde Crew has personally been to the Niles Haunted House and Fear Itself, and believe you me, they are must see haunted houses during the halloween season. Tickets are selling out fast as they are filling up the third and final bus. Be sure to visit the Midwest Haunters Convention website for further details.

Friday Night Haunt Tour

The Friday night Haunt tour will be one for the books, with a visit out to see Bo at Unit 70 studios to help Celebrate their Tenth year i the industry and show off their new studio for a behind the scenes look at how Monsters are made. As an Added Bonus, Unit 70 will be providing Snacks and Beverages for their guests. Unit 70 has always been one of my favorite halloween haunt industry companies.  Their work exceeds the levels of realism that we strive for in gore.  Afterwards the Midwest Haunters convention minions will reboard their buses and head over to The Haunted Hoochie haunted house to see how the Hooch does Scary! I’m hoping to make the drive out just for this show.  For those of that do not know, The Haunted hoochie Haunted House was voted the top most outrageous haunted house in 2011 by Hauntworld magazine. I’m sure they deserve the title. Be sure to catch this show if its the only Haunted house you go other than DarkSyde Acres in 2013, you will not be disappointed.

The Vendors and more.

Whats a convention or tradeshow without the vendors, Below is the list of the 2013   midwest haunters convention vendors show floor. Some of these guys are really good friends,  others not so much, but all of them are GREAT additions to the Halloween  haunted house industry.

MHC 2013 Exhibitors

ABC Optics – 506
Altered Flesh FX – 313
The American Haunters by Imaginart Studios – 415, 416
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – T10
Asylum Coffin Company – 100
Audio Zombie – 806
The Big Scary Show – T2
The Bone Zone – 407
Bloody Mary Makeup – 220
Brutal Rust – 807 – 102
Card Connect – 812
The Cement Head – 801
Chaotic Creations FX Studios – 116
Chromonite LLC – 504
The Contact Lens Company – 104
The Costume Vault – 503
Chuck Williams – T3
Creepy Collection – 802, 803, 804, 805
Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts – T11
Dark Hand Design – 402
Dark Imaginings – 613
Darklight – 316, 317
Dark Spectre – 303
Donat Insurance – 315
EFX-TEK – 412, 413
Eleglance Corporation – 409
Entertainment Sciences Group – VenueMagic- 411
Ethereal FX – 410
European Body Art – 109, 208
Evil Fire Lizard – 307, 308, 309
Fantastic Teeth by Nudent LLC – 304
Filthy Goregeous – 715 – 705
5 Hour Sample, LLC – 711
Flatline Radio – 107
Frightprops – 300, 301, 318, 319
Froggy’s Fog – 101, 103, 200, 202
From ART to ZOMBIES – 124
Glocone International – 106
Grex Airbrush – 400
Grimm Productions  – 501
The Gemini Company – 502
Haunted Attraction Association – T7
Haunted Handyman – T8, LLC – T6 /  – 1002, 1003
Haunting FX – 403, 404
Haunt Out Hunger – 419
HauntPay – 515, 516
Hat Fetish – 406
Hollywood Controls Inc – 408
Hot Wire Foam Factory – 700
Hunter Heads – 131
The Iron Kingdom – 800
Iwata-Medea – 519
Krooked Kreations Masks and Effects  – 306
Laura Dark Photography  – 302
Malicious Studios – 706
Master Fog LLC – 212, 214
Michael Davy Film & TV Makeup – 606
Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks – 118 – 900, 919 – 121
Nevermore Productions – 608, 609, 610, 611
Norcostco, Inc. – 108
Outlaw Haunt Productions, LLC – 808, 809
Paasche Airbrush Co. – 709
Pashur Creative – T4
Pittsburgh Poster – 1000, 1001
Pumpkin Pulp -311
Resurrection Studios – T5
Scaredy Pants Costumes – 119
Screamline Studios – 507, 508, 509
ScreamShop Studios – 312
Shadow’s Symphony – 710
ShowOffs Body Art – 218
Sinister Signs – 417, 418
Skeletons And More, LLC , – 112, 114
Something Wicked Productions – 701
Spooky Hoot – 113
Stiltbeast Studios – 310
Superfan Suits – 703
T3 Fire Toys / Apocalyptic Side Show / Trio of Fire – 612
TicketLeap – 500
Torture Factory Prop Design – 206
von Charon Productions – 112
Zombie Paintball Supply – 510
Zagone Studios LLC., 728, 729
Zombie Safari – 125, 127, 224, 226

In addition to the vendors dont forget that the Midwest haunters convention also has 2 days packed full of  Haunt seminars and workshops, geared toward helping you improve your haunted house.  A few of my favorites are Katie Lane   from Ravens Wolf, she will be hosting a Improv class, for such a little girl, she is sick in a BIG way. Leonard Pickle will be hosting  a must see  13 steps to being a successful Haunt Owner class, Leonard Pickle has definitely put the time in. John Eslich  of Factory of Terror ( The worlds Largest Haunted House ) will be hosting a class on what you need to get started. All 3 of these would be MUST see seminars for those wanting to start a haunted house. Below is the complete listings for the classes, be sure to check out the website for further details and  prices.

Saturday June 8, 2013
9:30 – 11:00

  • Makeup – 10 Ways to Die, Airbrush and Sponge Techniques

  • Acting – Advanced Acting: Dialogue & Character Development

  • Business – Halloween Business Events All Year Long

  • Getting Started – Diabolically Successful Advertising & Marketing For Your Haunt

  • Garage of Evil Series – “‘Brushing Up’ on your Scenic Design

  • Designing an Attraction From Concept to Finished Show

12:30 – 2:00

  • Makeup – Super Fast Freaky Faces

  • Acting – Advanced Improv Acting

  • Business – 13 Must Do Steps In Operating a Successful Halloween Event

  • Getting Started – Creativity, Innovation, and Design: Assessing the Market

  • Garage of Evil Series – Cheap and Easy Mold Making for Haunters

  • Design/Props – Control the Fear! Understanding and using electronics in your Haunt.

2:45 – 4:15

  • Makeup – Paper or Plastic – Using appliances and stencils

  • TBA

  • Business – “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT ME? ” Ways to stop bad reviews from stopping you

  • Getting Started – Legal Issues of the Undead

  • Garage of Evil Series – Crazy-Easy Skeleton Corpsing

  • Design/Props – Vampires: Legends and Lore

Sunday June 9, 2013
10:30 – 12:00

  • Makeup – Back in Blacklight, UV Makeup

  • Acting – How to Train Your Monster – A Guide for Haunted House Actors

  • Business – Contacting the Dead for Fun and Profit, Adding A Seance as a Second Attraction

  • Getting Started – Haunt Accessibility: Nothing to be Scared Of

  • Foam Carving and Textured Scenic Surfaces

  • Design/Props – Pneumatics not for dummies

1:30 – 3:00

  • Makeup – Hack and Slash Haunt Makeup Where to Start

  • Acting – The Psychology of the Scare

  • Business – The Finances of Haunting

  • Gettin Started – Who’s gonna wrangle your monsters? A Cast Manager!

  • Garage of Evil Series – Out of the Shadows: Lighting Design for Your Haunt

  • Design/Props – Ghosts, Goblins, and Motors, oh my!

     MHC Costume Ball

    Finally one of the biggest draws to the Midwest haunters Convention is the  MHC costume Ball, where you get to be your favorite monster, let me tell you, I have seen the best costuming ever, at this event.  It just goes to prove that there is a lot of Talented people in the Haunt industry.  During the MHC  costume ball they also host  the Midwests most scary female contest where Judges pick their choice for miss scary. Good luck girls.
    So stop what you are doing, on June 7 thru 9, 2013 book your room and get to columbus, Ohio for the 10th annual 2013 Midwest Haunters Convention.






Chaotic Creations

A day with John from Chaotic Creations

We decided to create a Artist spotlight blog today and will be kicking off by spending the day with John Lovell from Chaotic Creations in Michigan. John is one of those Guys in the business that are in the business for all the right reasons. Read on further to learn how John went  from slinging make up in his Parents basement to owning one of  Michigan’s largest FX company’s.

 In the Beginning

It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi. Wait never mind that was my opening line to my bio not Johns, lets try this again…..    In the Beginning, Some people can say born and raised where ever..I lived in new york, north Carolina, west Virgina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, las Vegas and finally ended up in Michigan fro the past 26yrs.

I was a model for kids cloths.. I quit because I was in daily fights at school. which turned into an employment scenario of it’s own..but that’s a story I won’t tell, although it has a bit to do with learning how to use makeup to conceal injuries. My mother sold avon and mary kay cosmetics which I acquired, to cover up how I was spending my time.  Now fast forward to 1996, I  Got my first gig as a makeup consultant at the local halloween shop. 1996 was my 5 jobs in one year.. I delivered pizzas, work at the halloween shop, painted apartments on the weekend, made masks in the basement and was a personal assistant to the handicapped. worked for 2 yrs at a dental lab left for a management job in fast food went to college, went to vegas did set building, returned to dental labs for 5 yrs, quit to run chaotic creations full time, then worked in medical for 3 yrs and here we go, back to chaotic creations yet again.

It always came back to Chaotic Creations.

In order to move forward lets take a step back and see how it always came back to Chaotic Creations. When I moved to Michigan in 1988, I spent a lot of time bored so I started to rent a lot of movies. I got quickly addicted to the full moon entertainment franchise films. They created something that was not being done at the time which was behind the scene special effect reels. I could not wait to get my hand on the next one. I practiced the makeup with what ever I had around.  My mother happen to be a cosmetic consultant for both May kay and Avon. There was no internet at the time, information on special effects was almost impossible to find. I continued to grab anything with behind the scenes footage I could find. I continue to learn and grow my craft. Soon I became known as one of those people that always has the best costume in town. People started showing up and asking if I would help them with their costumes and makeups…well it started to grow. Halloween 1995 I had 10 people in my parents basement studio all wanting their make up done, on the same night. I was at my wits end and I needed a solution fast. I was reading through the old fangoria magazines and I found an add for monster makers a business to supply and educate people like me. Still no internet really at this time, I sent my $5 off for the best investment of my life..My monster makers catalog. Arnold goldman had put together complete kits of everything you need to make a mask. I also acquired MBP video set and so it begins. The following year I had six mask designs for those last minute people wanting costumes to chose from. With My local reputation and my knowledge of makeup and materials at the time I was a shoe in for a job at the local Halloween shop owned by Paul Friday. Lots of fun but I had other jobs at the time that paid much more money and I really didn’t see where it was profitable to me..However what I did see was I was making $2000 individual sales on really crappy products. In fact I was amazed at what people were paying for these low end products. I was certain I could make better items. I used my painting jobs to fund Rival FX.. my companies original name. I bought materials and made stuff, I attempted to sell out of my parents garage but unfortunately I realized you have to have a real store to be taken seriously. Realizing I was spending more then I was making and was not in a position to open a real store I backed off and maintained it as a hobby. I settled on a job as a dental technician which allowed me to cast and mold and replicate stuff, it was a good compromise and I took to it very well. Unfortunately the pay was barely above minimum wage and I left for a job as a manager that paid twice as much. I hated that job..i realized at that point if I wanted to make more money I needed to go to college. I struggle for a while between college and work, left for vegas for a few months to do set building went back to the dental lab in 2000. I was married in 2004 and out of work in 2006. My wife and I decided I would open a real studio and I did. 2007 The new chaotic creations FX studios was born located in Stevensville Michigan.. I exhibited at the Niles Haunted House in 2010 where I was approached with an offer to work for the medical industry. Being that the business was new and just beginning to grow, I was lured in by the offer. I worked for the medical industry from 2010-2013 Creating cadaver alternative training models to train surgeons on new procedures. The job was great, it was right up my alley unfortunately I am no longer there. So here I am back In force, ready to focus my energies on my own company. Chaotic Creations FX studios.

Where did you get the name Chaotic Creations?

Where does the name Johnny Chaos and Chaotic Creations come from?  My first shop was in my parents basement as a teenager. My mother would always complain about the totally chaotic mess that was down there when i was working. One day my mother was warning my father not to go down there “little Johnny Chaos is at it again, he has the whole basement blown up.” In honor of my mother loving words I took it and ran. I was Johnny Chaos and these were my Chaotic Creations and have been ever since. Sounds much cooler til you hear my mother say it LOL

 Thank You John

Thank you John Lovell, from Chaotic Creations for telling us the story behind the legend. You certainly have come along way from the Avon Cover up FX of your youth.  Be sure to visit John at the Midwest Haunters Convention at Booth 116, or if you are in the area be sure to stop by his shop at  4150 N Roosevelt rd. , Stevensville, MI.

Corpse springs back to life at Funeral

Corpse springs back to life

Mourners at a recent funeral in Zimbabwe were caught by surprise when the guest of honor sat straight up in his coffin. According to reports, 34-year-old Brighton Dama Zanthe, the recently deceased man , Sprang back to life last week while friends and family prepared to pay their respects at his home in Gweru.

At first I could not believe my eyes but later realized that there was indeed some movements on the body as other mourners ran away in panic,” Lot Gaka, one of the mourners and Zanthe’s employer, told local  reporter. Luckily for the deceased there were no zombie hunters amid the mourners. I can guarantee that if this had happened here in Michigan, somebody would have stepped up and put a bullet in his brain.


Just in Time

Fortunately, Zanthe woke up just in time; his body was set to be transported to a funeral parlor later that day. After Zanthe “resurrected” he was taken to a local hospital, where he remained on life support for two days before eventually being released. Corpses springing back to life is, perhaps surprisingly, not an uncommon occurrence in Zimbabwe. Earlier this year, a woman, a local Prostitute who was believed to have collapsed and died during sex, sprang back to life and began screaming when placed in  her coffin. Apparently the dead Hooker had just fallen asleep on the job. On a sidenote, I wonder if the john got a refund.

Resurrections Galor!

In another “resurrection” in 2012, a Zimbabwe woman, suspected of being possessed, was rushed to a hospital after she stabbed herself with a knife and was declared dead at the hospital. However, she did not stay “dead” for long, as she “rose” shortly after. Either the dead are rising from deaths eternal slumber in Africa or someone really needs to start checking these Doctors credentials.

Special thanks to Chaotic Creations

 Special thanks to John Lovell  from Chaotic Creations for the use of his upcoming 2013 zombie and corpse  prop pics, thats right, the photos used for this blog are not the actual Death Defying  Africans, but a couple of awesome props from Chaotic Creations in Michigan. Be sure to check them out at the 2013 MHC Midwest Haunters Convention.

The 13th Annual Great Lakes FRIGHTFEST

The 13th Annual Great Lakes Frightfest May 31, June 1 & 2, 2013

Thats Right Kiddies, The 13th Annual Great Lakes Frightfest is just around the corner, It Starts on May 31, and Runs thru June and 2. As you may know The Great Lakes Frightfest is one of Darksyde Acres Favorite Haunted House and Halloween  themed social get togethers.  The Organizers Brian and Krazy Karen Taylor celebrate their 13th  year and its sure to be the biggest event to date.  So you havent been there before?  Well now’s your chance, Great Lakes Frightfest is a weekend long family oriented get together, where Haunters from all walks of life get together and share ideas, stories, sit in on how-to seminars and theres even a Haunted House to go thru.

 Hats Off to Brian and Karen Taylor and all of their minions

Brian and Karen and all of their Minions  bust their butts year round pulling this event together, from rounding up Guest Speakers to teach you about the newest and coolest Halloween trickery, to rounded up countless volunteers to make sure all of the attendees are well taken care of, The ghastly crew is constantly working on making the show bigger and better.  The Great Lakes Frightfest is held  annually at the Totem Pole Campground in Petersburg , Michigan, near Cabela’s  in Dundee, Michigan, Go early and be sure to stop by Cabela’s its really a one of a kind store.

 Good Quality fun for a good cause.

What Halloween event would be complete without a visit to a haunted house? Well Great Lakes frightfest puts up and tears down a HUGE Haunted House every single year, all to benefit the St. Ann’s Parrish food bank of Monroe, Michigan. The Haunters against Hunger haunted House food drive has collected  Truckloads of Food over the years for this great cause. Kudos to you guys!  They are also collecting  Animal food donations this year to benefit the Humane Society of Monroe County, Michigan. I have personally went thru this Haunted house multiple times thru-out the years and let me tell you, it is on the level of  any professional Haunt I have ever been to, and all for the price of a can of food.  With over 20 rooms of creative and fun concepts, This Haunted House is one of  my personal favorites in the industry.

 Details and more.

Ive copied the details and more from their website.

Great Lakes FrightFest At A Glance


♦ Set up camp, start on your Haunted House room
♦ Meals “on your own”
♦ Breakfast and Lunch “on your own”

♦ Finish assembling campsite
♦ Set up individual sites
♦ Campfire social
♦ Dinner

♦ Show n Tell
♦ Haunt Related Demos
♦ Children’s activities periodically throughout the day
♦ Pot Luck Dinner
♦ Raffle & Door Prizes
♦ Children’s hayride
♦ Haunters Against Hunger Haunted House
♦ Breakfast, lunch & dinner
♦ Haunt Related Demos
♦ Children’s activities periodically throughout the day
♦ Tear Down
♦ Breakfast & lunch

Hope to see you there, for a great time!~


2013 Mackinaw Manor Haunted House in Michigan needs YOUR Help!

Michigan Haunted House in need of help. 

The Mackinaw Manor Haunted House located In Mackinaw city in Michigan needs your help.  Mackinaw Manor Haunted Mansion is a fully automated haunted house, using the latest in animatronics, special effects and state of the art sound technology creating a frighteningly haunting experience . The Mansion is nestled in with other attractions in the Mackinaw Crossings, a popular tourist destination.  City officials now are insisting that the owners remove their Haunted Facade. Which resembles a old mansion and sports a life sized grim reaper out front.

Not family friendly enough?

Apparently  the city council does not feel the Brand New for 2013 Haunted House Facade is NOT family friendly enough for their annual tourists. The City cited a sign ordinance violation, Not sure if they noticed or not but a facade is NOT a sign by no means, simply a visual accent to capture the interest of a limited market.  The City Zoning officer has threatened the owner that they will remove it at the cost of the owner if not removed, This sounds like a case of ones personal beliefs being used to bully a local business owner. The Owner of the Mackinaw Crossings where the Haunted Mansion is located totally supported the changes to the store front, but within one week the city insists he tear it down.

 Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion and Scooby doo?

Someone mentioned on the Haunted Attractions Facebook Post that if the worlds most family friendly tourist destinations ( Disney land and Disney world ) can have a Haunted House complete with over the top, Larger than life Haunted Facades and mass marketing, what is the issue here.  Someone also mentioned that Hanna Barbara seen the future of family friendly ghosts, goblins , and kooky monsters by creating one of the worlds most known cartoon detective series, Scooby doo . Every Major Tourist destination that I have ever been to has had some sort of Spook House and most are not as well set up as the Mackinaw Manor Haunted Mansion. The kids need something cool to do while gramma and poppa  sit around  sipping lemonade and browsing thru the local antique dealers.

 How can you help?

Contact the Michigan Tourist trade commission  as well as the Mackinaw city council and let them know that you will not be visiting their town, if this small Michigan business is forced to remove their unique and wonderful Facade.

Halloween 2013 at Darksyde here we come!

Halloween season 2013 will be the best yet at  DarkSyde Acres

Alrighty then, This wacky weather has finally broke this year and its time to get busy working on DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions for the 2013 Halloween season . By this time last year we had already been cranking out scary stuff since the first of February getting reading for the Midwest Haunters convention pre-con Haunt Tour. If you remember Darksyde Acres Haunted House kicked off the Michigan leg of their tour on June 6th, 2012. We’ve got big plans in store for our guests in 2013, with details to follow, lets just say without a doubt, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions will be bigger and better once again, yes thats right we are expanding even more just for YOU!

 Bigger and Better  2013!

Yes sirree I said we will be bigger and better in 2013 and I meant it. 2012 was our best year ever at DarkSyde Acres and we hoping for an even better season this fall, In expectation of larger crowds we have moved forward with our plans to convert  5 acres of land out back for a new improved 300 car parking lot. This means that we will be utilizing our back entrance on Rowe Road this year, This may confuse many of you that have been loyal fans from Day one, but we have to make room for more guests. We installed a 24 foot driveway to make the ins and outs easier than ever.  Be sure to watch out for Zombies on your walk from the Parking Lot to the Ticket window, you never know where those rotted flesh, maggot infested, brain craving, cranium crunching meanies will be.

 Ladd’s Evil Acres a new local Hayride

This year DarkSyde was informed of a Haunted Hayride in the area, Ladd’s Evil Acres Haunted Hayride is located in Hillsdale and is about 15 minutes away from DarkSyde Acres. We will be cross promoting with them for 2013, With over 130 acres they are a huge Hayride and are seeking volunteers for the 2013 halloween season. So if you are to young to be apart of the DarkSyde crew this year but still want to scare the crap out of people, contact Adam Ladd at and let him know you would like to come out and play.

First post of 2013

As you may have noticed this was our first post for 2013, it’s good to be back and I will be keeping you updated thru-out the year. Remember Keep it Scary!





DarkSyde 2012 come and gone

DarkSyde Acres 2012 come and gone

The 2012 Halloween Haunted House season at DarkSyde Acres has come and gone. It was a whirlwind of excitement out here at the Haunt, we had many changes and many of our guests were amazed at how much different DarkSyde had become over the course of 1 year.

Guests from all over the world.

Many of you may not know,  DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and attractions is known world wide and we had guests visit us from the following countries in 2012.  Mexico, Canada, Spain,Venezuela, Germany, Thailand, Greenland, Iceland, Israel, South Africa. It always makes us happy when we listen to the screams echoing in our hallways from our International guests

A little closer to Home.

A little closer to home, DarkSyde Acres had Guests visit us from all over the country in 2012 , Being one of the Midwests largest Haunted Houses makes a few of the States a no-brainer, BUT I think you’ll be surprised at a few of the distances traveled to come see DarkSyde.  In 2012 DarkSyde had guests from the following states. Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Louisiana, Hawaii, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Mexico.  Thats right guests from 18 states visited DarkSyde acres this Halloween season, Thats guests from over one third of our great nation who came out to see what all the screaming was about!

A few memorable comments from our guests.

Below are a few of the memorable  comments left by our guests at the EXIT poll.

The Guy that was cut up on the table aked me to help him, I couldnt help him, Im not a paramedic…. He REALLY needed some help.

The Clown Room is CRAZY! I LOVED IT!

Im Peeing, Im peeing.

Lost one of our group due to fear before making it inside, then werent sure the others were going to make it into the other 2 haunted houses, because they were exhausted, out of breath, scared!

The Girl that had a nervous breakdown, and kept peeing her pants over and over and freaking out every time it happened really set the mood for us.

I loved how many Live actors you have, there are so many people stashed in every nook and cranny. IT WAS GREAT!

We peed from laughing so hard at my husband screaming like a little girl.

The interaction between the actors and guest was great!

Your actors  werent  just acting out a role, they were living and breathing every bit of it. The Costuming, The customer interactions was GREAT!

We go to haunted houses all the time , we love this stuff, BUT You guys have so much detail, every possible detail was so thought out. YOUR COSTUMES, PROPS, ACTORS,DESIGN. CHARACTERS, MONSTERS. There was just so much detail! We LOVED it!

This is some creepy stuff, we dont have stuff like this in Oklahoma.

You Guys have the Best Haunted House EVER!

The Lady with the Axe made me sh*t my pants… IM SO SORRY!

Cant please everybody

With the good there is always bad, and we have learned that you cant please everybody, every time, BUT a general complaint heard thru-out the haunt industry is ” We caught up to a group and it ruined it for us”  DarkSyde Acres Spaces our Guests by over 400 feet walking distance, All of our actors are trained to scare forward, Unfortunately there is No controlling some guests who either run all the way through the haunted house, bunching up with another group, or the guests that refuse to move forward after being scared, thus again causing a Guest pileup. DarkSyde refuses to ever become a CONGA LINE type of Attraction, and works hard to prevent the few incidents where guests bunch up, and will continue to strive to eliminate it all together.


DarkSyde Acres Haunted House would like to Thank each and everyone of our Fans, that made the trek out to the DarkSyde and help us have our best season ever! We appreciate your support every year, and look forward to scaring the crap out of you in 2013 and beyond.