haunted house interview with a monster in Michigan 2015


Michigan monster at haunted house interview

 Hey there kiddies, Its Old Man Cox and I’m here again to interview a haunted house monster here at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in Jonesville, Michigan. This weeks guest is the infamous dirty doctor , the man with the hands, the creepy, the scary, the sick Doctor Ickk. Everyone grab a seat and a cup of your favorite beverage and lets get this show on the road!


haunted house zombie

Dr.Ickk at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in Michigan

Whats your name?  They call me Dr.Ickk, Even though I lost my License to practice Medicine years ago. Ickk old boy, I wouldn’t call what you do practicing, I think you’ve perfected your practice. Then again I wouldn’t exactly call what you practice, Medicine either. Regardless you bring a whole new meaning of depravity to our haunted house.

Which haunted house of the 7 different haunted Attractions do you lurk within? Not sure but I was told that I crawled out from under a rock. So many rocks to look under at DarkSyde Acres haunted house and you never know who is going to turn up. I’m pretty sure we dug up quite a few of our zombies for the catacombs haunted house out back from under a few of those rocks. 

What is your official title at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House? Dr. Ickk….(The dirty doctor of DarkSyde). I’ve heard about you, they say you’ve got a pretty mouth and have some pretty scary one liners. Thank you for keeping our haunted house interview PG-13 today

Have you ever worked at another Haunted House? I have worked in the past at The theater that dripped blood in the Michigan theater years ago. That was way before my time in the Jackson, Michigan area. We have a few other monsters, zombies, and ghouls who frequent the Michigan Theater for the Rocky Horror Picture shows, and the Jackson film festivals. I haven’t got to visit yet, but hope to do so later in 2015.

How long have you been scaring at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House?  I’m not sure, four or five years, Time flies when you are having fun and scaring the ladies. According to our records, you have been a steady staple since our third year, which means that you are heading into your sixth Halloween season with DarkSyde Acres haunted house.

Do you have a favorite scary movie? I have so many, I could not list them all, but what you call “scary” I call comedy…well that or home movies. Doctor Ickk, Your home movies can also be referred as to exhibit A. 

Do you have a special scare tactic? I love to be creepy and I am always behind you before you know it. The old sneak up behind them trick, except when you do it, the sheep run away in terror!

What is your favorite type of Guest to scare? I like the screamers. well, I just love to scare anyone,when you have a taste for fear you can never get enough. The screamers give me a headache, in all fairness though I tend to give them a headache or two myself.

Have you ever made someone poop their pants? I don’t think I have personally, I have made a few pee. I think you’re just being modest, Dr. Ickk. I’m sure you’ve made people poop their pants at our haunted house. 


haunted house Michigan

be sure to visit DarkSyde acres haunted house in michigan

Your favorite haunted house memory

Do you have a all time favorite Scare memory? There’s so many, but I have to say that my all time favorite  scare was when a lady maybe in her twenties was with a group of friends in the Que line and she had her back turned to me chatting with her friends. I got behind her and got inches from the back of her head and whispered “Don’t you hate it when creepy guys sneak up on you?” she turned her head back slowly and looked at me and began to shiver. I heard water hit the floor and I looked down, yep she peed. Then she said “I got to go” I said “Looks like you did!” she jumped line and ran out and never came back. That’s a great one Dr. Ickk, I love it when you actually hear the water hit the floor, and then watch their faces when the realized that they actually just had a accident in their pants. Most people think that people really don’t pee or poop their pants at a haunted house, and are so surprised when it happens to them.

Where were you born? I was hatched in Jackson, Michigan. That explains your over sized egghead. I’m just kidding, I think you’ve got the perfect face for working at a haunted house.

What was your family dynamic? I love my DarkSyde family and they love me, well,it is Jonesville so it’s all good. Aww and we do love you Dr. Ickk. Our haunted house family is like no other family. We accept everyone for who and what they are. 

How was your childhood? Oh the days of playing doctor….oh wait….I still do that. Less playing and more slaying dear Doctor.

What was the most traumatizing event in your life?  The day fluffy the love sheep deflated. oh the horror of it all.  he was so flat and un-fluffy. Poor Fluffy. I told you that you wear gonna wear a hole in him if you didn’t slow down. Friction is not your friend. lubricate! Good news though, Rob bought you a bicycle tire repair kit.

What brought you here DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Jonesville, Michigan? I came as a guest years ago. They kidna….umm… surprise adopted me! Yes thats it, they surprised adopted me. You should come out and see if they will “adopt” you too. Kidnapped is such a harsh word Ickk. You looked so sad and lonely standing there without my big old burlap bag over your head, so I fixed it and here we are nearly 6 Halloween seasons later.

How do you feel towards other people? I love people, on a plate, with ketchup and maybe some veggies. One of my favorite things is when you refer to our haunted house guests as chicken nuggets, you laugh, I laugh, they all laugh, until the bag comes out and in they go.

How do they regard you? They never seem to stick around long enough to tell me. Not that I give them a chance when they do. You can fix that with a big stick, a bag and a double dose of NyQuil.

haunted house dr.

Dr. ickk resident ghoul at DarkSyde Acres haunted house in michigan

Is there anyone/anything you absolutely despise? Guests that come to a haunted house to be idiots and not come to have fun. if you wanna be Mr./Mrs. macho idiot, go play video games with the other mindless drones.  That is a general peeve at almost every single haunted house I talk to. Seriously, if you don’t want to go to a haunted house, don’t go. You’ll just ruin the experience for everybody. That type of guest is also the same ones who leave negative reviews every chance they get to prove what big bad people they are. 

What makes you unique/different? Have you met me? I guess the best way to explain that is my dark desires that go beyond most of the monsters taste. That and my hacked hands also make me unlike any other ghoul you will ever meet. Doctor Ickk, You are definitely a unique brand of haunted house monster, I’ve met plenty but you sir take the cake. Your perverse humor and quick wit make for a entertaining time with all of our guests at DarkSyde Acres.

If you are deceased, how did you die? I am not dead,I just smell that way. Blood, guts, and gore do not smell like roses, well…to most people, but my friends say I smell delicious. Blood, guts, gore and more are my all time favorite things to play with. I even have one of those Blood, guts gore and more T-shirts from Bodybag Entertainment. It’s a Vintage piece now. Speaking of T-shirts I need to pick me up a few of the DarkSyde Acres Haunted House T-shirts this year. I wonder what the 2015 design is going to be.

What are your hopes and aspirations? I hope for more victims, and I aspire to keep them forever and ever. One way or another! That’s awesome Ickk, I love a guy with aspirations to better himself and those around him.

This concludes my interview with a Michigan haunted house monster, Thank you Dr. Ickk for joining us today and sharing with us. all I can say is  Doctor Ickk ain’t right.  Be sure to keep an eye out for future interviews with your other favorite haunted house monsters, zombies, ghouls, and more. Wait until you see who I have lined up for next weeks interview with a haunted house monster segment! Scare ya later! 

Old Man Cox busy at the haunted house

Old Man Cox busy at the haunted house