We will be adding more information about the haunt and the haunted house attractions and events here at DarkSyde Acres soon.


DarkSyde Acres Haunted House is located just outside of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Lansing, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, Near the Ohio, Indiana border.
DarkSyde Acres Haunted house has been voted the number one 1 Haunted House by our customers for 4 years straight. DarkSyde Acres Haunted House has also been voted the number one 1 Scariest haunted house by our customers. THANK YOU everyone that has visited DarkSyde and left us such rave reviews.  DarkSyde Acres Haunted House has been utilizing professional Hollywood style FX since day one to Scare our customers like never before! Our award winning special effects team from Bodybag Entertainment , keeps our ghouls and zombies fresh for the season.
DarkSyde acres Haunted House Has over 5000 square feet of Indoor waiting to keep our guests entertained and out of the weather, Darksyde Acres Haunted house que line is the largest indoor waiting area in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. the indoor waiting at Darksyde Acres Haunted house located at 11375 rowe road, Jonesville, Michigan 49250 is bigger than most other haunted houses near Jackson, Michigan. Our Indoor waiting area is a fully detailed, fully distressed  waiting area to engulf you into our altered sense of reality, be prepared to be assualted by our crew of  zombies, ghouls, and otherwise demented lost souls.
The Catacombs Haunted house, is located beneath DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and is a deadly Labyrinth  of hidden Zombies waiting to scare the life out of you and your family. The catacombs have more zombies than any other Haunted House near Detroit, Michigan. Brains are always on the menu here within the catacombs at Darksyde Acres, with a tasty side plate of big toes and pinky fingers. Think you have what it takes to escape the Catacombs with all of your digits intact?
The RustHole is the Darkest, Scariest, Black Maze you will ever encounter near  Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. The Rusthole will have you screaming like a little girl when you pee your pants. Our RustHole monsters are certain to make you jump and scream, when they come out of the darkness at you.
The Dark Abyss is Darksyde Acres premiere Haunted House, located within a haunted Pirate ship, with a crew of zombie pirates, this is not like the pirates of the Caribbean, these pirates are out for blood!  In 2008 the Crew at DarkSyde Acres unearthed the remains of a centuries old pirate ship, after digging deeper into the mystery of how a pirate ship could possibly become landlocked in jonesville, Michigan , The DarkSyde crew discovered that the ever so dreaded Davey Jones was banished here to spend eternity haunting  the woods within Hillsdale county, Thus JONESVILLE being born, soon afterwards There was a terrible mutiny aboard the Dark Abyss ending with Captain Carcass taking charge. Captain Carcass and his not so lovely bride to be, Bloody Mary were not so friendly to the locals and soon strange disapearances began to happen throughout the years. Do you have what it takes to board the Dark Abyss?The Dark Abyss is the Largest Scariest Pirate ship haunted house in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana for the 2012 halloweekends season.
All New for 2012 Halloween season is the Hay ride at the Darksyde. Darksyde Acres Haunted house biggest Hay ride ever, with over a full mile of  surprises for everyone, packed full of Family friendly fun for you, the kids, heck pack up grandma and grandpa too. Jump on our hayride and travel around the entire property at 11375 rowe road, Jonesville Michigan, 49250 spotting all the Halloween  halloweekends  favorites, like ghosts, goblins, witches, jack o lanterns, friendly monsters from years gone by. Not to Scary for the younger kids but still fun enough for kids of all ages. The Halloween Hay ride at the Darksyde may not be the biggest or largest Halloween Hay ride but its definitely one of the best and well worth the trip to Darksyde Acres.
Also new for 2012 at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House near Kalamazoo, Michigan and Southbend, Indiana is the Labyrinth, Darksyde Acres very own corn maze, without the corn. The Labyrinth is a outdoor maze for the adults and kids alike.  Be sure to stop by Darksyde acres Souvenir store and by one of our  haunted house Tee shirts .
In addition to the added attractions at Darksyde Acres Haunted House in Jonesville Michigan, We have also opened our doors for weekend Ghost Hunts, these paranormal investigations are documenting all of the paranormal activity occuring here within our walls, be sure to check out our ghost hunting page on the site, and book your over night stay today! 7 different groups of ghost hunters have captured hours and hours of footage from Darksyde, including video evidence, EVP’s, manifestations, laser grid walk throughs, Franks ~ ghost box, My favorite piece of evidence thus far is when asked “are you a demon?” Something replied, “DEMONS DO NOT EXIST!”  So as you can see DarkSyde acres Haunted house is not just a seasonal attraction, Book your Friday or Saturday now.
Lastly for 2012, DarkSyde is now offering Zombie Weddings at our Haunted House, Preformed by our very own zombie “BODYBAGS” Thats right you can get zombiefied and unified all at one place! Ready to tie the knot? Craving a little Brain juice, well lets do it here at Darksyde Acres in Jonesville Michigan. Maybe you dont want to be a zombie well thats ok , tell us the theme of your dreams and let us help turn your dreams into reality.
So as you see , DarkSyde Acres haunted House is more than just the Biggest, Largest haunted House, its like a theme park for all the Halloween, and horror zombies out there in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana