girl vs ghoul


[wpcol_1half]Lex Lethal~ Beautiful yet Deadly,  Can be found wandering between the walls of the QueLine at Darksyde Acres, impatiently waiting for her next victim, a simple girl just looking to get “AHEAD” in this world.


[wpcol_1half_end]Kain~ An Industrial Nightmare just waiting to happen, Kain is lurking thru-out the Darkness within the RustHole. 


Voting Has Been Closed!


Girls vs Ghouls~  A weekly Contest to vote for YOUR Favorite DarkSyde Acres Character. Vote for your favorite character each week!

VOTING ENDS October 8th AT 11:58Pm 


Lex Lethal or Kain?



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32 Responses to Girls vs Ghouls

  • I voted For Atalie, cuz she’s my honey! Plus Old Man Cox smells funny.

  • I voted for Atalie because the costume and make-up are better put together than Old Man Cox. While her outfit is simplistic, it goes with the character. The throat make-up is nifty but I’d like to see more make-up on her overall.
    With Old Man Cox I would expect to see the make-up continuing on the rest of the visible body parts to match his head. Also, Old Man Cox needs to DISTRESS the crap outta that costume if he wants the overall effect to come across.
    So, I guess I voted for Atalie because I had less things I could come up with to better her costume and make-up.

  • Atalie cause she’s a bloody cup of wonderful!

  • Oh what the heck, first off Missy this aint no costume, second off who in the darn heck is calling distressed looking? AND above all else How in da heck are you all gonna vote for that hussy and Mr. Johnson I wouldnt talk about Smelling funny ifn I was you.

  • This Cox person looks a bit like a creepy stalker. I would be scared seeing him, I do so suppose. Maybe I should of have voted for him if it is who is more scary, but I went and voted for the girl. I like the blood on her neck like the other commenter had posted. Hope she wins.

  • Creepy Stalker? Thats just not right, Im a fine upstanding citizen in the good ole U S of A, Im just misunderstood is all… Cmere and lets talk about it behind this here barn…..

  • Down with cox.

  • Her ‘costume’ clearly lacks any form of creativity, and far too cliche especially for the 21st century. There are far too many half naked, blood splattered women out there. ( Don’t fall into any misconceptions because that is more than awesome, needless to say.) Go enter one of those said contest.

    Cox looks like he had just stepped out of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. With that being said, I give you my applause and I hope you win whatever it is that I am currently voting for.

    Oh, and Terry, creeps are sexy.

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Shucks…. Yeah what Ashra said! feeling kinda sexy I am. >:) But on a sidenote, I just happened to find Half nekid girls covered in Blood, kinda smexy!

  • Oh my, don’t get me wrong! I tried to explain in my previous statement that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a half naked woman, especially the alluring lovely bloody ones! Atalie just isn’t the right pick for that category, in my opinion.

    Though I must say it again Cox, your costume is awesome!
    Quite the fan, hopefully we’ll cross paths this year in my journey through Darksyde.

  • Might I add some more reasons to justify why I have chosen Old Man Cox;

    Atalie looks as if she’s just another face that awkwardly stands in some hiding position awaiting for her walk threw victim to venture their way to her area. Then, I assume, she will follow threw will a loud high pitched, unnecessary scream into that persons face, in hopes that is enough tacit to frighted said guest. Again, to cliche and far too predictable. I must apologize for making such a judgement based off of a poorly taken photo. But I am entitled to my opinion and Atalie could remarkably prove my theory to be wrong. But I’ve seen her look multiple times and that look is boring and very much lacks character.

    Now, Cox could simply stand in a door way, not utter a word and that alone would scare the shit out of me. That’s fucking awesome. I can measly imagine or even write a story just based off of the looks alone on his costume. Straight out of a movie look.

    Gather some half naked (or just naked) , good looking, bloody women and have them take tips from Cox. Now there’s a hunted house!

  • Easily imagine**

  • i voted 4 Atalie tooo… old man cox just creeps me out & well hes old!

  • Atalie all the way!!!! Gotta give support to the girls

  • Mmmm…Atalie…I’m keeping her. <3

  • Kelly I aints Old, I’m just to cool to be young!

  • Chelsea Ill Arm Wrestle ya for Atalie’s AFFECTIONS, And as far as Old Man Cox goes, you Guys can Keep the INFECTIONS.

  • Bah! Atalie be a gorgeous woman and ye be a fool not to see it! Off the plank with moldy ol’ Cox. >:P Go play with yer dead hookers, they like ye more.

  • I am not convinced.

  • Vote Cox for Prez !
    A new Leader!
    By the Power of COX
    ^^rock out with your “cox” out!

  • Iff’n I was to win this here contest, I hereby promise 40 acres and a Dead Hooker fer everyone of ya’ll that voted fer me!

  • Congrats To Atalie! Beauty won out over the beast!

  • I DEMAND a RECOUNT! I evens gots my own Fan club n everything, everybody loves Old Man Cox specially that Ashra!

  • I wub my widdle Brittle <3 and her bodacious bum 😉

  • HA! you said Bodacious….

  • Wow these 2 are going at it neck n neck, toe to toe…… Its going to be a Interesting contest…

  • Aye, this be a CLOSE contest. Interesting

  • Congrats HUNKA HUNKA! got to be Honest I NEVER seen That coming… Beauty won out over the Beast in this round, and who even knew brittles was so Beastly!

  • I voted for Granny because if I do…she’ll stay away from me. Far, far away from me. *shudder*

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