RUSTHOLE Haunted House Attraction

The year is 2018. Hidden away deep within the steel confines of Darksyde acres, the mad scientists at Rusthole Industries have been hard at work all year perfecting the formula to create bizarre test tube monsters that are sure to be like nothing you’ve seen in your wildest nightmares. The booming sound of toxic smokestacks and grinding machinery attempt to conceal the strange screeches and screams of the newly born, genetically re-engineered creatures of horror that lurk within. Enter the crumbling warehouses if you dare…your very sanity is at stake. Your curiosity will be your end. As you stumble through the futuristic factory of terror, your very psyche will be under fire as you encounter the tortured, subhuman souls within. Captured, killed, cloned, and reanimated, everything from Rusthole’s own alien beings to larger than life bloodthirsty spider hybrids wait to catch you alone in the darkness. If you’re not careful you could find yourself hooked up to the scientists’ whirring machines of genetic torture, doomed to be the next featured grotesque experiment.

The time of the black maze has come to an end, and in 2018 Darksyde’s own Rusthole Industries has been completely reinvented for a never-before-seen industrial horror experience that focuses on exploiting all of darkest, deepest fears in one haunt. If you manage to escape the creatures within, you’ll never be the same, and before long you’ll be begging to join them.

Warning! Extreme violence and Graphic  situations

This is a must see to believe. . Just do it !! -Scott Yoast


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