KlowneTowne 3D Haunted Adventure

10 Years ago the circus came to the local town on Halloween, but when they packed up their dirty blood stained tents and rusty old stakes, they left someone behind, perhaps I should say something. Not to worry those left behind soon found a new home within the Darkened Hallways of DarkSyde Acres Haunted House. During the first few years these sinisterly deranged pasty white faced individuals roamed the Haunted Houses mixing in with the other scary characters. It soon became apparent that all was not what it seemed with more and more Missing posters going up in the nearby town of Jonesville.


3D Haunted House Clown Adventure

Are you brave enough to face your fears by taking a trip to KlowneTowne this October? DarkSyde Acres Haunted House Created a brand new for 2016 3-D Haunted Clown Adventure with in your face Scary Clowns right around every corner just waiting to get a tickle or a nibble on your funny bone, and added it to their line up of indoor Haunted Houses, Making DarkSyde Acres One of the Worlds Biggest Haunted Houses right here in Michigan.

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