Many years ago, long before the creation of Darksyde Acres, a rather strange circus came to the little town of Jonesville for some out of the ordinary Halloween fun. Very early that next foggy November morning, the carnies packed up their curiously blood stained shabby tents and rusty tent stakes, and they disappeared as quickly as they had come. Fast forward to ten years later…the city of Jonesville had recently been experiencing an influx of missing persons cases. Little did they know that during the macabre circus’s long forgotten about trip to town, they had left someone – or perhaps something behind. As citizens of Jonesville, Michigan continued to go missing, leaving the town grappling with an unsolvable mystery, a dark force grew within the winding hallways of Darksyde Acres Haunted House. Entering the domain of this deranged misfit crew is sure to both tickle your funny bone and prey on your worst fears. This ever-growing haunted circus always has room for one more.

Newly redesigned  in 2016, Klownetowne is an in-your-face intense experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more comical fright. Don’t let the bright, neon atmosphere and misleading laughter fool you. Entry into Darksyde’s own maniacal Halloween circus is a one-way ticket to a unique scare that is sure to please all ages.



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