Shiver me timbers! Just when you think you’ve finally made it to the end of your terrifying experience, a scare like no other is just around the corner. The smell of salt water, mildew, and decay is heavy in the air as you enter a zany nautical fantasy realm that will leave you begging to walk the plank. The zombie crew of the Dark Abyss is very, very hungry for stowaway stew – a constant hunger that even the galley cook can’t satisfy. As you enter you can hear the rowdy crew’s loud banter in the distance. Led by none other than the forever cursed ghost of Captain Carcass and his not so lovely blood thirsty bride, Bloody Mary, this unruly bunch of pirates are on a mission to make sure you go down with the ship. A ragtag team of undead crew, sea monsters and underappreciated washroom wenches are there to keep your adrenaline racing as you prepare to have an unexpected meeting with the bad-tempered, underpaid galley cook, Chop Chop. Quick with a cleaver, she’ll determine your fate. Be ye crew or stew? If she doesn’t catch you, Long Legs will.

Michigan’s only haunted pirate ship is ready to hoist the anchors and set sail at Darksyde Acres once more! Voted Darksyde’s number one attraction year after year, the extreme detail and graphic nature is not for the faint of heart.

The Best Haunt I Have Ever Been To And I Only Went Through The Dark Abyss But Plan On Taking The Husband And Son Back Next Weekened To Go Through Everything To End The Halloween Season. -Casandra Marie Benedict
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