Michigan’s Only Haunted Pirate ship has been Unearthed at Darksyde Acres Haunted house. Within its haunted hull, awaits the Zombie crew of the Dark Abyss. Commanded by non-other than the cursed soul of Captain Carcass and his not so lovely Blood Thirsty bride to be, Bloody Mary!  Be warned this isn’t no Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, These Pirates are out for Blood, Possibly YOURS!

 Word to the wise, beware of the Lady Chop Chop, she is quick with the cleaver when it comes time to cook up her special stew.  Be ye crew or stew? Be sure to come out and see what the crew of the Dark Abyss has in store for you this Halloween season.

The Dark Abyss Haunted Attraction has been voted the number one Haunted House at DarkSyde Acres year after year, due to its extreme nature and graphic detail.
Warning!  Not for the Faint of heart.

The Best Haunt I Have Ever Been To And I Only Went Through The Dark Abyss But Plan On Taking The Husband And Son Back Next Weekened To Go Through Everything To End The Halloween Season. -Casandra Marie Benedict


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