Zombie Massacre Paintball

 Michigan’s one and only Original Zombie Paintball Challenge where you can shoot live action Zombies with Paintball guns. The Zombie Master Jared at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House dragged a few of the more violent  Zombies, that didnt play well with others out of the Catacombs and placed them inside of the Zombie Paintball secured shooting gallery. On top of that we have outfitted our shooters with military grade AR-15 style Paintball Guns for maximum destruction! Everyone loves shooting Zombies, now is YOUR chance, Get in line, Grab a gun and start shooting. Best part of DarkSyde Acres Zombie Paintball is that the zombies DONT shoot back!

The zombie paintball game is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I strongly recommend this attraction. Its fun for everyone! I’ll be going back every year.

Warning! Everyone knows to kill a Zombie you have to shoot them in the head. You pick which one!