Youve got to be Kidding me!

As many of you already know, DarkSyde Acres is a Horse Ranch 350 days out of the year.  We adopt Wild Mustangs along with  quite a few other  breeds. For 4 years we have been wanting to open up our back 30 acres  and let them go hog wild all summer long on the  Tall field grass, we finally fenced it all in and turned 9 of the Horses loose… They were like wooohoooooo, and spent a few leisurely hours back there grazing before deciding that they would much rather come up front and  hang out by the haunted house and destroy whats left of our grass up here… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Whenever the horses get out the first place they run is the back 30, and now that they have permission the first place they  run is back up front…… Thinking Id rather just have rabbits instead. Heres some pics 9 of the herd.


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