Reviews from the Midwest Haunt tour

Last week we had over 200 Haunters come thru DarkSyde Acres Haunted House as we kicked off the Midwest haunters convention Haunt tour.  At the end of the tour we asked what were some of their favorite parts. Below are some of the comments that we received after the tour. 99.5% we positive, some not so much.  Ive responded to a few of the Positives, and all of the negatives.  DarkSyde really does CARE when someone doesnt have a good time. For all of that Enjoyed your time spent on the DarkSyde, Thanks for coming and hope to see you again sometime. For those of you that did NOT enjoy your time at DarkSyde, we apologize and Hope that you have a GREAT season at your attraction.


Pretty cool, I LIKED IT!

DIDNT like the last room.

It was pretty good.

I LOVED IT! Especially the LAST ROOM!

Great OMG!

Loved the Lady in the robe.

It was AWESOME, I got a MASSAGE!


Loved it all Especially the STRIPPER! ( Note: DarkSyde has NO STRIPPERS )

Ghili Guys~ GREAT!

Acrobat Girl, Yeah it was FUN.

Girls in Kitchen, Great Jump surprises!


The whole thing was AWESOME!

Stilt Girl was AWESOME, the whole Haunt was GREAT!   ( Honk Honk)



Girl on Table, So Much FUN!

ALL OF IT! Girl on table with Guts outs!

ALL OF IT! Loved how Dark it was, was EXCELLENT!


Clowns and the Doctor.

ALL of it, especially the Last area.

It was GREAT! Last part of best!

WONDERFUL! Loved the last part!

It was FUN! Stilt Girl got me!!!

LOVED it! Couch girl.

AWESOME! Loved the rolling pin girl!

Lots of Fun_ Liked the Stilt girl.

It was GREAT! Cant say what I liked the most because there’s a Lady.

GREAT! loved all the surprise areas.


GREAT FUN! Liked the Couch Girl.

Loved all the Scenes~ WONDERFUL!

Nice Pace. Inventive and Interactive.

Some good surprises, LOVED IT!

Interaction~ It was AWESOME!

Dubstep Maze, A lot of FUN!

Great Fun, The Hanging stuff was GREAT!

Lots of fun, LOVED the variety!

Liked it all~ GOOD JOB!

GREAT! Loved the cross dressers.


Was alot of fun, LOVED the last part.

Had a Blast the whole way through.

The whole Thing! The Screaming guy in my ear. ( Ok who was SCREAMING in ears?)

It was Great! Awesome Interaction. In last Part the pregnant chick was very effective.

WONDERFUL! The last part was FANTASTIC!

BEAUTIFUL, Loved the hanging sheets.

GREAT! Pole Dancer.

Was Good, Stilt Girl and the Stripper. ( Note: Again DarkSyde has NO STRIPPERS )

STRIPPER~ AWESOME! ( Note: DarkSyde Still has NO STRIPPERS )

Pole Dancer! GREAT!

Ghili Guys~ FANTASTIC setup

QUE line~ It was AWESOME!

Last section, I lOVED it all.

Lighting and Music~ It was pretty good.

Rolling pin girl, FUN!

Dancers were all GREAT! GREAT PLACE!

Last Area was LOTS of FUN! Very Adult!

GREAT! it all was GREAT!

AWESOME! Last section was the most fun.

Pirates at the end were good.

It was FUN!, Loved the themes.

Parts were really Dark, A lot of FUN!

It was GREAT! A really good Haunted House.

Stripper Pole~LOVED the whole thing.

Great Dancers! This was a lot of Fun.

I liked all of it!

Youve got a great deal going on here!

Was Lots of FUN!

HOW DID YOU HIRE SO MANY HOT GIRLS? ( this was the most common question, Haunt owners asked me personally)

LOVED it all!

GREAT FUN! loved the middle section.


Wenches in ships sails~ Had FUN!

It was all GREAT!


I enjoyed the whole thing.

It was Fun! I enjoyed it.

Loved the stripper! ( Note: DarkSyde has NO STRIPPERS and the one we dont have has a penis!)

Girl Laying in Bed.

The Creepy doctor and his CREEPIER assistant. AWESOME HAUNT!

Kitchen area, It was GREAT!

QUE line~ worked wonderfully

LOVED the Interaction.

Kitchen area Interacted GREAT!

Pole Dancer was awesome! (I’ll tell HIM you said so)


THanks for having us, Im glad we came.

LOVED the Strippers, been wanting to do it for years…. ( wait youve been wanting to do a stripper for years? does your wife know? )( Note: DarkSyde has NO STRIPPERS )

GREAT FUN! RustHole was Great!

Very Touchy Feely? BUT GREAT!

AWESOME Layout, GREAT music!


DIDNT like the time in the QUELINE!  BUT was GREAT overall! ( DarkSyde Apologizes that you did NOT enjoy your wait in our QUEline, we understand that you run 2500 people a night thru YOUR attraction, However we had 4 hours to RUN 200 people thru and selected to give each group a 60-90 second buffer to avoid piling up guests. This is our standard policy at DarkSyde.) ( No disrespect intended to other Haunted Houses that have to send guests thru in a conga line .)

Really Enjoyed everything.

FUN! Liked the last scene the best!

Really Great! whoever is Training the actors is doing a GREAT JOB!

LOVED the Gay Pirate trying to steal my Husband. ( I have spoken with the pirate and he mentioned that your Husband was a willing participant, Later that night.)

My Favorite was the Girl on the Stripper pole. ( I’ll be sure to let HIM know! )



Wonderful place youve got here.

Glad this was one of our stops.

Rolling pin lady! I dont feel so good about myself anymore. ( you and about 3 dozen of our actors)

It was GREAT!

Alot of FUN!


Sexy LADIES in the last room!

Whole thing was FUN!


Was a Blast!

Last 2 guys were GREAT!

Rolling pin lady! Good Haunt. ( She aint NO lady!)

Clowns were scary! Awesome Deal!

So Far So Good!

LOVED the Themed Decor.

AWESOME place~ Pole Dancer was my Fave!

GREAT! Very Creative, Loved the feel.

Amateur Actors, But Overall good. Liked DSA.  ( Got to be Honest that one surprised me)

Rolling pin lady~ So Much to see!

Great Looking Girls~ LOVED it all!

Never been so thrilled to be so MOLESTED!

Loved the saucy wenches!

The Last bit was the BEST!

Drag queens in the last bit! FUN!

Fake Boobie flasher~ Tons of FUN!

Gay Pirates! Definitely! ( Our Gay Pirates are NOT only Gay, but they are FLAMBOYANTLY Gay!)

Hall of Mirrors~ lots of FUN!

Dark Maze, Had alot of FUN!

The Last part was FUN!

Last section, Overall GREAT HAUNT!

Pirates! Favorite Part.

Was alot of FUN, Thanks!

The Flashing Lights after the que line.

The Queline!

The Pregnant lady, The place is GREAT!

The Actors really make this Haunt!

Pole Dancer! AWESOME!

I got Goosed! It made it so much better!


This was AWESOME!

Very very well done.

We’re fellow Haunters and this Place is exceptional! JOB WELL DONE!

I liked the Pirates Harrassing the guys.

It was all GREAT!

AWESOME Place, Actors are GREAT!

Meh’ it was OK, didnt like it because it was so adult. ( DarkSyde Apologizes that you did NOT enjoy our attraction. DarkSyde Acres Haunted House’s Indoor attractions are geared towards an older market. Our Outdoor attractions are geared towards a family friendly market.)

The lady and gent in the Last room RAWK!


Threw me off, Very ADULT! ( Not sure if this one was a compliment or a complaint but again Darksyde’s Indoor  Attractions are geared towards a Older market.)

Themes and music were AWESOME!

It was GREAT! I liked it all!

Wonderfull use of pallets!

Loved the Boy-girls at the end!

All of it was great! AWESOME!

Not all Animatronics worked! ( DarkSyde Is an Actor focused Haunted House, We only utilize a few small animatronics, and you are correct one was not working.)

Loved the Ghili guys!

Loved the couch girl!

I liked the RustHole Best!

Enjoyed the Strippers! ( Note: DarkSyde has NO STRIPPERS, DarkSyde has Dancers, all of which do NOT strip off any clothing, and one of which has a penis. )

The Gay Guys at the end! ( For the record they arent really gay)

Definitely the Gay Pirates!

Yeah the Pirate section was HILARIOUS!

I enjoyed all of it!

The whole thing was just GREAT!

The best Fun I have been to!

2 thumbs up! Rolling pin  girl for the win!

It was FUN!

I got Groped But they didnt finish! ( Im gonna assume this was by Larry Farmer)

I got felt up! (damn clowns)

It was good, I liked all of it.

In closing as you see the Overall Majority of our Industry PEERS enjoyed their time here at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, and this makes me pleased, Its very Hard to Scare a fellow Haunter, but there should never be a reason not to ENTERTAIN em’. Thanks again to everyone that came out to see what all the screaming is about during Halloween season!

BEST wishes on the Upcoming 2012 Haunted House season!















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