New for 2013 the DarkSyde Carnivale

The DarkSyde Carnivale comes to Michigan in 2013

 New to DarkSyde Acres for the 2013 Michigan Haunted House and Halloween season is the DarkSyde Carnivale.
They are the scum of the earth, the worst of the worse. Keep your children and women close and your wallets even closer. WE ARE THE DARKSYDE CARNIVALE! A mish mosh of degenerates from all corners of the earth put together for your viewing entertainment! I am the fearless and handsome leader
 Ringmaster Baiter.

Ringmaster Baiter

Ringmaster Baiter (Pronounced Bat E Aye, regardless of what those damn twins tell you). But just because I have the hat and checkbook does not mean that im a decent human being. I grew up in Prague, with a whore mother and thief father; luckily I took after my father. Swiping wallets, nabbing coins and although I was good at being sneaky I preferred to freak people out and take what I wanted by force. That mentality is what made me go on the road as a one man show, doing sleight of hand, eating glass, well just about anything that would freak people out. Unfortunately my thieving background stuck with me and I became known as a freak, a practitioner of the dark arts and a thief. It didn’t deter me. To me, people saying that just meant I was doing it right. This was until my reputation got ahead of my travels… when I arrived in a small town just outside of Paris, they were ready for me. I was heckled and booed in the streets. The anger from the town’s people brought me to a whole new level of anger. So I did what every man in my position would do. I burned down the hospital. The town’s people infuriated hunted me and pushed me from the city with pitch forks and torches calling me a demon. Just when I thought I was safely outside the city that is when they turned from concerned citizens to angry mob. I was beaten and left to die in a ditch…. Now you may think this is the end of the story but you would be very very wrong, this is just the beginning of The Darksyde Carnival. Here is the rest of the troop

Madam Maddalena

Madam Maddalena- This gypsy fortune teller is where the story continues. On the day I surely thought was my last, I remember very little I do remember the clip clop of horses, the smell of a gypsy and the touch of the devil herself. Madam Maddalena took me into her carriage, fed me, cared for me and brought me back to health. I then learned that with all gypsies nothing is for free. When I was back to health, I kindly thanked the Madam and attempted to leave. She stopped me and asked where was I going? To which I replied home, to my family at least they never tried to kill me. Madame Maddalena responded that if I leave I must pay her for her services. As any respectable gentlemen would do I told her to go jump off a cliff as I owe her nothing! She scowled and chanted, and then whispered if you leave they will all be dead. I pushed my way through her wagon and headed on my way back to Prague, home. When I arrived I found my friends and family homes all in ruins, and just as Madam Maddalena said they were all dead. I rushed from my parents’ house determined to find the gypsy, I didn’t have to look far as she was waiting outside. Infuriated I rushed to her grabbed her by the throat, she gasped and then told me unless I care for her the rest of her life, everyone I will ever love will die. This was my payment for her saving my life, and so began a partnership that could only be described by one word HELL. Like I said nothing from a gypsy is free.

Vaskavich The Odd

Vaskavich The Odd- With no family or friends remaining, I went back to traveling with my show and against my will the madam. We moved north to Western Europe doing shows in London and Edinburgh, Dublin then Warsaw… This is where we met Vaskavich. Vaskavich was a prisoner in the infamous Mokotow prison in Warsaw Poland. I stress the word WAS. See Vaskavich was a bad bad man. He was a convicted serial killer who liked to torture his victims. He would lure his victims in close by his charm and wit and then trap them, kidnap them and put them through tortures our simple human minds could only imagine. He would skewer his victims and put staples through their skin. The problem was Vaskavich was cocky and enjoyed his booze. One night at a pub he bragged about his crimes to the wrong person, the local chief of police. He was immediately arrested, tried and convicted. His arrival to the Mokotow prison was not well received. The prisoners knew who he was and decided that the time he received from the judge was not enough. The inmates decided that they would put Vaskavich through the same torture his victims endured. But to the inmate’s surprise Vaskavich didn’t suffer… he asked for more. The prisoners didn’t know what to do, seeing the confusion and fear in inmate’s faces he took advantage of the situation, and took control of the prison. Bringing together a small group of ruthless outcast criminals as his goons, known as The Odd. Although Vaskavich was king at Mokotow he decided he stayed there long enough and escaped. The only thing newspaper said about the break was a quote from the watch guard who found the bars in Vaskavich and many of his goons cell bars “bent not by machine but as if someone used their bare hands to pry open the bars.” As a free man Vaskavich heard of our traveling show, his skill set interested me and I brought him aboard, unfortunately old habits die hard and for many years local towns people would disappear as we passed through, and many nights there were what sounded like muffled screams from Vaskavich’s tent… As I said old habits die hard.

The Twins (Grunt and Err)

The Twins (Grunt and Err) – With Vaskavich’s “habits” my mouth and Madame Maddalena’s attitude there was soon no towns in Europe or Asia where we were safe. We stowed away on a ship leaving an English Harbor heading to the land of opportunity, a fresh start, and the place where we would be out casted the most America. Arriving in New York Harbor Vaskavich, The Madam and Myself set forth to establish ourselves as legitimate traveling actors… which we soon learned was not in our blood. City after city we were shunned and driven away pushing us away from the east coast and into the mid-west. We arrived in a small town in Nebraska named Meadville. In the town was a general store, a pub, a police station, a handful of houses and an orphanage. For once in our life the town almost accepted us, this was until the third night of our show when the orphanage caught fire spreading like wild fire took the building and countless lives. The town turned on us. As outsiders we must be the ones who set the fire, and it didn’t help that Vaskavich was seen practicing his fire act not long before the fire started at the orphanage. The town rose up with fire and pitchforks… it was Paris all over again for me. The troop and I scrambled out of town and took camp several miles into the wilderness. As the troop fell asleep I was awaken by a loud crash. Someone had broken into my liquor cart and stolen some booze. Thinking it was merely Vaskavich getting a night cap I went back to sleep. I was awoken by Vaskevitch screaming I shot up just in time to see him running from his tent. When I went to investigate he said a shadowy image hit in the head with the hammer. He immediately blamed the Madame and her black magic. I disregarded the claim but still stood watch for the night just to put Vaskavich at ease. Very early in the morning I must have dozed off but was awaken by another loud crash I looked around to see The Madames sign on her wagon had been pulled down. Summoning The Madame and Vaskavich from their sleep and ordered them to find the cause. As we searched and came up with nothing I returned to my cart to see my largest chest out of place. I went to investigate when I heard a loud GRUNT and then an ERR almost in response to the grunt. I whipped open the trunk to find two small boys the missing booze, a hammer, and a book of matches. They were twins and former residents of the orphanage. The town’s people had warned us of these two. They were known to cause ruckus, it was no doubt why the parents abandoned them. I ripped the two from my trunk. I figured ide give Vaskavich some fresh blood to play with, but as I looked at the two boys I saw the same scared and alone look I had as a child. I couldn’t leave them to the mercy of a monster like Vaskavich. I decided we could use some extra help around the carnival, and brought them aboard. They spoke no English just simply grunted and erred. This is where there name came from. I taught them everything I could, even the bad habits… but as they grew they stuck to their mischievous way’s constantly pulling pranks and stealing. There fascination with hammers grew and although they rarely used them for good, I gave them a spot performing in the carnivale. In my carnivale these two are the reason to always keep an eye out. They may just heckle you or steal your wallet, but they’ll probably try and hit you with a hammer just to see what kind of noise it’ll make….

See you soon……

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions opens its gates for the 2013 season in just 8 weeks, See you soon!


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