Mad World Radio and the Mud Puppets

Shout out to Mad World Radio and The Mud Puppets

DarkSyde Acres would like to take a second to give a shout out to Mad World Radio and The Mud Puppets, Both have been great friends to DarkSyde thru-out the years,  Thanks guys for all you do!

Mad World Radio and the Odd Man.

Mad World Radio is an internet radio show and website. It is a mix of independent music, craziness and free thinking. They are both a live broadcast show as well as a downloadable podcast. They are however, at times a little NSFW. We recommend listeners be 18+.

It’s all free. Mad World Radio just asks that you take the time to check out the bands they play and the sponsors who support them (like Darksyde Acres). Keeping with the independent spirit, Mad World Radio only works with independent business owners. Most of which are right here in the mitten.

They feel corporate radio and entertainment has been giving everyone a raw deal. Radio, needs music. Music, needs radio. Radio, needs advertisers. Advertisers, need radio. These are simple truths, but how one goes about it….That’s the difference. Give MWR a listen once and I am pretty sure you’ll like it.

And shucks, if you don’t believe us? Just ask their advertisers,bands or any of their listeners, nothing better than getting the info straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Host of Mad World Radio also offers his services for MC gigs and can officiate weddings. Contact him today (via the website) about hosting your next gig, wedding or party. Visit for more details

The Mud Puppets

The Mud Puppets show was conceived in the spring of 2012 by Joel and Ryan Adkins, cousins with a special bond (a very special bond). During their youth the duo enjoyed creating home movies, a hobby that was encouraged and nurtured by Ryan’s father, Dave. Comedy was generally the primary focus of these little movies as the boys delighted in writing and performing skits influenced by MAD Magazine and Saturday Night Live. Through the Mud Puppets Ryan and Joel hope to make people laugh or annoy them (the boys are happy with either, really)

The name Mud Puppets was largely derived from an old family joke which suggests that the Adkins’ hillbilly ancestors were a form of mud people, who as Joel’s father once put it, “Rose from the hills.”

When not working on the Mud Puppets, Joel and Ryan like to indulge in professional wrestling and can often be found stuffing their respective maws at the nearest China Buffet. Ryan is an avid reader and television junkie. He can often be spotted wearing various superhero tee shirts and once peed his pants while being tickled. Joel is a hardcore hockey fan and haunted attraction enthusiast. He once pilfered a Barney the Dinosaur costume from a condemned building and frequently irritates family members with prank phone calls.

Check them out at~



Thanks again Guys for all you do!


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