Haunted House Etiquette

Haunted House Etiquette 101

So its October and you and your friends want to visit a few local Haunted Houses to celebrate the Halloween season. Here are a few Haunted House Etiquette  do’s and dont’s to help you make the most of your visit to a Haunted House.   Do your research, make sure that the Haunted house you are going to offers the type of experience you are seeking, Dont be a butthead and blame the Haunted House that their kid friendly attraction wasn’t scary enough for you. Do Arrive early and plan on enjoying the show, Do Not show up 10 minutes after the ticket window closes and demand to be allowed entry. Do know how much tickets are, Dont wait until you get to the Ticket window and complain for 30 minutes about the price of admission, it doesnt work at Mcdonalds and it most likely wont work at a Haunted House, Rule of thumb is to plan on spending $1 per minute of time spent in a Haunted House, DarkSyde Acres actually is an exception to the rule, with indoor time being between 45-60 minutes for our standard $20 3 haunt combo.  DO lighten up and have a good time, Dont be a hardcase, and ruin it for everyone else, if you didnt want to have a good time, then why spend the money. Do Listen to the Rules, Don’t be a wise guy Cracking jokes and trying to be cool, Rules are put in place for your Safety as well as our staff. Do dress accordingly for the season, Don’t  wear shorts and flip flops when you know its going to be a chilly mid 40’s night. Speaking of Flip Flops, most haunted Houses insist on proper footwear when visiting, No flip flops, sandals or high heels fellas. Do get a bunch of your friends together and go out, Dont get a Bunch of your friends together and  go out drinking before you visit a Haunted House, No one wants to deal with a drunk and most Haunted Houses will escort you off the property .

Common Sense

Do walk at a steady pace through the haunted house, Dont run, there are many dark areas and unseen obstacles that can cause you great bodily harm. Do keep your eyes open, Dont close your eyes and hide your head, a lot of work goes into building a haunted Attraction and you wouldnt want to miss any of it. (side Note) 90% of the complaints that a haunted house wasnt even scary comes from the people that hide their heads the entire time they are within a Haunted House. Do become part of the show by interaction, Dont hit or touch an actor, this will result in you being immediately removed from the attraction.  Do Buy a souvenir at a Haunted House, Dont Steal the signs directing guest to a haunted house. All in all  Haunted house etiquette is just Common sense 101

Go out, have fun, dont be a butthead!

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