Experience The DarkSyde Queue line

The DarkSyde queue line experience

Winding and winding around various grotesque scenes of horror and creepiness, the queue line seems safe enough, until you first run into Doctor Ick, who will “Ick” you out with his jokes and quips. Then you run into Miss Carrie, and her baby Char Dalot. Make sure to hold her baby on your way through or she might get hungry when you see her on the other side! You’ll see our beautiful scarecrow woman following you through the scenes and terrifying you occasionally with the whisper or a scream. AND WATCH OUT for the midget with the machetes!

Just the line to get in!

When you finally get to the front and realize that its only the line to get INTO the haunted house, you might just pee your pants. It gets SO much worse in the haunt itself! The queue line people are there to entertain you, the haunted house nasties are there to scare you to death! The long, dark, creepy hallway you have to go down first sets you up – but at least you aren’t being chased there!

Really Haunted!

And throughout the entire experience, you should remember that our haunt is REALLY haunted! An old pig farm, we’ve got several spirits that start trouble for us all through the rooms of the haunt, and the “Tall Man” or “cowboy” who is a little less nice.

A Scarily good time

With an hour’s worth of haunted house time, free reruns same night and over six attractions to choose from, you’re sure to have a scarily good time! Check out our Midway and see a glasswalker, fire juggler, fire eater or get your fortune read by our tarot reader. Take your chances in our haunted maze and see if you can find your way out. Come shoot a zombie with our zombie paintball attraction and see how you’d survive in a REAL zombie apocalypse… And for a family friendly even, try out our new haunted hayride, ghosties and ghouiles that are appropriate and yet still scary for the whole family!

In Jonesville  near Jackson, Michigan

We are in Jonesville, off of Mosherville rd, just outside Jackson, Michigan, and one of the longest and most terrifying haunted houses in the United States! Come see us through the end of October or on adults only night on November first! Just make sure you use our porta-potties first, or there may be a puddle on the floor under you at some point in our haunt

Special Thanks to Miss Carrie and her mutilated liddle bundle of joy for writing this wonderful tribute to the Queue line at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

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