Darksyde Acres Voted the best Haunted House in 2013 and 2012

DarkSyde Acres Haunted House was  voted the BEST in 2012 as well as 2013

Thats right DarkSyde acres Haunted House was voted the best haunted house in Metro Detroit  2 years in a row in the WDIV channel 4 Vote 4 the best contest, This is a great honor for us , seeing how DarkSyde  Acres was up against some of the best haunted Houses in Michigan, all vying  for that coveted title of being the BEST, being rated the number one must see haunted house in 2013.  Thank you to all of our fans that took the time to vote and placed us in the number 1 spot as the Best Haunted house in Metro Detroit, in our eyes its our fans that are truly the BEST!

Terrorfied Forest and Erebus haunted House

Once again The Terrorfied Forest and Erebus Haunted Attraction placed Second and Third,  just behind DarkSyde Acres, securing them a Congratulations from our staff and fans as well, Making  DarkSyde Acres Haunted House, Terrorfied Forest, and Erebus 3 must see haunted houses in 2013, so mark your calendars and pack some extra underwear for those oops I pooped my pants moments you are sure to have when visiting these three haunted houses this Halloween season. If  being voted the 3 best haunted houses in Metro Detroit isn’t enough to persuade you to visit, consider that Darksyde Acres and Erebus Haunted Houses are 2 of the worlds largest indoor haunted houses and Terrorfied forest is nearly a full mile walk with an indoor Haunted House and a outdoor haunted trail full of twists and turns and monsters of every shape and size.

Haunted House Honorable Mentions

Below are the Haunted Houses that deserve mention for being nominated by their fans and deserve honorable mentions.  Dark House the Haunted Mansion in Brown city 48416, Deadly Intentions in Warren 48091, ( which shows how many Fans they have to support a haunt that unfortunately did not open for 2013, Kudos to the Deadly Fans! ) Detroit urban Legends 48201, ( Located in the Cass Methodist Church ) Exit 13 haunted house in Mount Morris 48458, Haunted Hideaways in Livonia 48150, Haunted nursery lavin’s flowerland  in Southfield 48034, Haunted Hallows in Armada  48005, Hayride from hell and the paintball zombie shoot in pickney  48169, ( located near the terrorfied forest) House of Fear in Hazel Park 48030, Huron turkey farm haunted house in Romulus, ( got to wonder who named that one) Ladd’s evil Acres in Hillsdale 49242, ( Ladd’s evil Acres is located near DarkSyde Acres and is will be cross promoting with us. Be sure to visit their Hay Ride , pumpkin patch, and corn maze for a good time) Morrow haunted trail in Clay township 48001, Night Terrors in Ypsilanti 48197, Realm of Darkness in Pontiac 48341, ( I’m surprised that the realm has not placed in a few years, they are a really good haunted house, located near Erebus) Sinister Haunted House in Utica 48317, ( I’ve heard really good things about sinister, from our friends over at Horror Lust ) Speaking of Horror Lust, if you ever want to read some legitimate Reviews of Haunted House check out their word press page, they visit all of the haunted houses in Michigan and don’t hold nothing back! Slaughtered at Sundown Haunted House and Hayride in Armada, 48005 ( you may remember these guys made the news last year when their hayride crew was attacked and a brawl took place with the actors sending the  customers to the Hospital and a trip to jail afterwards.)  Terrors of the night in Dryden 48428, The barn of blood in New Boston 48164,and finally in my personal opinion a definite MUST SEE haunted House that deserves Honorable mention is the DEADLAND Haunted house at 20900 Dequindre Rd, Warren 48091, those guys are one of the scariest haunted houses in Michigan.



Thank you once again


Thank you once again to all of our fans for voting us the number one Best haunted house in Metro Detroit, Thank you for allowing us to do what we love to do, and what we love to do is Scaring the crap out of you! Dont forget to come out this weekend as we are open both Friday and Saturday September 27, and September 28.  Don’t forget to look for us in the Fear Finder Halloween newspaper! 

Suprisingly there were a few local haunted Houses that did not get nominated for the Best Haunted House, including Jacksons Underworld in Jackson, Corpse barn shock haunt in Napoleon , Blood Bath in Wyandotte, Woods of Darkness in Rockwood, Niles Haunted House in Niles, The Scream Machine in Taylor, the list could go on,  I’m sure all of these halloween attractions are great and be sure to support your local Haunted house.

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