8 reasons to visit the DarkSyde

8 Reasons to visit DarkSyde Acres

 Below are 8 reasons to visit DarkSyde Acres Haunted House and Attractions during the remainder of the 2012 Halloween season.  INDOOR WAITING

Thats right Kiddies DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Jonesville, Michigan has over 5000 square feet of indoor waiting, fully themed, detailed, and staffed with some of DarkSyde’s most ghoulish of  creatures. Many of our guests actually think that our queline is one of the Haunted Houses due to the detailed sets and pure size of it. So come on out, and dont worry about the weather because we’ve got you COVERED!

The Catacombs

 The very First Haunted House of 3 indoor Haunted Houses, The Catacombs will take you deep beneath DarkSyde Acres Haunted house for a trip thru an ancient burial chamber of the undead. Zombies await you at every twist and turn as you make your way though this undergound  maze of ZOMBIES!  Warning HIGH INTENSITY SCARES!

Klowne Towne

Not officially a FULL Haunted House, But definitely a BIG reason to visit DarkSyde Acres Haunted House would be our resident band of MISFIT Clowns, they are roaming the hallways of DarkSyde and even got their own MINI side attraction this year. These Bad boys of the clown world arent your regular animal balloon twisting, circus elephant poop picking up, birthday party appearing clowns, DarkSyde Clowns are the foulest, crudest, in your face and up your butt deviants in the Industry.


Michigan’s Longest and Darkest Black Maze featuring a few of the DarkSyde Girls and their psychotic counterparts the Rustholians, come on out and see if you can find your way thru our Pitchblack maze. NOTE: The RUSTHOLE is the Haunted Attraction that has spawned the increasing number of ADULT NIGHTS in the Haunt Industry. Often Imitated, NEVER duplicated RUSTHOLE!

The Dark Abyss

The Last of the 3 indoor Haunted Houses is actually DarkSyde Acres PREMIER Haunted Attraction! With the finest detailed sets and scurviest of all DarkSyde Actors, the Dark Abyss Haunted House sets sail every night for a journey into the unknown. Are you BRAVE enough to Board the Dark Abyss and Face Captain Carcass and his crew of the undead?

The Labyrinth Outdoor Maze

Once you exit the 3 indoor Haunted Houses , you can try your luck within the Labyrinth outdoor maze, many a poor guest has had to make their way back to the start by following a trail of breadcrumbs. do you think YOU have what it takes to navigate on of the largest outdoor mazes in Michigan? 

Zombie Massacre Paintball Challenge

Once again a DarkSyde Attraction that spawned an industry wide Behometh, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House Zombie Massacre Paintball Challenge, where you can shoot our Zombies with military grade Paintball guns. Come on out and see if you got what it takes to survive a Zombie apocalypse.

Grandpa Cox’s Haunted Hay ride

DarkSyde Added a Family Friendly NO SCARES Haunted Hay ride for our guests that wanted to experience a lighter side to the DarkSyde  for 2012. Join  Grandpa Cox as he takes you for a wagon ride thru our back 40 acres . NOTE: The 2012 Halloween Hay Ride season has been a total crap shoot when it comes to the Hay rides due to the rainy weather we have been having every week . Please remember that just because its NOT raining  when you attend an attraction it does NOT mean that the conditions are favorable for a hayride, If the fields are soaked wagons will not able to safely Navigate trails . 95% of all Haunted Hay rides have only ran 3-4 nights this season. Be sure to call in advance to make sure a hayride is running That Evening.


Old Man Cox offered this Bonus reason why you should make your way to the DarkSyde for the 2012 season….. Old Man COX says its the most FUN you can have with your pants on! Come on out and see whats got your friends screaming and your buddys Pooping!

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