14 weeks until we kick off the 2012 season

Wow here we go again, Another year has passed and a new Haunt season is almost upon us at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House,  In Just over 14 weeks we will be kicking off our 5 th season at DarkSyde. We promise that 2012 will be the biggest and best year ever at DarkSyde. We’ve been busy since November making plans and redesigning our Attractions to bring you the biggest bang for your Buck.

Alot of people think that the Halloween Fairy just drops this stuff off the night before opening and wah~la there you have it… a Haunted House, But in reality its a year long effort of many people to create a show of this magnitude.  DarkSyde could not do it without our loyal Minions, bending over backwards thru-out the year.Thank you Guys for all you do.

Our 3 indoor Haunted Houses have all underwent Major Changes for 2012, as well as Zombie Paintball which as been moved indoors and now features US ARMY Tactical Paintball Guns and an added second paintball attraction, Killer Klown Karnage.  Finally we are building a Family Friendly Fun outdoor Maze and a Hayride for those to afraid to venture into the 3 indoor Haunted Houses.   

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