Zombie Bride and Groom in Michigan Haunt

Zombie Style Weddings in Michigan!

Are you planning a wedding in 2012?  Are you wanting something a little different than your last 2?
Then come on out to Darksyde Acres Haunted House and have a ZOMBIE WEDDING!  Thats right
you and your dearly beloved can be hitched by our very own Zombified Minister of ceremonies BodyBags
here at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House.

Not a Zombie yet? NO PROBLEM! Just sit right down in the chair and let the morbid crew at BodyBag Entertainment,
Darksyde Acres very own professional FX team, turn you into a Brain craving, maggot infested heap of rotting fleshed Zombie
for your special day.

Packages start at $400.00

Contact BodyBags at Bodybagging@aol.com for more information

My Wedding At DarkSyde Acres: It started off as an idea brewing between some friends, it ended with more than I could have imagined! We made the choice to give them free reign with our vows and everything in between! The cast and crew out did themselves in giving us the best time of our lives. Every bride has a different vision of how their day is going to go and they took their time to go above and beyond. My guests (one of which is an Elder at their church), said that they have never been to a wedding that was so much fun. If you are considering using DarkSyde Acres as your wedding destination, then what are you waiting for!


I want to thank Rob Johnson and all of the crew at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House in Michigan, for doing a great job on our wedding. We wanted something very different and we got it. Every time I watch the video it reminds me of just how good of a time we had. Thank you for the awesome memories, and thank you for opening up your haunted house to our family. You guys rock.