Once you enter Darksyde’s ultimate maze of mayhem, your senses will be challenged like never before as you try to escape the winding, seemingly endless passageways of Michigan’s scariest chainsaw maze. The experience is geared to ensure that focusing on your escape will be difficult, if even possible. Will you be quick enough to make it out alive, or will you join the mass of unfortunate prisoners that were lost and doomed to rot within the labyrinth forever? Bloodthirsty evil jack-o-lanterns lurk around every turn, waiting to strike when you least expect it. The completely revamped labyrinth is a maze boasting a backwoods, free-for-all horror theme like no other. With more chainsaws, less exits, and a horde of very hungry hogs, the Labyrinth will keep even the most seasoned haunted house goer on their toes.
New for 2018 , the Labyrinth has been expanded, Making it even bigger and scarier than ever before, guaranteed to keep you screaming.



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