The Catacombs Haunted Attraction

Darkness washes over you as you take the first fateful step through that first door. Your body is tense; your senses heightened. What sounds like ghostly whispers are barely audible in the distance. You can hear faint noises coming from the halls ahead. Shuffling…creaking…and…is that groaning? The stench of something so foul that it twists your stomach in knots washes over you. It’s too late to turn back now. You freeze. A shadow moves quickly towards you and you try to scream, but screaming won’t help you in here.

Buried deep beneath the warehouses of Darksyde Acres lies a frightening labyrinth of dark passages, twisting and turning, playing host to a league of toxic, undead creatures that are unlike any zombies you’ve read about in a storybook. Led by the sinister head skeletal zombie, known in these parts as the infamous Richter Mortis, these undead monsters will leave you unprepared to handle their tricks. Created in a testing facility once housed within the damp and crumbling catacomb walls, they were savagely bred to be fast, strong, and indestructible against human force. The horrors of the Catacombs leave many questions to be answered. Who is Richter Mortis? Who were these test subjects? What was the purpose of the experiment? What caused these innocent people to become so abominably twisted and hungry for human flesh? Seek the answers if you dare…only the strongest live to tell the tale.

The first haunt was amazing!!! Haven’t screamed that much in years!!! -Shelly Amburgey
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